Surfing in Miami? No, Surfing in Korea!

Surfing is something quite common in the Western countries, but not as common in Korea due to lack of strong waves and recreational “culture”. But recently, passionate Korean surfers as well as foreigners started to dig the perfect surfing spots, which then made surfing pretty popular.

And of course, Trazy is now offering travelers the chance to experience it!11040322234_65d8194da7_b.jpgOne of our Trazy users, Hui Jeong R went surfing on one fine day in Songjeong Beach in Busan, the second biggest city in South Korea. Now, let’s hear her actual surfing experience! 🙂

P1310338“Take Line 2 Metro to Suyeong, Exit 5. Go Straight around 200 M and you’ll find a bus stop. Take the bus 1001, 1003 and get off at Songjeong beach. Walk about 15 minutes toward Songjeong beach and you will find a wooden building located beside the cafe called Angel-in-us. See a map here.

This is the Songjeong Surfing School where you can get surf lessons and rent equipment for surfing. My friend recommended me this place as it is one of the first surf schools in Korea and has different lesson programs for people with different levels. If you already know how to surf, you can rent equipment here at an affordable price. But since it was a first time for me, I booked the lesson instead.”1“Before heading out on the water, the instructor gave us a thorough instruction on how to enjoy surfing on the waves. He told us that there are 5 simple steps to how to ride the surfing board. After listening to all the steps, I changed into a full body suit!”P1310359“I would say the waves here are not too high and so it will not be challenging to learn how to surf as a first-timer.”P1310358“Throughout the course, we learned how to ‘catch’ the wave and stand on the board for 2 hours. In my case, I have short arms compared to my leg and full body, so it was hard to stand on the board (cry cry). But the instructor kindly taught me another way to stand on the board and I finally did ‘surf’! And I can tell you that the experience is totally awesome! ;)”

8627318616_cf857d5336_bSongjeong beach is not as well known as Haeundae Beach to foreign travelers, but it is a less touristy and quaint destination where you can have a great time with your friends, your other half or with your family. 5745900246_7f274e8cb3_b4960267624_bec91d649c_bYou can find couple of restaurants and snack bars where you can grab some treats around Songjeong Beach. Try to drop by after getting your surf lessons.

If you want try this wonderful experience this summer, click here. 🙂button31

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