List of Annual Korean Music Festivals & Year-end Awards Ceremonies

Here’s a complete list of major annual Korean music festivals and year-end award ceremonies in South Korea for K-Pop and K-Drama fans!

Annual Korean Music Festivals

1. Dream Concert

dream-concert-2017-1.jpgThe Dream Concert is one of the biggest annual K-pop festivals in South Korea and Asia, which features some of the most in-demand K-pop stars of the year! It’s indeed one of the hottest hallyu concert in Asia and boasts a stellar line-up every year. Dream Concert 2017  will take place on June 3 at Seoul World Cup Stadium. To purchase Dream Concert tickets, click here.

2. Mnet 20’s Choice Awards


The Mnet 20’s Choice Awards is a major music awards show organized by Mnet channel, which is held every summer. Only fans in their 20’s can participate in the online voting. In order to register, voting is required, and one vote is permitted only once per day.

3. Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA)


Mnet Asian Music Awards, or MAMA, is one of the biggest music awards that is broadcast in 4 continents, including Asia, Europe, North America and Oceania. Every year, MAMA presents a spectacular concept and theme of stages and shows.

4. MelOn Music Awards

The MelOn Music Awards is another major music awards show that is held annually in South Korea. Based on digital sales and online votes collected from online music store, MelOn, the winners are selected.

5. K-Pop World Festival


Organized by South Korea’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, fans of K-pop are invited to take part in the competition called K-POP World Festival. It is held every year in Changwon, the southern part of South Korea.

6. Asia Song Festival

logo (1).png

Since 2004, Asia Song Festival (ASF), or A-Song-Fe, has been taking place in South Korea annually. It is an Asian pop music festival that features artists from Asian countries. It is broadcast all around the world. The schedule for the festival is TBD.

7. Gaon Chart K-Pop Awards


The Gaon Chart K-Pop Awards (가온 차트 K-POP 어워드) is one of the major music awards shows in South Korea. Every year, Gaon Chart, the national music record chart, give awards to the winners according to data for sales of songs and albums from previous year’s Gaon year-end chart performance.

8. Grand K-POP Festival


Last year, the Grand K-POP Festival was held at the Seoul Olympic Main Stadium in Korea on September 4, 2015. It is a festival where K-pop fans can enjoy performances of some of the most popular K-pop stars for FREE. During the festival, fans and visitors can even enjoy a variety of cultural programs and activities at the booths.

9. Summer K-POP Festival


Last year’s Summer K-POP Festival was just incredible. The line-up included Infinite, T-ara, GOT7 and many more popular K-pop stars.

At the festival, there are promotion booths that offer various vouchers that international travelers can use during their stay in South Korea. So don’t forget to get one of these vouchers if you want to make most of your trip.

  10. Hallyu Dream Festival1945167_image_1

Hallyu Dream Festival is an annual Korean music festival that takes place in Gyeongju, a city in South Korea that is widely known for its cultural and historic sites. Here, K-Pop fans and international travelers can witness their favorite stars and take a look around the magnificent Korean historic sites.

11. The K-Festival


This is a relatively new annual festival in South Korea that is first held in 2014. Unlike the other music festivals in Korea, the K-Festival offers beyond music. Not only you can enjoy stunning stage performances of some of the popular K-Pop stars, but also a variety of exhibitions and hands-on programs related to K-Food, K-Fashion, K-Beauty and many more.

Year-end Music Awards

1. Seoul Music Awards

Started in 1990, Seoul Music Awards, or High1 Seoul Music Awards, is one of the biggest K-Pop events in South Korea. Since 1990, this music awards feature the best artists and singers every year. The winners are selected from singers who have released albums during the year, through mobile votes, popularity poll, digital downloads and album sales, and judges’ scores.

2. Golden Disk Awards 330px-Golden_Disk_Awards_logo

One of the year-end awards shows in South Korea, the Golden Disk Awards celebrates by giving awards to the artists have made outstanding achievements in the music industry.

3. SBS Awards Festival (SAF)


SBS Awards Festival (SAF), is Seoul’s best year-end broadcast event that celebrates all the accomplishments in SBS‘ TV programs throughout the year. You can meet your favorite TV shows and stars in one place and there is a variety of exciting events you can engage in.

During the festival, there are booths that offer various programs and activities where you can take part in and win special prizes such as autographed CDs and tickets for the Gayo Daejeon (Kpop Music Festival), Drama & Entertainment awards ceremony!

4. Korean Music Awardskma2016_logo.png

The Korean Music Awards (한국대중음악상) is another major year-end music awards show in South Korea, which acknowledges the achievements made by music artists in the past year. The winners are decided by a panel of judges consisting of music critics, music radio PDs, and other professionals within the industry.

5. MBC Gayo Daejejeon


MBC Gayo Daejejeon, or mostly known as MBC Gayo Daejun, is one of the best year-end music program broadcast events. Hosted by MBC, one of the 3 major broadcast corporations in South Korea, this music festival is held annually.

6. SBS Gayo Daejeonsaf2015_aw_music

Hosted by Seoul Broadcasting System (SBS), SBS Gayo Daejeon, or SBS Gayo Daejun, is a major annual end-of-the-year music program broadcast event. Today, it’s held together with SBS Entertainment Awards and SBS Drama Awards as a part of SBS Awards Festival.

7. KBS Gayo DaechukjeT2015-0719_00_01

One of the popular annual year-end events, KBS Gayo Daechukje, also known as KBS Gayo Daejun or KBS Music Festival, is held by Korean Broadcasting System (KBS). The best artists are selected by viewers’ text-message vote.

Year-end Entertainment Awards

1. MBC Entertainment Awards


The MBC Entertainment Awards is an awards ceremony held at the end of each year. It takes about 140 minutes and is shown in two parts on MBC.

2. SBS Entertainment Awardslogo_award_entert

At the end of the year, SBS host SBS Entertainment Awards, which is an awards ceremony that acknowledges the best entertainers.

3. KBS Entertainment Awards

images (1).jpg

Sponsored by KBS, KBS Entertainment Awards features performances by popular K-pop artists and music parodies from comedians from the famous Korean comedy TV program called Gag Concert.  This event is held at the end of each year.

Year-end Drama Awards

1. Korea Drama Awards

The Korea Drama Awards is one of the most honorable awards ceremonies in South Korea that K-Drama fans should not miss. Taking place annually in October in Jinju, a city in the southern part of South Korea, the awards ceremony is aired on all 3 major broadcasting networks and cable channels.  logo

The categories for awards include ‘Grand Prize (Daesang)’, ‘Best Drama’, ‘Best Production Director’, ‘Best Screenplay’, ‘Top Excellence Award, Actor’, ‘Top Excellence Award, Actress’ and many more.

2. MBC Drama Awards

370988_159307_011The MBC Drama Awards is an annual awards ceremony that celebrates outstanding achievement of Korean dramas aired on MBC at the end of the year. The highlight of the ceremony is, of course, the the final ‘Grand Prize’, which is awarded to the best actor or actress of the year. In 2015, Ji Sung took the Grand Prize home for his outstanding performance in ‘Kill Me, Heal Me’.

3. SBS Drama Awards


The SBS Drama Awards, hosted by SBS, awards actors and actresses who showed their best performances in dramas aired on SBS at the end of the year. Last year’s Grand Prize winner was Joo Won for his performance in ‘Yong Pal’.

4. KBS Drama Awards


Along with awards ceremonies by SBS and MBC, KBS also hosts the KBS Drama Awards. Last year, a famous Korean actor named Kim Soo-hyun, won the Grand Prize for his best performance in ‘Producers’.

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  1. Hi can you please, make a list of the dates for the music awards or festivals, so that I’ll know earlier. I’m really interested to buy a ticket if I have to.

    1. Hello, the ticket sale has not started yet. A good news for you is that we might be offering tickets for Gaon Chart K-Pop Awards on for this year! So please check out our website regularly for the update! 🙂

  2. Hello, I have applied for the MBC gayo daejejun on Dec. 31 on their website. Is it possible to ideally increase your chances of winning by creating multiple accounts and applying. And should we make multiple accounts if my whole family wants to attend? Thanks!

      1. Thanks! I might have missed this on the website, but it’s the a definite date for when they will they reveal the winners?

      2. Will you still receive it if you don’t have Korean number? Sorry for all these questions by the way, I’m pretty noob.

      3. We do not have a definite answer for you as the website says that the SMS will be sent via the registered phone number. The SMS to the winners has been sent on 26th Monday at 6pm KST, so please check your SMS. If you haven’t received any message, it is highly likely that you have not made it.

  3. Hi, I am currently in seoul for a while. I have applied for SBS gayo daejun and am waiting for the results which will be revealed on 24th. Sbs gayo is on a monday whyyyy T.T so yeah i wanted to know if i can apply for tickets for kbs gayo as well.. do you by any chance know if the ticketing started? I checked yes24 but couldnt find anything any help i would be grateful ~~ ^^

  4. Hi! Do you have the link to the Yes24 page where they sell the tickets for the KBS Gayo Daechukje tickets? When does the ticket sales start?

    May I also ask if there are other places/sites where I can purchase the tickets for the MBC Gayo Daejejeon or the Drama Awards Shows should I be unsuccessful in the application for the tickets on their respective sites? Thanks so much!

    1. Hi, the ticket sale has not started on Yes24 so there is no link yet. A date for ticket sale has not been announced. But you may want to try applying for the tickets to KBS Gayo Daechukjae here: Please note that the page is only in Korean. Tickets to MBC’s year-end events are only available through website application. Hope this answers your question.

      1. Thanks for the info! I was looking around and can’t seem to find much information on this. Is there any way we can tickets for the KBS Drama Awards happening on the 31st of December? Thanks a lot!:)

    1. Hi, you can apply on MBC’s website but the application pages have not been opened yet. So, please check their website regularly if you want to apply for the tickets. For your reference, the application period for MBC Gayo Daejejeon for last year started a week right before the date of the event. Hope this info helps! 🙂

      1. thank you for such a quick reply! and could you, by any chance, give me a link to their website? also, the application pages will only be in korean, right?

      1. For Seoul Music Awards, they do not sell their tickets separately. You can only get the tickets by participating their online events and the mobile vote, so please check their website regularly. For Golden Disk Awards, the tickets are available on their website. However, the ticket sale has not started and their website has not been updated yet. You should check their website regularly for updates. Hope this answers your question:)

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