[K-TRAVEL/TRAZY] Where did the Running Man team run in Jeju Island?



South Korean variety show ‘Running Man‘ has filmed several times in Jeju Island, Korea’s largest island, where the spot is dubbed as one of the most popular vacation destinations in Korea. From crystal clear blue sea, white sand, unique theme parks to preserved natural wonders, Jeju Island offers many reasons to visit and if you’re a big fan of Running Man, try following the spots where the cast members went to – We’re sure that it will be even more fun!

Eco land1

1) Eco Land (에코랜드)
Featured in Running Man Episode 57: Starring guests Cha Tae-hyun and Shin Se-kyung

Eco Land is a beautiful natural theme park where you can explore around taking Eco Land’s train that looks like the 1800s’ steam powered train. If you’ve watched Episode 57, this was where the members completed their mission of walking barefoot and collecting dirt with their feet.


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