Insider Shopping Tips for Dongdaemun Market You Won’t Find Elsewhere!

14626058625_4e77232c16_bLooking for the best places to go shopping in Seoul? Head over to Dongdaemun, one of the prime shopping areas located in the heart of the city. You can find from huge shopping malls, retail and wholesale shops to night bazaar at what Koreans refer to as “Dongdaemun Market“.9610018184_8b8ff6d259_bBest-known for stylish and well-made clothes, great bargains and a unique scene of night market stalls that appear at night and then vanish by day, Dongdaemun Market truly offers tourists and travelers one of best shopping experiences in the city.

If you are shopping at Dongdaemun Market for the first time, here are the one and only insider tips for you should know before you go.

1. Cash ONLYkorea-money-693949_1920

All shopping experts and second-timers to Dongdaemun Market know that the vendors prefer payment in cash and they will give you a good bargain if you tell them you will pay in cash.

If you don’t have cash on you, just go to a nearby ATM and prepare cash in advance. You will be able to find ATMs in almost every big shopping malls (normally on the ground floor), convenience stores and on the streets as well.

2. Retail or Wholesale?

4165086335_e73b3a7bdb_bBasically, in Dongdaemun Market, there are two types of stores: retail (for ordinary shoppers) and wholesale (for retailers or wholesale buyers). The market only had wholesale stores selling clothes and accessories to retailers at first. But as big shopping malls sprung up and the market expanded, shoppers other than retailers started to enjoy shopping at Dongdaemun Market as well.

Nowadays, even ordinary shoppers stop by wholesale stores to buy clothes in bulk at wholesale prices.

A. Retail stores

14645988003_e84f41fe08_bThe best-known shopping malls with retail stores are Doota or Migliore. If you are an ordinary shopper (not wholesale buyers) and want to buy your clothes in pieces, go ahead and enjoy shopping at these malls!

B. Wholesale stores

Wholesale stores don’t sell clothes in pieces. However, the price is much cheaper compared to retail stores. If you want to buy clothes in bulk for your group, try visiting the wholesale stores.11303700363_7e4dc3128c_b9606786687_4e5d22b638_bMany of the popular wholesale stores are situated around Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP) such as Dongdaemun Fashion Town, New Pyeonghwa MarketDesigner Club, U:US and more.

C. Day or Night

Usually, retail stores are open during day time and wholesale stores are open during night time. This is because retailers sell clothes to customers and wholesalers sell clothes to retailers.

  • Doota (Retail) Opening Hours

– Sun to Thu : 10:30 ~ 24:00/ Fri & Sat : 10:30 ~ (next day) 5:00

– 11:00 ~ (next day) 5:00/ closed on Mon

  • Pyeonghwa market (Wholesale & Retail) opening hours

– 21:00 ~ (next day) 18:00

  • U:US (Wholesale) opening hours

– 20:00 ~ (next day) 6:00/ closed on Sat

– 20:00 ~ (next day) 8:00

3. How to bargain

사본 -Page 7Now, if you are reading this, you’re very lucky. 😉 The vendors at Dongdaemun Market are known for being notorious of charging higher price than the fixed price to the customers. They will take even more advantage of you especially if you are a foreigner. Don’t let them win the game and just say straight forward for a lower price.

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  1. Hello there. I’m Octavia from Indonesia. I would like to buy Korean clothes in order to sell it again to Indonesia. However, my Korean is not good. So, will they want to serve foreigners? I also don’t really know how to send it to Indonesia. Do they will help me to send it to Indonesia? Thank you. 🙂

    1. Hello Octavia. We’re really not sure about the exact process of wholesaling clothes but you’ll need to visit the places yourself to see if there are sellers who can support you. 🙂

  2. Hi, may I know whether the Dongdaemun Shopping Complex is the same as the wholesale places you listed above?

    1. Hi, Dongdaemun Shopping Complex is a different building apart from the wholesale stores we’ve listed in this post. It’s a market that houses many wholesale and retail stores specializing in various fabrics, materials, accessories and many more. Hope this answers your question! 🙂

  3. I am the first time go there..
    Any idea for me for purchase ladies wear… Because I have a boutique shop, perhaps can get cheap & good quality wears from there

    1. Hello! One of the famous fashion malls around Dongdaemun Market is Migliore (, where you can find plenty of boutique shops mostly for ladies.

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