The Coolest Instagram Photos of #JejuIsland That Will Spark Your Wanderlust This Spring!

Looking for some major travel inspiration?

Here we’ve put together incredibly beautiful and creative travel photos of Jeju Island captured by Instagrammers that will fuel your wanderlust instantly!

For those who hardly know Jeju Island or Jeju, it is one of the most beloved travel destinations in South Korea. This charming island, located in the southernmost part of Korea, offers stunning natural wonders, unique attractions and exciting outdoor activities, making it an ideal destination for long-term stays as well as weekend breakaways.

Go ahead and enjoy these wonderful travel photos on Instagram that will inspire you to travel to Jeju Island! 😀

1. @mustard___

Marvelous and unique photos! Using various props, @mustard___ sure does know how to bring fantasy to life!

하늘도 색칠해욧! Create your own sky !

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구름을 배달해 드려요 ♪ ♬ _ Cloud delivery service♪ ♬

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나도 좀 봐줘

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다시 돌아온 앨리스 2016 – Alice returns, –

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2. @lim_goun

These snapshots of a great looking couple and Jeju Island’s Sanbangsan as a backdrop show you how Jeju can be a splendid destination for a wedding photography. Congratulations to @lim_goun by the way! 😉

3. @rememberblair

Capture the bright vivid colors of spring in Jeju Island like @remembeerblair! Beautiful, yet bold, this is how you should take a pose in front of the camera!


Now, don’t you want to hop on a plane and fly across to this amazing island in South Korea? If you want to see more awe-inspiring photos of Jeju Island, follow these cool Instagram accounts! Also, don’t forget to visit, Korea’s #1 Travel Shop, to discover where you can take Instagram photos of your lifetime in Jeju Island and in other parts of South Korea! 😉button_main 2

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