Top 10 Things To Do In Jeju Island During Winter

Want to get the best out of your winter trip to Jeju Island in Korea? Read on!

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Winter in Korea can be perishingly cold but the charming Jeju Island never looks more beautiful than in winter. Located far down south across the ocean from the Korean Peninsula, Jeju Island usually has mild and temperate climate compared to the mainland.

However, with Hallansan Mountain soaring up high into the sky in the middle, Jeju Island offers dynamic natural conditions that fit your needs whatever you want to experience.

If you’re planning to visit Jeju Island during this winter season, create a near-perfect Jeju itinerary with our top picks for Jeju’s winter attractions.

1. Hike up Hallasan Mountain

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Take a hike up to the top of Hallasan Mountain, or Mt. Halla, the tallest mountain in South Korea and relish the sheer beauty of Jeju’s nature. It is arguably at its most picturesque in winter. Standing atop the peak, hikers are rewarded with jaw-dropping views of the mountain’s massive crater lake.

2. Walk along the flower paths at Camellia Hill

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This winter flower garden in Jeju is an extremely popular Instagrammable spot as visitors can stroll through the gardens of spectacular winter camellia explosions.

These camellias, also known as the Queen of Winter Flowers, bloom until late spring and when they burst with vibrant colors in winter, every single photo taken in Camellia Hill will absolutely get you some extra likes for your Instagram.

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3. Expore Hallim Park’s gardens and folk village

Daffodils in Hallim Park Jeju

With so many botanical gardens to choose from, travelers will find themselves wondering which one to visit. Simply visit the best that Jeju has to offer.

The Hallim Park features 9 different themed gardens and offers various attractions including two lava caves and Jeju folk village.

If you visit the park in winter, you can enjoy incredible winter arrangement of daffodils.

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4. Get lost in Maze Land

Stone Maze in Jeju Maze Land

For those who want to add some fun to their winter trip to Jeju (but not too active), the Maze Land is the perfect place to be.

There are 3 mazes at this eco-friendly park, each featuring its own theme: stone, wind, and Haenyeo (Jeju’s female diver).

Not only it is exciting to find the way out, the experience is actually good for the health as these mazes emit substances called phytoncides which stimulate the body’s immune system. So go ahead, take a walk through the maze walls while soaking in the health benefits.

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5. Trekking at Yongnuni Oreum

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Heading out on the trails in Jeju during winter offers a peaceful solitude. In fact, winter hiking is better than warm-weather walks as the paths are less crowded.

In Jeju, there are famous hiking trails called “Olle” and travelers and tourists can take part in one-day trekking programs which offer 3 different routes ― the East, West, and South Routes. Each course gives the opportunity to explore the off-beaten paths and discover the ‘real’ Jeju.

The East Course includes one of the most popular spots to hike, Yongnuni Oreum, or the Dragon Eye Mountain, which is an inactive volcano at 250 meters above sea level. The hike up to its peak offers one of the best mountaintop experiences as you can admire the breathtaking views of wind farms and the iconic Hallasan Mountain from afar.

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5. Pick fresh tangerines at a local farm

Picking tangerines at a local farm in Jeju Island

Picking tangerines at Jeju’s local tangerine farm is one thing you can do only during the winter in Jeju Island. While traveling in Jeju Island, you’ll pass endless tangerine trees on the streets and taste so many local snacks made of tangerines. Tangerines are indeed the best-known specialty of Jeju Island.

Why don’t you, then, take a chance to harvest these mouthwatering tangerines for yourself? Pick locally grown fresh tangerines and take them home as a reward! It would be a great experience that you can have with your family and friends.

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7. Experience target shooting at Shooting Range

Live ammunition shooting at Jeju Shooting Range

For those who prefer to stay warm inside rather than heading out, Jeju offers plenty of fun indoor activities that will get your adrenaline pumped, just like this one.

Go ahead, gather your friends and family and enjoy some target shooting at this cool indoor shooting range when you visit Jeju Island!

Jeju Shooting Range

8. Relax your body at Foot Bath Cafe

Jeju Siwadream Foot Bath Cafe

Treat yourself by pampering your exhausted feet after a long day of walking at this charming indoor foot bath cafe in Jeju. While soaking your feet in the warm water, enjoy chatting with your friends or your other half.

It sure is the best place to enjoy pure relaxation!

Foot Bath Cafe Experience in Jeju

9. Delve into Jeju’s marine life at Aqua Planet

Main aquarium of Jeju Aqua Planet

While snorkeling and scuba diving are some of the best ways to enjoy the marine life of Jeju in summer, you can enjoy just about the same in winter.

But instead, you will have to head over to Jeju Aqua Planet, a beautiful aquarium that showcases about 48,000 aquatic animals in 500 different species.

Not only you can meet the marine life from the five oceans of the world, but also have the opportunity to see the marine life of Jeju Island’s waters. If you arrive right on time, you and your kids will be able to enjoy a performance by the women divers of Jeju called ‘Haenyeo’ in Korean.

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10. Get on the Baldwin train at Ecoland Theme Park

Don Quixote & Windmill in Ecoland Jeju

Inside the stunning natural beauty of Jeju, there’s Ecoland Theme Park, one of the most family-friendly hot spots on the island.

It’s a great destination to visit all year round, but it is winter when the entire theme park turns into a winter wonderland, offering breathtaking views of pristine snowy fields and snow-covered trees. Here, you and your kids can make unforgettable memories by exploring the park on a special train that takes after the 1800’s Baldwin steam train.

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Now, hurry up and visit Jeju Island right now or else you will wait another year for all these lifetime experiences that only winter can offer!

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