Because of the recent fast spread of Coronavirus in Seoul, the South Korean government has decided to begin Level 2.5 social distancing measures for the capital region. They were supposed to be practiced from August 30th to September 6th, however, they are now extended until September 13th. Here is the list of the changes under the Level 2.5 plan!

  1. Restaurants and bakeries are allowed to operate until 9PM, and only takeaway and delivery are permitted from 9PM to 5AM.
  2. For franchise coffee shops, such as Starbucks and Coffee Bean, only takeaway or delivery are allowed throughout their opening hours. All the customers have to wear masks and write down entry logs when visiting the coffee shops.
  3. All the indoor sports facilities, including fitness centers, billiard halls, pilates centers, golf clubs, are banned to operate during this period.
  4. Learning Institutes, study rooms, study cafes with more than 10 people aren’t allowed to open and only online classes are permitted. This rule is applied from August 31st.
  5. Public facilities, such as wedding halls, water parks, concert halls, movie theaters, saunas, are required to follow quarantine rules and limit the number of people.
  6. Only non-face-to-face worship or mass is allowed for religious facilities.
  7. Visiting isn’t allowed for convalescence hospitals or facilities.
  8. Facilities with a high risk of the spread of Covid-19, such as clubs, pubs, buffet restaurants, PC rooms, karaoke, aren’t allowed to operate, except distribution and logistics centers.

Many of you might be worried about how to stay home during Level 2.5 social distancing measures. You don’t have to worry about it if you are using Trazy’s delivery services for self-quarantine! Check out what kind of services Trazy offers to you for social distancing.

1. Food Delivery Service

Since only takeaway and delivery are allowed for restaurants after 9PM, using a delivery service is a must. If you are struggling with using food delivery service apps in Korea, don’t worry about it! Trazy offers a wide range of options from Korean Chinese food, Kyochon chicken, BBQ chicken, Pizza Hut, McDonald’s, to Burger King! This service is available only in Seoul, Incheon, and Busan.

2. Breakfast Grocery Delivery Service

If you need grocery shopping or ingredients to cook your healthy meal, simply use the breakfast grocery delivery service on Trazy. Trazy Crew will use the award-winning Market Kurly platform to order quality guaranteed fresh goods for you. You will get your daily grocery needs at your doorstep by the next day 7AM without having to face the delivery person! If you can’t find the good you want to order, you can request a custom order. This service is available only in Seoul, Incheon, and Gyeonggi Province.

3. Easy-to-Cook Food & Instant Meal Packages

Having a stock of ready-made food and instant meals is always a big relief during self-quarantine. If you want to stay home as much as you can for social distancing, simply order easy-to-cook retorts, such as Korean instant noodles or high-quality pre-packed meal packages via Trazy! You just have to receive them at your doorstep and cook them in the microwave or boiling water for a few minutes.

4. Order Essential Household Supplies

For those who need to shop basic household supplies, such as soaps, detergents, tissues, tubes of toothpaste, sanitary pads, but reluctant to go to crowded shopping malls, this service is what you need! Order any essential household items that you need and have them delivered to your home. You can get quality assured household products at reasonable prices.

5. Order Items from Korean Online Stores

If you want to use Korean online stores at home, but have difficulty with understanding Korean languages or using the complex Korean payment system, use Trazy proxy shopping within Korea. Let Trazy know what you would like to order and Trazy Crew will handle the rest! You just have to wait for your items to arrive after completing the payment on Trazy.

6. SIM Card Postal Parcel Service

A smartphone is one of the most essential items these days and it’s important to stay connected especially during the quarantine. If you need a SIM card but unable to go outside to get a new one, you can just receive it by postal parcel on Trazy! There are a variety of options from 3 days to 90 days.

Besides essential items, if you need something to entertain yourself during Level 2.5 social distancing measures, check out the services below!

Bonus 1: Fun Crafts & DIY Kits for Adults

If you are looking for something fun at home, why don’t you spend your time with DIY craft kits at home? Order fun crafts and DIY kits for adults so that you can spend your time at home without being too bored. You can choose among an acrylic calligraphy ambient lamp DIY kit, miniature house DIY kit, and DIY paint by numbers.

Bonus 2: Self Gel Nail Kit

Gelato Factory is Korea’s #1 nail brand that provides half cured gel nail strips which are easy to apply and remove. They are completely attached to your fingernails and deliver vivid colors and gloss like real gel nail polish. Get your nails done at home without visiting a nail shop!

Bonus 3: Korean Convenience Store Snacks & Instant Coffee

You can’t always eat healthy especially when you are only at home. If you want some sweet snacks or instant coffee, simply ask Trazy to get them delivered to you. When it comes to sweets, never say never!

Hope this blog helped you to understand Level 2.5 social distancing measures in Korea. Let’s follow the government measures and overcome COVID-19 together! For more information about quarantine care packages, check out, Korea’s #1 Travel Shop!

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