The Best Family-Friendly Ski Resorts in Korea

Skiing in Korea with your family? Here are the best family-friendly ski resorts in Korea!

Planning a family ski holiday in Korea? With so many choices of ski resorts to choose from, here we’ve picked the three best ski resorts in Korea that are most family-friendly. Whether your family is sporty or not, these ski resorts have something for everyone in the family. 

3 Best family ski resorts in Korea:

  1. Jisan Ski Resort
  2. Elysian Gangchon Ski Resort
  3. Bears Town Ski Resort

Read below to find out about each ski resort!

1. Jisan Ski Resort for a quick family ski trip

Jisan Ski Resort in Icheon, Gyeonggido

Taking just around an hour and a half from Seoul,  Jisan Ski Resort, or officially known as Jisan Forest Ski Resort, is one of the ski resorts near Seoul that has a strong reputation with families.

The resort is small and cozy, and the easy and gentle slopes are perfect for beginners and intermediates. Out of 7 slopes, there are 2 beginner slopes, 4 high and low-level intermediate slopes and 2 advanced slopes. And the low-level intermediate slopes are ideal for beginners and older children to practice and upgrade their skills.

The ski resort offers a Sunkid lift, or a conveyor belt-like lift, serving the beginner slope for children and beginners. Also, there are high-speed lifts for families to enjoy a quick and easy access to the slopes.

Plus, most of the resort’s properties are located in the center, which means your family will enjoy a short walk from the property and an easy access to the slopes from the base.

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2. Elysian Gangchon Ski Resort for beginners just starting out

Elysian Gangchon Ski Resort in Chuncheon, Gangwondo

Known as one of the most beginner-friendly ski resorts in Korea, Elysian Gangchon Ski Resort is ideal for beginners and families who are completely new to skiing.

Out of 10 ski slopes in total, there are 2 beginner slopes, 6 intermediate slopes and 2 for the advanced skiers. Compared to other ski resorts, the slopes are relatively easy and beginner-friendly. For beginners who want to move up to the next level, there are private ski lessons available for sign up.

In addition to skiing and snowboarding, sledding is another popular activity at Elysian Gangchon Ski Resort, which is perfect for non-skiers and families. Off the slopes, your family can enjoy plenty of indoor activities including a table tennis, billiards, arcade, sauna, karakoke and many more.

Plus, there’s a great selection of family-oriented dining options at Elysian Gangchon Ski Resort. You can find the restaurants and cafes inside the condominium and the ski house.

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3. Bears Town Ski Resort for families of mixed abilities

If you are in a family of mixed skiing levels, Bears Town Ski Resort could be the one for you.

As the biggest ski resort near Seoul, Bears Town Ski Resort has a good mix of slopes, including 2 beginner slopes, 5 high and low-intermediate slopes and 3 advanced slopes.

For those who wish to replenish their energy with delicious food after hitting the slopes, the resort has plenty of dining options, from comfort food to fine dining and a variety of Korean cuisine options.

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Tip #1: Add more fun to your family skiing!

1. Sightseeing + Skiing

Those who are short on time, and want to squeeze in more sites to your ski trip, check out these unique winter tours that combine sightseeing and skiing in one day.

2. Ice fishing + Skiing

Add ice fishing to your family ski trip! The famous Hwacheon Sancheneo Ice Festival, which takes place every year during January, is located near Elysian Gangchon Ski Resort. From ice fishing, ice soccer, snow tubing, sleigh rides to bare hand fishing – your kids will absolutely enjoy these!

3. Strawberry picking + Rail bike + Skiing

Looking for fun for the whole family? Check out this fun-packed tour that combines strawberry picking and rail bike experience and skiing at Vivaldi Park Ski Resort, a hip ski resort popular among young adults.

Check out more fun skiing and sightseeing tours here.

Tip #2: Stay a night at a ski resort!

If you and your family are too tired to return to your accommodation, staying a night at the resort can be a good option. There are great overnight ski packages covering accommodation, a round-trip transportation, lift pass, rental and all the other things you will need for your ski trip.

See all the overnight ski packages here.

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  1. a) May i ask, if we are interested in doing sledding at Bears Town, which package would it be?

    b) And if we want to take up the snowboarding package at Bears Town, AND also to do sledding, is there any additional charges?

    1. Hello, Selina! Unfortunately, there is no separate option for sledding in our package, plus the snow sledding is quite far from the main ski area at Bears Town Ski Resort and so you won’t be able to try sledding if you take our snowboarding package. But if you still want to take the snowboarding package, please visit and book your package via this link:

    1. Hello Jane 🙂
      Since most of the ski resorts usually open their ski slopes in mid~late December due to the weather, we’re afraid there will be no available ski tours during the period mentioned.

  2. Hi
    My family of 2 seniors, 3 adults and 1 child plan to go ski resort during Christmas period. Could you recommend the nearest ski resort which is suitable for family? May I have the package of 1 day tour or 1 night stay at ski resort?
    Mrs Yap

    1. Dear Mrs Yap,
      We would recommend you to visit Vivaldi Park which is known to be suitable for family visitors and close to Seoul (1.5~2hr). Please check out the Vivaldi Park Ski Tour packages that are now available to book on Trazy 🙂
      *1 Day Ski/Snowboard/Snow Sled Tour: Vivaldi Park:
      *2D1N Ski/Snowboard Tour: Vivaldi Park:

    1. Hi Kritsana! Ski season in Korea is from December to February. If you are planning to visit Korea in April, we recommend you to check out the spring cherry blossom tours 😀

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