Are you planning a vacation to Chiang Mai? From the one-of-a-kind Chiang Mai Lantern Festival to relaxing activities such as elephant sanctuary visits, there is so much to do in Chiang Mai, Thailand! To make your vacation planning easier and faster, we will recommend the 10 activities you must do before leaving.

2019 Chiang Mai CAD Khom Loi Lantern Festival

Chiang Mai Lantern (Yi Peng) Festival is an annual festival celebrated on the full moon of the twelfth lunar month, usually mid-November. It is best known for its ritual of releasing fire lanterns (khom lois) into the sky for good fortune.

The rare and mesmerizing scenery created by thousands of lit fire lanterns in the sky has drawn many tourists to Chiang Mai during the festival season over the years. To attend this year’s Yi Peng Festival, which will happen on Nov.11 and 12, it is time for you to start planning for an unforgettable trip to Chiang Mai. Participate in this extraordinary tradition and stand in awe as thousands of lanterns illuminate the night sky!

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1. Chiang Mai Elephant Sanctuary Visit

To the Thai people, their national animal, the elephant, represents strength, durability, and longevity. If you share the love for these majestic creatures and would like to see them in their natural habitat, we recommend you to visit the Elephant Jungle Sanctuary!

The Elephant Jungle Sanctuary is an Eco-tourism site that was established to provide a home for rescued elephants. While the sanctuary prohibits elephant rides or trick performances, visitors can still interact with the elephants through ethical means, such as feeding, bathing, and playing. The money the sanctuary raises from visits also goes towards elephants, so join in on this remarkable chance to have fun while making a change!

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2. Flying Squirrels Zipline Experience

The tropical, evergreen forest in a mountain village near Chiang Mai invites you on an exhilarating zip line adventure! At Flying Squirrels, you can explore the forest like Tarzan as you zip down from tree to tree! Conquer the jungle forest by completing the various courses, ranging from 16 different zip lines to a treetop canopy bicycle ride! Flying Squirrels is a remarkable way of discovering the Northern Thai forest while getting a major adrenaline rush!

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3. Art in Paradise Chiang Mai

For those fascinated by optical tricks and illusions, Art in Paradise Chiang Mai is the place for you!Β  As the first illusion art museum in Chiang Mai, Art in Paradise presents paintings that were painted on a flat surface with special techniques to provide a 3D effect. Unlike other museums, Art in Paradise invites visitors to touch, step, or lie on the paintings to become an integral part of the painting. This activity calls for major photo opportunities, so don’t forget to hold your poses as you take part in various interactive paintings.

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4. Chiang Mai Night Safari

In Chiang Mai, you have the extraordinary chance to see safari animals during day and night! Chiang Mai Night Safari offers both daytime and evening tram tours of its safari where a thousand animals of over 150 species reside. After exploring the Savanna Safari Zone, a zone dedicated to the animals of the African savanna, and the Predator Prowl Zone, where you’ll meet the fearless carnivores, you can go on the Jaguar Trail Zone, a long walking trail around the Swan Lake where you can relax, enjoy, and educate yourself!

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5. Authentic Thai Cooking Class

When travelling to Thailand, trying traditional Thai cuisine is a must. But why not go the extra mile and learn how to cook some authentic Thai dishes? This Authentic Thai Cooking Class experience will teach you how to make dishes loved by both locals and tourists using high-quality ingredients and healthy recipes. When you return home, don’t forget to recreate the dish for your loved ones as you reminisce about your unforgettable trip to Thailand!

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6. Hot Air Balloon Adventure (Sunrise)

Starting off the day with a view of the glowing sunrise can be both calming and energizing. The Hot Air Balloon Adventure in Chiang Mai allows you to experience this blend of serenity and energy in the sky as you watch the sunrise in a floating hot air balloon. As the hot air balloon takes off, you will also be presented with a spectacular panoramic view of Chiang Mai, so make sure to come along on this breathtaking journey!

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7. Mae Ping River Day/Dinner Cruise (Trazy Exclusive)

Embrace the river breeze while absorbing the scenic views of Chiang Mai by getting on the Mae Ping River Cruise. On the day cruise, you will be able to explore the riverside village and visit the Thai Farmhouse to get a glimpse into the lives of the Thai locals. On the dinner cruise, you can satisfy both your eyes and taste buds by gliding on the serene river as you enjoy a delicious Thai meal. The Mae Ping River Cruise is a great way to unwind yourself as you unravel the city of Chiang Mai!

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8. Miracle Cabaret Show (Trazy Exclusive)

Make your evening in Chiang Mai unforgettable with the extravagant Miracle Cabaret Show! The Miracle Cabaret Show, the biggest cabaret show in Chiang Mai, features phenomenal ladyboys who will grab your full attention with their lavish costumes and exceptional performance. This 75-minute show is also famous for having advanced light and sound systems that will amplify your sense of astonishment. So grab a seat and get ready for a night you will never forget!

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9. Thapae Boxing Stadium

As the birthplace of Muay Thai, Thailand is the ultimate destination to watch a match of Muay Thai. At the Thapae Boxing Stadium, you will have the opportunity to get a taste of this sport that has captivated fans from all around the world. Often referred to as the β€œArt of Eight Limbs”, Muay Thai is distinct from other martial arts as it utilizes the 8-point striking system, which allows athletes to use punches, kicks, knees, and elbows in the fight against their opponent. This electrifying game of Muay Thai will surely have your adrenaline pumping, so make sure to visit the Thapae Boxing Stadium!

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10. Tube Trek Water Park

A perfect way to fight the Thai heat is to spend some time in the water. At Tube Trek Water Park in Chiang Mai, you can cool down in the water while enjoying the thrill of aquatic rides. Slip down the gigantic water slide and embrace the speed! Descend down the whirlpool slide to experience crazy spirals! As a perfect destination to enjoy with friends and families, Tube Trek Water Park is without a doubt the ultimate way to beat the heat in Chiang Mai!

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All of these remarkable attractions make Chiang Mai an incredible vacation destination. From extravaganza to tranquility, there is something for everyone! If you plan on visiting Chiang Mai, remember to refer to this post as you plan for an extraordinary trip.

Moreover, don’t forget to visit to book tickets for these activities as well as for many more attractions!


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