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Top 20 Things You Must Do in Seoul!

allowto_landscape_2039.jpgSince so many parts of Seoul are so appealing and you may be wondering about where to visit and what to do (especially if you’re only here for a few days), here are our recommendations for building your bucket list for Seoul.

From popular and hip places to hidden local spots, we hope you visit these must-go places and have unforgettable experiences make amazing new memories. Now let’s hit the road~~~~!

1. Feel the Sublime Korea Through a Palace Tour

Old palaces from the Josun dynasty display the traditional beauty of Korea, showing how long and preserved Korean history has been. (It spans almost 5,000 years!) There are 4 major palaces in Seoul – Gyeongbokgung, Changdeokgung, Deoksugung, and Changgyeonggung. Changdeokgung, in particular, has been designated as a World heritage site by UNESCO and is renowned for its beautiful garden. You can also rent Korean traditional clothes –Hanbok – near the old palaces. Why don’t you walk along the same path that ancient Koreans did by becoming a princess or a prince from the Josun dynasty? Check out this link if you’d like to visit these old palaces? Or perhaps you’d like to rent a Hanbok남산

2. Romantic Night View From Namsan Mountain

Namsan Mountain, especially the N Seoul Tower on the top of the mountain, is a highly recommended spot for foreigners. You can see an overview of Seoul from all angles at the towel’s observatory. The night view of Seoul from N Seoul Tower is romantically beautiful. For example, there are the bridges over the black Han River at night that shine like diamond bracelets. The tower is a spot you can’t leave out if you’re a couple, as you can install a lock amongst the existing thousands, in hopes of having an eternal love. 노량진

3. Try Fresh Raw Fish in Noryangjin Fish Market 

If you want to see the liveliness of the local people in Seoul, Noryangjin fish market will show more than what you can imagine. You will  be surprised to see so many fish and other marine creatures gathered in one place. Owners in the Noryangjin fish market will try to attract you to their area by showing how fresh their fish are. You can even see the owners filleting the fish you choose and if you’re lucky, you may be given an extra fish or seafood as a token of their kindness.Check out our insider’s guide to the market here for more information. 홍대

4. Burn, Baby, Burn – Clubbing

Seoul is a city that never sleeps because young people usually dance the night away in a club or drink during the night. Hongdae is a popular area of choice for young clubbers, ie college students. Club NB2Cocoon, and Vera are some of the most well-known ones. Click here for a full list of clubs in Hongdae.

There are also many 24 hour cafes open in Hongdae for clubbers who want to take a rest. Gangnam is another hot place for clubbing. As there are a lot of companies’ offices in Gangnam area, usually people over 25 go clubbing after work. Club Octagon is one of the best clubs around, located in Gangnam and ranked 6th in the world. Check out our picks on the best clubs in Seoul here청계천

5. Cool Off in Cheonggyecheon!

Cheonggyecheon is a stream going through the northern part of Seoul. There used to be many stores along the stream, but it was restored in 2005 by Seoul City Hall. After the restoration project, Cheonggyecheon and the surrounding area became cleaner and more organized. You can even see fish swimming in the water. Many people have visited Cheonggyecheon during the summer, and sometimes people put their feet in the water.민속촌

6. A Blast To the Past: Korean Folk Village

You can experience how people from the past lived by visiting a Korean folk village. Real traditional houses are built and actors are hired to play the roles of people from the past to liven the experience. Instead of just seeing the ancient artifacts in museums, you can be a part of the lives of the commoners from the past. Visit now! 명동

7. Be a Shopaholic!

Shopping is something you must not miss while you are in Korea. There are numerous places to shop in Seoul from underground shopping complexes in subway stations to elegant shops in department stores. Myeong-dong is one of the most popular shopping areas as almost all of the famous brands in Korea are placed there, making shopping very convenient.Check out this post showing the must go places in Myeong-dong as well as discount coupons you can use.

Dongdaemun is famous for reasonably priced items and has several shopping complexes built in the area, providing young and casual style clothes for young people and tourists. Garosugil has risen as a trendy shopping area filled with small boutique shops full of unique styles. Here’s a list of places to go for a cheap shopping spree in Seoul.

8. Enjoy Exotic Cuisines in Itaewon

Itaewon is the most international place in Seoul where people of all cultures and countries gather. It is like a small village of the world. There are many restaurants specializing in authentic traditional dishes of various countries. Zelen is a Bulgarian restaurant run by chef Mihal Spasov Ashminov, who rose to popularity after appearing in Korean cooking TV show “Take Care of My Refrigerator”. Check out this list of our top favorite spots in Itaewon as well as discount coupons you can use here. Follow this link for a whole list of posts on places to dine in Itaewon as well! 

9. Head To Insadong For the Best Souvenirs

Good souvenirs show you to be a thoughtful and caring person to others around you. Insadong is a street filled with shops selling Korean traditional items perfect as souvenirs. From small items like a key chain to big ones like a piece of furniture, you can purchase almost anything. If something you want to buy is too expensive, don’t fret as it’s likely to be sold in another store for much cheaper. Besides shopping, there are many good museums and galleries to look around in. Check out this list of traditional restaurants in the area as well as discount coupons you can use. 광장시장

10. Irresistible Yummy Street Foods

You can easily find vendors selling street food in Korea. Korean street food has its own charm that can’t be replaced by meals from a restaurant. We bet that street vendors selling local street foods will draw you to their food with its mouthwatering smell and look. Gwangjang market is a famous place where you can enjoy classic local foods like mungbean pancake and sliced raw beef sashimi. Noryangjin is a great place where you can have a tasty meal for a cheap price with most dishes costing around 5,000 won or below. Street foods in Hongdae are trendy and experimental like their fashion style. Check out these posts on the best street foods from Jeonju Hanok Village and Myeong-dong. You also don’t want to miss the Seoul street food tour!

11. Sweat It Out at a Jjimjilbang

A Jjimjilbang is a Korean sauna where you can go into rooms with high temperature and emit any impurities and detox your skin by sweating. There are many types of rooms: Red clay room, Ice room, Crystal room and so on. However, before you enter , you are required to use a public bath in full nudity. But don’t worry! Public baths are very common in Korea and people couldn’t care less about how each other’s bodies look. Dragon Hill Spa is the most famous Jjimjilbang in Korea.Click here for an in-depth post about it and make sure you grab this discount ticket if you’re interested in going! We also have a list of the best saunas and spas in Seoul here북한산

12. Workout During traveling – Climbing Bukhansan National Park 

You may think that Seoul is just a city that is high tech. Well, you’re half right. Seoul is also an eco-friendly city surrounded by mountains where you can enjoy nature. One good way to experience this is by hiking along Bukhansan National Park, located in the northern part of Seoul. There are several courses to be hiking across, but most usually take about 4~5 hours to complete. If you get tired while climbing the mountain, try visiting the Buddhism temples built on the mountain. Unlike temples in the middle of the city, the temples isolated on the mountain are much more peaceful and reflective.DMZ

13. Experience North Korea Through a DMZ Tour

Korea has been divided into South and North Korea since the Korean civil war in the 1950s. At the border between South and North Korea, the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) was set to prevent any invasion and is currently controlled by dispatched UN soldiers. With your ID, you can have a tour in DMZ guided by the soldiers. You can go to the Dora observatory to see North Korean villages, the third tunnel built by North Korean soldiers, and the joint security area Panmunjom. There are two types of tours available – the DMZ tour and the DMZ + JSA tour. Check out this post on the 13 things you need to know before visiting the DMZ before you go. 

14. Do You Enjoy Going On Rides At Amusement Parks?

There are 3 big amusement parks in or near Seoul – Lotte World, Everland, and Seoul LandLotte World has many thrilling rides and most of its visitors are of a young demographic. Everland has many rides just like Lotte World, but there is also a zoo, botanical garden, and place for glamping (a word combining glamorous and camping). Seoul Land has many exciting yet less thrilling rides, targeting families with children. Along with rides and additional attractions, various festivals are being held with numerous events in these amusement parks. Would you like to visit Everland? Check out these awesome deals on discount tickets to Everland (afternoon + night package, 1-day pass, half price group discount, ticket + shuttle bus ticket and discount ticket + private van transfer package) , Lotte World (ticket discount and 1-day pass + aquarium combo discount) and Seoul Land시청 스케이트

15. Be Yuna Kim in City hall’s Ice Rink!

When winter comes, Seoul city hall opens an ice skating rink in front of the Seoul Plaza for Seoul citizens. Usually, it opens from 10 AM to 10PM and the entrance fee is 1,000 won per hour including rental for ice skates. Next to the rink, various booths are installed to offer additional entertainments for the visitors.

여의도 벚꽃

16. Imagine the Sky Covered with Cherry Blossom Flowers in Yeouido

Spring is a romantic season, but what makes it more romantic is walking under cherry blossom trees. Yeouido has a road where a row of cherry blossom trees stands, with millions of people visiting during the Yeouido Cherry Blossom Flower Festival in April. We recommend you to visit at night as there will be fewer people and the cherry blossom flowers gleam dreamily under the street lights. For a full list of cherry blossom festivals in Korea, check out this post한강치맥

17. Small Picnic at Han River

The Han River is the perfect place to chill out during the summer. You can enjoy a nice little vacation in Seoul by feeling the cool breeze. Delivery foods are another attractive point of this venue with the menu of choice by most people being chicken with beer! You simply call any restaurant, order your food, tell them where you’re sitting and your food will be delivered right to you! You can sit on a picnic mat, eat, take pictures, ride an electric scooter or just nap.

However, beware of mosquitoes. Pack some bug bite ointment or mosquito repellent and reapply regularly throughout the day. There are lots of fun activities to enjoy such as wakeboarding and waterskiing, a ferry cruise, buffet cruise, tubester boat ride, or duck boat ride. Check out this post for a full list of things to do at the Han! 템플스테이

18. Cleanse Your Body and Mind With a Temple Stay

Want to wind down and enjoy some healing time? You don’t need to go out of Seoul to find your inner peace. You can join a temple stay operating in Seoul. Forget all the complicated and loud things surrounding you and relax and focus on yourself. In temples such as Gilsangsa, Hwagyesa, and Bongeunsa, you will learn basic temple manners and the way of life harmonized with nature through the guide of monks.Check out this page for a list of places you can have a temple stay experience! 케이팝

19. Explore the Hometown of K-pop

Seoul would be a fascinating city  to K-pop lovers. If you wait in front of the buildings of big entertainment companies like YG, SM and JYP, you may see your beloved stars commuting. This list tells you all of the locations of the major K-pop companies. You can even visit performance halls like Klive or SM artium where you can see K-pop hologram concerts like this one anytime.

A lot of K-pop concerts are also held in big stadiums in Seoul, giving you opportunities to participate in Koreans’ famous crowd sing-along. There are several lessons teaching you how to sing and dance like K-pop stars as well, like this one. Finally, your trip wouldn’t be complete without picking up some k-pop merchandise, so check out these stores to load up on some goods! 24시간

20. Enjoy Seoul Life For 24 Hours

As Koreans love to play even at night, many shops and facilities are open for 24 hours. Usually, in crowded areas like Hongdae and Gangnam, cafes are open for 24 hours to give clubbers a place to rest. Buses that start with the alphabet ‘N’ are night buses that run during the night, providing convenience to Seoul citizens. If you’re hungry at around 1 or 2 am, run to any convenient store to pick up a bite to eat. Click here to check out our list of must try convenience store foods and if you’re in Hongdae, try a slice of the famous Monster Pizza to fill your stomach after a night out. button_main 2

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Essential Travel Tips & Guide | Korea Autumn Travel in 2016

If you have been to South Korea several times but never in the fall, you are missing out BIG time.

Every season is a reason to visit Korea, but autumn is indeed the best season to travel and fully take in the beauty of the country. autumn travel (8)When fall foliage begins, the gardens of royal palaces in the city of Seoul and the mountain ranges in the countryside are dyed with beautifully colored leaves. It’s a season where you can witness some of the unbelievable sights across the country. So go, if you haven’t! If you are planning to, read this guide before you go.

1. Weather

South Korea’s autumn season usually lasts from September until November. The sky is clear and the weather is cool. It’s still a bit hot during the daytime in September, but it’s cool in the morning and evening.

Refer to this year’s weather forecast for Seoul in September:9월9월 2In October, it’s less humid than in September and the weather is cool. For this reason, many go out for outdoor activities and plenty of festivals take place during this month.2016 10월2016 10월 2Around the late Oct and early Nov, the temperature drops below 15 degrees Celcius and autumn gradually turns into an early winter season. 2016 11월11월 2Since the weather and temperature change every year, we advise you to check the weather forecast regularly for the updates.

2. What to Pack & Wear

girls-1107329_1920It’s easy to catch a cold easily during the change of seasons, especially in autumn, because the temperature difference between the daytime and morning and evening is quite big.

We advise you to bring thin and light outerwear such as a cardigan, a jacket, and thin coat. Bringing a scarf or wearing a thick knitwear are strongly recommended as well.

3. What to Do & Where to Go

autumn travel (1)During the 3-month period, travelers will be able to enjoy the rich colors of scarlet, crimson red and yellow leaves and nature.

For this reason, you should go hiking in the mountains and catch autumn leaves at some of the best fall foliage paths in the country.

If you’re figuring out when to catch peak foliage, here’s the autumn foliage forecast from last year. This will help you plan your autumn travel itinerary.2030817_1_1.gifautumn travel (6)In the autumn season, beautiful yellow gingko trees and vast fields of cosmos, sunflowers, Eulalia and reeds are some of the things that South Korea has to offer.

You should try hiking at the country’s best hiking destinations such as Mt.Bukhansan and Seoraksan National Park, or just enjoy taking a walk at parks like Namsan Park.

Since the weather’s pleasant, experiencing a temple stay in Korea can be a great activity to add your itinerary.

Read our previous blog post on Top 3 Fall Foliage Trails in Korea or see Best Autumn/Fall Foliage Paths in Seoul.

miscanthus-grass-1518417_1920You can enjoy Eulalia and reeds within the city at the annual Eulalia Festival, which is one of the most popular autumn festivals in South Korea. It takes place at the World Cup Park Stadium in Seoul every October. For directions, click here.allowto_landscape_662.jpgSuncheonman Bay, located in Jeolla Province, the southern part of Korea, is also a famous travel destination where you can enjoy a scenic panorama of wetlands covered by reeds. For details and directions, click here.autumn travel (9)Jeju Island is also another must-visit travel destination that you shouldn’t miss in autumn. In autumn, many people go for the famous Olle trail, which are the most scenic routes of Jeju Island. If you want to experience the Jeju Olle trails, there’s a guided tour. For more info, click here.

For more places to enjoy the beauty of autumn in Jeju Island, check out our travel guide to how to Enjoy Korea’s real autumn in Jeju Island.allowto_freedownload_snap_1323Here are other recommended activities you can try with Trazy for your 2016 Autumn in South Korea:

Find this blog helpful? Follow our blog and stay tuned for more updates on autumn travel in South Korea!

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4 Things All K-Poppers Must Experience in South Korea

Are you a big fan of K-Pop and want to make some special memories in Korea? If you are from outside of Korea, there aren’t many chances to meet K-pop stars although you are a really big K-pop fan. But if you’re in Korea, the hometown of K-pop, there are more chances to dive into the real K-pop world.

Here’s our ultimate guide to how you can experience the genuine K-pop music in different ways. Make unforgettable K-pop memories during your stay in Korea!

1. Hologram Concert

[K-live] GD Awake_02.jpgEveryone wants to meet their K-pop stars face to face by going to their concert or fan meetings but it is difficult to meet them as a short term traveler. There isn’t enough time to follow them all the time and there are also so many other things to do and many places to go. For travelers who don’t have much time to spend to catch up on the idols’ schedules, a hologram concert is a great option.

A. K-Live K-Pop Hologram Concert

[K-live]JYP NATION OPENING POSTER (1)K-Live is the world’s first dedicated K-pop hologram performance featuring hot K-pop idols and stars like Psy and Big Bang. JYP Nation, which includes Wonder Girls, 2PM and GOT7, has joined the line-up recently, so check it out! For more information, click  here.

 B. SM Town Hologram Concert & Musical

P1300934Never been to any concert of EXO, Super Junior and f(x) before? Head over to SM Town Theater at SM Town Coex Artium! Here you can enjoy concerts and musicals by the stars under SM Entertainment label in holograms like School OZ and Girl Story.

If you’ve missed your favorite SM K-pop stars’ concerts or want to feel the vibes from their concerts again, watch them at Surround Viewing! For details, click here. Along with the theater on the fifth floor, you can also shop at the merchandise shop and take a rest at the cafe on the rest of the floors.

2. Free Korean Music Show

뮤뱅음중인가M Countdown

There are 4 major music shows: SBS Inkigayo, MBC Show! Music Core, KBS Music Bank and M net M Countdown. You can watch these popular music shows at the broadcasting centers. You don’t know how to get a free admission to these music shows? It’s a bit complicated but we will let you know how to book it. Give it a shot!

For more details on directions and tips, click here.

3. Idol Family-Owned Restaurants & Cafes 

exoIt’s almost a trend now among the Korean celebrities, especially the K-pop idols and their families, to run a restaurant or a cafe. If you’re very very lucky, you might be able to meet your favorite idol.

Here is the list of the cafes and restaurants that are run by Korean celebrities or idol’s family. See more Top Korean Celebrity-Owned Restaurants & Cafes.

4. Get Up Close to K-Celebs Wax Figures at Grevin Wax Museum

grevin-museum-seoul3Looking for an opportunity to see your favorite stars in the flesh ? Well, we’ve got the next best thing which is the Grevin Wax Museum, where you’ll get to “meet” and take photos with  life sized wax figures of various celebrities.

Not only that, there’s also a selection of mini games and activities such as playing casino roulette with Brad Pitt or George Clooney or making a wax creation of your face. Check out this link for a great deal on tickets you don’t want to miss out on!

Want to enjoy both the K-Live Hologram Concert and Grevin Wax Museum at a discounted price? We’ve got the perfect deal for you here!

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A Fusion of K-Pop and Food Brings The Best Collaboration Ever

K-Pop fans, prepare to be strapped for cash as you blow all your money on these goodies from this awesome collaboration. SM Entertainment already has multiple stores open to the public selling exclusive goods and merchandise as seen here as well as a surround viewing concerthologram concert, and hologram musical.

This time E-Mart, the biggest discount mall in Korea has teamed up with SM Entertainment to stock the shelves with an array of food and drink items featuring your favorite stars such as Super Junior, TVXQ, EXO and Girl’s Generation. For those of you looking to take home something featuring your favorite K-pop star while also satisfying your taste buds, read on!

1. SHINee

Featuring aqua blue packaging that’s as refreshing and fresh-faced as SHINee themselves, this collection features sautéed red pepper paste in seafood, nut, and beef flavors, sweet and salt flavored popcorn, lemon flavored sparkling water and finally cheese and snack sausages.

The red pepper pastes are not only perfect for mixing with rice and sesame oil to produce a simple meal but also feature the member’s beautiful faces. Now that’s killing two birds with one stone.

2. Super Junior

One of SM’s earliest formed and still active groups, Super Junior is endorsing ddeokbokki (spicy rice cake) sauce, sea salt and pepper corn flavored potato chips, sweet and peanut flavored popcorn, sea salt flavored popcorn, Habanero ramyeon and jjamppong (spicy Korean-Chinese noodle).

The jjamppong is very popular, with the flakes you sprinkle over the chewy noodles packed with squid, onions, red peppers, beef and even shrimp. The sea salt flavored popcorn is another favorite. You definitely won’t be”sorry sorry” for purchasing them.

3. EXO

Need we really say more? Packaged in sleek black and white with their futuristic cubic logo as a finishing touch, this range features sparkling water and the already famous jjajangmyeon (black bean sauce noodles) and jjamppong which have been blowing up on social media with fans purchasing boxes of them in bulk to take home.


Much like their masculine and sexy image, the TVXQ range features spicy and barbecue flavored popcorn, almond and caramel flavored popcorn, truffle chocolates, and lobster flavored chips. There’s even health food, such as 6-year-old red ginseng extract available in stick, capsule and tablet form for your convenience. The striking black and gold packaging is sure to catch your eye in stores.

5. Girl’s Generation

With their exemplary ruling status among female K-Pop groups, this collection has gorgeous and girly packaging featuring Thai sweet chili flavored chips, cheese caramel mix popcorn, and powdered vitamins.The packaging on the vitamins is so pretty that it almost looks like an album!

6. Red Velvet

Just like how their group name combines the strong and fierce image of red with the soft and feminine image of velvet, this sparkling water is a delicious blend of fizzling soda and smooth grapefruit.

7. F(x)

Red light? Nope, you’ll definitely be hitting the green light as you race to sweep up these purchases with F(x). Enjoy cheddar cheese and onion flavored chips, butter and coconut flavored popcorn and rainbow gum. There’s even an anti-drowsiness gum with caffeine in it, perfect for preventing your eyelids from drooping as you drive late at night, cram for finals or work overtime

If you want to purchase K-Pop goods aside from these, check out our post on where to buy K-Pop goods in Seoul here. For more awesome finds like this one and the latest, trendiest and newest things to do in South Korea, visit Korea’s #1 Travel Shop, Trazy.com!button_main 2


3 Things You Need to Know About Gwangbokjeol (Aug 15) in Korea, the Korean Independence Day

광복절August 15 is one of the most meaningful days to Koreans. It is a national holiday in Korea and the National Liberation Day of Korea, Gwangbokjeol. It is celebrated every year on 15th of August, and it will be marking 71st year of Independence in 2016.

On this day, you will get to see many buildings and streets with Korean national flags called “Taegeukgi”.

1. Why is Gwangbokjeol so special?

광복절5August 15 is the day when Korea was liberated from the Japanese colony in 1945 and also when Korean government was established in 1948 after overcoming the fuss generated from the liberation.

It is the day when Japan declared unconditional surrender and the World War 2 was over, which made Korea restore its own power. ‘Gwangbok‘ means to regain the light, which perfectly describes the restoration of national independence that was lost for 36 years under the Japanese invasion.

2. People who sacrificed their lives for greater purposes.

Ryu Gwansun, one of the most famous independence fighters.

Many people were suffered and killed during the colonial period. Some voluntarily gave up their lives in exchange of the liberation of Korea.

Ryu Gwansun (1902~1920) is the most famous figure who became the symbol of the March 1 Movement (1919) that took a big role in taking back Korea’s independence.

She was only a 16-year-old student when she organized the March 1 movement at her home town. In the demonstration on March 1st, her family members were brutally killed by the Japanese soldiers and she was imprisoned.

Even though she was locked up in the prison, she continued to declare the liberation of Korea. However, due to the harsh torture that 16-year-old body could not stand, she passed away in the prison.

Ahn Jung Geun, the nationalist who killed Ito Hirobumi.

Ahn Jung Geun (1876~1910) was a Korean independence activist and nationalist who is known for his assassination of Ito Hirobumi, the prime minister of Japan and former Resident-General of Korea back when Korea was about to be colonized by the Japan.

He shot Ito Hirobumi and yelled for Korean Independence in Russian, waving the Korean flag. He was later sentenced to death by the Japanese government but his perspectives of Pan-Asia, which is similar to the concept of European Union but among Korea, China and Japan, were highly praised even by the Japanese.

You can visit Ahn Jung Geun’s memorial hall located in Seoul.

Kim Gu, Korean nationalist politician

Kim Gu (1876~1949) is another historic figure who cannot be excluded when talking about the liberation. During the Japanese colonial period, he moved to China to establish the provisional government of Korea that worked as the main quarter for the liberation movements. As he was always threatened to be killed by Japan, he had to move to one place to another frequently, but never gave up working for the liberation.

Finally after the liberation, Kim Gu came back to Korea, but Korea was divided into South and North. He insisted on building one single country, instead of two. However, in 1949, one year later after the establishment of South Korean government, he was assassinated by a Korean soldier. There are many political rumors behind his death, but nothing has been proved yet.

3. The place of despair and will, Seodaemun Prison

광복절4When people in Seoul were captured for the action that led to the liberation of Korea, they were sent to Seodaemun prison located in Seoul. People who were captured went to court run by Japanese and were tortured brutally in the prison.

After the liberation, the prison changed into an educational place to remember how the prisoners under the Japanese colonial were treated inhumanely. If you are interested in learning about Korean history, try a visit to this prison. For directions, click here.

You can also learn more about the historical backgrounds of the anti-Japanese struggle and the historical figures during the colonial rule by visiting the Independence Hall of Korea located in Cheonan.independence hallThere will be a variety of events taking place across the country to celebrate this meaningful day for the peoeple of Korea.

In Seoul, there will be a walking contest, performances, a photo exhibition and many more programs around Cheonggye Stream from 10am until 4pm. In Busan, you will be able to enjoy face painting, Taegukgi fashion contest and plenty more at Yongdusan Park from 11am until 1pm.

If you want to learn more about Gwangbokjeol, take a look at this great video.😉

Stay tuned for more travel updates on our blog, or simply visit our website, Trazy.com, for all the latest things to do in South Korea!😉button_main 2


What’s Happening Now? Jeonju’s New Night Walk Tour ‘Cheonnyoen Butdam’ & Best Things To Do

Night Walk in Jeonju (Aug 12~13 & Sept 30~Oct. 1)

background_4Known as the home of South Korean culture and history, hundreds of traditional Korean houses called ‘hanok’, and the birthplace of bibimbap, the city of Jeonju in the southwestern part of Korea, in Jeolla Province, will offer nighttime programs called “Walk in Jeonju (Heritage Night and Heritage Story)” to the public for the first time.

It will be a golden opportunity for visitors and travelers to take a look around the cultural properties of this historic city at night, most of which were open to the public only before sunset. So go ahead and mark these dates on your calendar, Aug 12~13 and Sept 30 and Oct 1.

There will be free outdoor performances such as Korean traditional dancing, light shows, Korean traditional opera about the history of Jeonju and film screenings at the rooftop of the National Intangible Heritage Center.2.jpgAnd of course, the most expected highlight of Jeonju’s special night tour programs is the modern art installation at the Pungnammun Gate, the only remaining gate of the Jeonju Fortress! You definitely have to see them with your own eyes!

Why Every Traveler Must Visit Jeonju in South Korea

13680050_970659599709438_680967293837947213_oJeonju ranked in 3rd place on Lonely Planet’s ‘Top Asia Spots for 2016” list. CNN refers the city as “The Best Taste City in Korea” and that it “features a historical setting, an artistic vibe and a culinary reputation“, which are some of the reasons why travelers must visit Jeonju.

Though it’s not widely known as the capital city, Seoul, or the second biggest city, Busan, because of plenty of attractions that Jeonju has to offer, this lesser-known city  of South Korea attracts more than 10 million visitors every year.전주 (2)In Jeonju, some of the popular attractions are the Hanok Village and the Jeondong Catholic Church, one of the famous catholic churches in Korea.793-1733781844793-6818623612Here’s a tip. There’s a pavilion called Omokdae on top of a hill, which is a great place for a walk and to take in the entire view of the Hanok Village. For details and directions, click here.160619And aforementioned, the city is well known for an authentic variety of street food-style bites, so you may want to take a look at our list of Top 7 Street Foods in Jeonju Hanok Village You Will Die For and try them during your trip.

How to get to Jeonju

There are several ways to travel from Seoul to Jeonju – by train, express bus, or via shuttle bus tour or a private van tour. Just choose the transportation according to your travel expenses and needs.

If you are planning to visit only Jeonju, buying your ticket for a round-trip is fine, but if you want to take a look around other cities and regions nearby, we recommend you to get KR Pass, which offers foreign travlers an unlimited access to standard class seats of trains in Korea.

To find more info about train travel in Korea, take a look at A Beginner’s Guide to Train Travel in South Korea.main_traffic_view_en

For independent travelers, here’s a map of Jeonju City for you:main_map_view_en.jpgAnd here are some of the Instagram pics that give you a glimpse into this wonderful city, Jeonju, in South Korea.

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If you’ve never been to the Jeonju before, try to squeeze this fascinating city into your travel itinerary and join in these nighttime tour programs to make the most of your trip!

Still figuring out where to go and how to get there? If you are an individual traveler, just book our Jeonju Hanok Village Travel Lazy Package or 1 Day Group Tour (Tues/Fri) that will make your trip hassle-free.😉

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