An Ultimate Guide to Autumn in Korea: Fall Foliage Forecast 2017

Here’s your ultimate guide to autumn in Korea! Read on to find out when and where to see the beautiful autumn leaves across Korea.

Autumn in Korea

In Korea, autumn falls in the months of September, October and November.

Offering clear cool and crisp weather and the beautiful autumn foliage, autumn is the best time to visit Korea.

The best times to see the autumn leaves in Korea are October and November, but the peak season only lasts up to two weeks.

So if you don’t want to miss out on incredible fall colors in Korea, it is best to plan your leaf-peeping getaway early!

Autumn in Korea – Weather & What to Wear

Hikers enjoying the beautiful fall foliage.

| Weather: Mostly sunny with warm afternoon highs. Huge difference in day and night temperatures.

| Temperatures:

  • September – Average 20°C (68°F); High 26°C (78°F); Low 15°C (59°F)
  • October – Average 13°C (55°F); High 19°C (66°F); Low 7°C (44°F)
  • November  – Average 5°C (41°F); High 11°C (51°F); Low 0°C (32°F)

Check the weather forecast regularly for accurate weather information and indication of rain.

| What to wear: A warm, lightweight jacket, or thick winter coat (in November), boots, long-sleeved T-shirts or sweatshirts, cardigans, thick socks, and an umbrella in case of rain.

Dress in multiple layers for changing temperatures.

2017 Korea Fall Foliage Map & Forecast

Typically, Korea’s autumn foliage season starts from mid-September to mid-November and reaches its peak usually after two weeks.

According to the forecast, this year’s autumn foliage season will arrive 2 or 3 days later than usual.

In 2017, the first autumn foliage will start in the northeast regions, at Seoraksan National Park around September 27, followed by the central and southwest regions around mid-October. The autumn foliage will arrive in the southern regions between mid-October and early November.

In Seoul, the autumn foliage usually reaches its peak in early November.

Mountain First Foliage Peak Foliage
Seoraksan National Park September 27 October 19
Jirisan National Park October 12 October 24
Naejangsan National Park October 20 November 8
Odaesan National Park October 1 October 17
Daedunsan Provincial Park October 15 October 27
Songnisan National Park October 12 October 25
Deogyusan National Park October 13 October 27
Juwangsan National Park October 13 October 29
Gayasan National Park October 13 October 30
Bukhansan National Park October 15 October 29
Hallasan National Park October 17 October 31

*Foliage forecast information provided by Kweather (Korea Meteorological Administration) and 153weather.

Top 5 Autumn Foliage Destinations in Korea

One of the best ways to experience autumn foliage in Korea is through hiking. Korean mountains and national parks offer spectacular fall foliage and worthwhile hiking experiences.

Here’s our pick of the 5 best destinations for fall foliage viewing and hiking.

Take a closer look at each destination below and start planning your trip!

1. Seoraksan National Park

▲ Best time to see the autumn foliage: Mid-October ~ Early November

▲ Where: Sokcho, Gangwon-do (northeast of Korea)

Seoraksan National Park, Gangwondo, Korea

Seoraksan National Park, home to the third highest mountain in Korea, Seoraksan, is the first place to see the autumn foliage.

Blessed with dramatic mountain peaks, unique rock formations and gorgeous valleys, Seoraksan is stunning year-round, but the autumn views are truly spectacular.

By mid-October, most of the hiking trails should be covered in deep reds and yellow leaves at Seoraksan National Park.

| Sign up for a day trip from Seoul to Seoraksan National Park 

2. Naejangsan National Park

▲ Best time to see the autumn foliage: Late-October ~ Mid-November

▲ Where: Jeong-eup, Jeolla-do (southwest of Korea)

Naejangsan National Park, Jeollado, Korea

Another popular autumn foliage destination in Korea is Naejangsan National Park. The park is particularly famous for its vivid crimson foliage, 600-year-old nutmeg trees and waterfalls.

There are two famous Buddhist temples at Naejangsan National Park, Baekyangsa Temple and Naejangsa Temple.

The tree-lined path from the Hiking Information Center to Naejangsa Temple, densely packed with 108 trees, offers a breathtaking canopy of colorful autumn leaves!

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3. Jirisan National Park

▲ Best time to see the autumn foliage: Mid-October ~ Early November

▲ Where: Namwon, Jeolla-do (southwest of Korea)

Jirisan National Park, Jeollado, Korea

Looking for a leaf-peeping getaway from Busan? Head out to Jirisan National Park, Korea’s oldest and biggest national park, home to the second tallest mountain in South Korea, Jirisan (1915m).

Famous for its wild beauty and vibrant fall colors, Jirisan National Park is one of the most popular foliage destinations near Busan. The drive from Busan to Jirisan takes about 2 hours, which is close enough for a day trip. 

One of the best viewing spots in Jirisan is the Baemsagol Valley, a 9-km long valley with small streams and rock beds set against a backdrop of vibrant fall colors.

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4. Odaesan National Park

▲ Best time to see the autumn foliage: Mid-October ~ Early November

▲ Where: Pyeongchang, Gangwon-do (northeast of Korea)

Odaesan National Park, Gangwondo, Korea

Known for its beautiful thick forest of fir trees, Odaesan National Park was used as a location of the hit Korean drama, “Goblin,” starred by Gong Yoo and Kim Go-eun
The nearby Woljeongsa Buddhist Temple, located in the valley east of Mount Odaesan, founded in 643, is another stunning site to take in the autumn foliage.

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5. Daedunsan Provincial Park

▲ Best time to see the autumn foliage: Mid-October ~ Early November

▲ Where: Nonsan, Chungcheongnam-do (central Korea) & Wanju, Jeollabuk-do (southwest of Korea)

Daedunsan Provincial Park, Chungcheongdo, Korea

Daedunsan, at 878 meters, is known for its steep and rocky landscapes.

The main attraction at Daedunsan Mountain is a hair-raising Suspension Bridge (Geumgang Gureumdari), which hangs over a deep ravine 300 meters above sea level. Cross it if you dare! We can assure you that it’ll add an element of thrill and excitement to your hiking.

If you are not a fan of hiking, you can opt for the cable car instead. From the cable car, you can appreciate a sea of blazing maples in Daedunsan National Park.

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More Places to Catch Autumn Foliage in Korea

Click on each destination for more info!

If hiking isn’t your thing and you want to see the autumn leaves in Seoul, check out our Autumn foliage 1 Day tour for Seoul and vicinity.

For more ideas for your next autumn trip in South Korea, make sure you visit, Korea’s #1 Travel Shop!

Photo Credits
dyonis Climbing toward Daecheongbong via photopin (license)
By SEUNGMIN WOO (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons
Michael Holmes! stop via photopin (license)


  1. Hi, since based on the forecast, Naejangsan’s peak fall foliage will be on the 8th Nov, is it still possible to catch autumn by mid-november probably by Nov 15-19?
    We will be late for the autumn and we cant do anything about that schedule 🙁 so we are hoping atleast to see orange leaves around Naejangsan area on our travel date (Nov 15-20)
    Thank you so much~

    1. Hello samgyupgirl! It will be best for you to visit around November 8 for the full foliage, but you will still be able to see them around mid-November since the foliage lasts up to 2 week. Last year, our crew visited on November 16 and we were able to catch the fall foliage. If you are interested in visiting Naejangsan National Park, you may want to check out our previous post about our fall foliage trip to Naejangsan National Park here: Hope this information helps!

  2. Hello Trazy
    I will be in Seoul in 22 october- 28 october and be in Jeju 28-2 November. Can i see the best autumn foliage in Seoul at these time?
    Thank you and wait for your advice

    1. Hello, Dung! The peak foliage in Seoul is predicted to be seen in early November, so you will probably see some fall foliage in the late October. But we advise you to check the weather forecast regularly. 🙂

  3. hi! i will be in incheon on the 9th-13th this november. will i be able to see the fall foliage on the said date?i will be in nami island on the 12….hope to hear from you soon.thank you

    1. Hello, yao! Please take note that last year’s peak fall foliage in Nami Island was around mid-October. The duration of peak fall foliage can vary depending on weather conditions, but it will be best for you to visit Nami Island before mid-November. 🙂

    1. Hello, Eunice! We recommend Seoraksan National Park and Naejangsan National Park. At Seoraksan National Park, you may want to try the cable car and drop by the Sinheungsa Temple. The trail requires only a little bit of walking. And in Naejangsan National Park, the trail to Naejangsa Temple from the entrance is relatively easy and you will be able to enjoy a tunnel of maple leaves on the way.

  4. Dear Trazy,
    I will be in Seoul from 26-29 Oct with my friend, could you recommend which is the most suitable mountain to see foliage season? I love Naejangsan but it seems like no tour available at that time.

    1. Hello, Julia Nguyen! Please see the dates of our fall foliage tour to the Korean national parks and mountains that are available during your travel period.
      – Seoraksan: Oct 27, 28
      – Daedunsan: Oct 28
      – Deogyusan: Oct 26
      – Songnisan: Oct 26, 29

      All of the mountains above offer fabulous fall foliage experiences, and the closest park from Seoul is Seoraksan National Park FYI. To get more detailed information of each destinations or to book your trip, please refer to this link:

    1. Hi Tina! The winter season usually starts from the end of November, so most of the autumn leaves will be gone by the time you travel Seoul. Hope this answers your question!

  5. Hi. Do you have any latest updates on Songnisan and Daedunsan foliage? Has the colors turned mostly yellow, orange and red already ? As that will really be beautiful. I was at Seoraksan on 21 October and I would say 50% are still green

    1. Hello, Linda! The peak fall foliage is expected to reach on Oct 25 in Songnisan and Oct 27 and Daedunsan. We believe that most of the leaves will have changed by then, however we also think that it will be best for you to visit the parks a few days after Oct 25 or Oct 27 when planning your trip as the weather in Korea is changeable these days. Hope this answers your question!

      1. Songnisan is amazing. I visited on 24 Oct, the foliage was in green, yellow, orange and red. Definitely what I was expecting. So beautiful autumn foliage set as the backdrop against the majestic temple. Definitely a more relaxing and less tiring hike.

    1. Hello, Reef! The peak fall foliage season in Seoul usually around early November and, this year, the fall foliage in Seoul is expected to seen until November 20. But please keep in mind that the intensity and duration of peak fall foliage can vary depending on weather conditions! 🙂

  6. Hyeee.. i will be there on next week . 2- 7 Nov. Will i b able to see the beautiful oranges n yellow autumn leaves? hehe TQQQ

    1. Hello, amira! The peak fall foliage season in Seoul usually around early November and for this year, the fall foliage in Seoul is expected to seen until November 20, so you’ll probably able to enjoy them in Seoul. 😉

  7. Hello. I’ll be in Seoul from November 10-18 during which I’ll visit Nami Island and Seoraksan National Park. Do you think I’ll still be able to see autumn foliage, even in shades of yellow or orange?

    1. Hello, Mao! You will be able to catch just a little fall foliage by the time you visit Nami Island or Seoraksan National Park as the region tends to be colder and winter starts earlier than other parts of Korea. Hope this answers your question.

  8. Hi 🙂
    I will be in Seoul from 09 – 15 november. Will i still be able to see the best autumn foliage in Seoul at these time? Thank you.

    1. Hello, Ling! The peak fall foliage season in Seoul usually around early November and for this year, the fall foliage in Seoul is expected to seen until November 20, so you’ll probably see them in Seoul. 😉

  9. hey there! traveling to Seoul from Nov 9 – 20. Would we need to bring like thick winter jackets and or parka or is that too much? lol

    1. Hello, Weatherboi! Seoul is seeing big drops in temperatures at times and it is expected to get colder by the time you arrive, so we strongly recommend you to bring a warm winter jacket or thick coat! 🙂

  10. Hi There

    3 of us will be in Seoul from 1-7 Nov. Which location will give you the most scenic forliage on 2 or 3 Nov? We can do some simple hikes (2-3 hours type). Please give us your recommendation.

    1. Hello, SF! Regarding your question, we highly recommend visiting Naejangsan National Park. You will be able to catch the peak foliage between November 1 and 7. The hike is relatively easy, mostly flat with no steep inclines. Please take note that there is a fall foliage trip available for sign up – Nov 1, 3, 4, 6 and 8 and so on – on our website. If you’re interested in going, please sign up now via the link:

  11. Hi, we will be in Seoul between 10-17 November. Would we still be able to catch fall colours? Which places should we cover? How long does the peak foliage last? Thanks in advance!

    1. Hello Shilpi! Now is the peak time to see the colorful autumn leaves in Seoul and the peak foliage usually lasts up to one or two weeks, however, it depends on the weather conditions. For the best fall foliage experience, it’s best to visit the national parks, such as Naejangsan National Park and many others mentioned in this blog post. In Seoul, N Seoul Tower and Bukhansan Mountain would be good options, too. It’ll be best for you to go and see the fall foliage as soon as you arrive. 🙂

  12. Hello! How about on November 20-26? Would you know what kind of weather in Seoul it will be?
    Are we going to catch the autumn foliage or not? What are the clothes that we need to wear during this season? We’ll visit Nami Island on the 21st of November, your response will be highly appreciated. Many thanks for your help! 🙂

    1. Hello, Trish. November 20-26 is considered early winter season in Korea so many of the leaves will fallen off. In Seoul, the weather will be mostly sunny in the daytime but below 10 degrees Celsius at night. Please check the weather forecast for more exact information. We recommend you to bring thick winter coat, thick socks, winter shoes, muffler and gloves. Hope this info helps!

    1. Hello Kay! The fall foliage tour for this season is available until November 15. It will be an early winter season by the time you arrive in Korea.

  13. Hi,

    I have plan to book ticket to Seoul from 26Oct-3Nov18 to see fall foliage peak. It’s it good or we should book earlier??? Thanks a lot.

    1. Hello, Huy. The fall foliage peak season usually begins from late October to mid-November, so we believe that you will be able to see fall foliage during the period you have mentioned. But if you are considering visiting one of the national parks in Korea to see the fall foliage, we highly recommend you to book the tour in advance (fall foliage tours are usually available from September or October for booking). Hope this helps! 🙂

  14. Hi, I’m planning to go back to Korea Autumn season this year. Last year, it’s unfortunate that we booked our flight during Chuseok week. We spent our holiday in Seoul October 1-9, 2017 and all the attractions are crowded. We went to Nami island and most of the tree leaves are still green. When can we possibly know what’s the best time to book for Autumn 2018 to fully experience the fall foliage peak? Many thanks.

    1. Helly Yanie 🙂
      The peak season for the fall foliage is highly dependent on weather (it tends to be the peak around late October). We recommend you to refer to last year’s fall foliage map to plan your trip in advance!

  15. Hi, I have plan to travel at Seoul to see Korea autumn but I’ m not sure between date 3 – 10 Nov or 10-17 Nov/18 that will be the best to see the peak autumn in seoul.
    And can you guide where is the best place in seoul to see the fall foliage.

    1. Hi thanee!
      The fall foliage highly depends on the weather. According to last autumn season, the peak season tends to be between Oct 20~Nov 10. If you will be visiting Korea in November this year, we recommend you to visit the southern part of Korea to enjoy the fall foliage where the peak season starts later than other places. Please do check our blog after August for more details 😀

  16. Hello! im planning to visit korea this year during autumn, which date would you think be the most suitable? Thank you! 🙂

    1. Hi Angelica Cruz,
      You must be so excited! In order for you to catch the peak fall foliage season in Korea, it is recommended for you to visit between mid-October and early November. Please make sure to check our blog again in September for the fall foliage forecast 2018 😀

    1. Hi Chelley 🙂
      We expect the peak season for fall foliage is from late October to early November. However, as it highly depends on the weather and location, please get back to us in this coming September for more information!

  17. Hi I will be in Seoul from 26 October 2018 to 4 November 2018. Which is the peak fall foliage in Nami Island and mountain around Seoul if I am going that period?

    1. Hello Elsie,
      The fall foliage at Nami Island usually starts in the early November. However, as it is highly dependent on the weather, please make sure to check our post again in this September 🙂

  18. hi…we will be in Seoul from Oct, 11-16…can we be able to catch the foliage in nami island in that period?

    1. Hello Rosefil 🙂
      Usually, the fall foliage in Gapyeong area usually starts in the early November. Considering your travel date, we recommend you to check out the fall foliage in Gangwon area where Seoraksan and Odaesan are located.

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