Travel Review & Tips: Gangchon Rail Bike, Nami Island, The Garden of Morning Calm

Hello, everyone! Greetings from a member of Trazy crew! Surprise~!

Personally, I’ve always wondered how it actually feels like to be on a tour from our own tour packages, so I’ve decided to experience it as a customer (and I’ll be 100% honest haha). 😉nami-gangchon-gardenThis is my very first travel review on a tour package from, and it is “Winter Special: Nami Island+Gangchon Rail Bike+Garden of the Morning Calm One day Tour“.

The itinerary of the tour package includes 3 most popular destinations in the outskirts of Seoul- Gangchon Rail Park, Nami Island, and the Garden of the Morning Calm- and I’ve always wanted to visit these places!!

1. Gangchon Rail Park

Okay, now let’s move onto the real trip, starting from Gangchon Rail Park! After an hour and a half ride from Seoul, I’ve arrived at the rail park, and this place is quite beautifully decorated.nami-island_gangchon-rail_garden-of-morning-calm-12And I must say the weather was REALLY COLD. When riding the bike, it was even colder (my fingers and toes froze, I’m serious)! So, I strongly recommend you to wear gloves and a thick outer, and to buy heat packs! nami-island_gangchon-rail_garden-of-morning-calm-9See the walls? They look like books, how creative!  nami-island_gangchon-rail_garden-of-morning-calm-15This is what the ticket looks like. 🙂 nami-island_gangchon-rail_garden-of-morning-calm-11The ride runs every hour daily- 10:00 am, 11:00 am, 12:00 pm, and so on.nami-island_gangchon-rail_garden-of-morning-calm-13The red bikes are for 4 persons and blue bikes are for 2 persons. So, I guess this activity is enjoyable for families, friends, and couples. And actually, it was really fun and exciting!nami-island_gangchon-rail_garden-of-morning-calm-16The staff announced that it’ll be about a 3 km ride by bike and then we’re going to take a short ride on a train to the final destination of the course.

Personally, I really enjoyed the ride! Especially the moments when I rode through the dark tunnels and amazing landscapes laid out in front my eyes. The glittering Milky Way tunnel, by the way, was totally thumbs up!nami-island_gangchon-rail_garden-of-morning-calm-17Though my face was frozen, it was worth riding the bike (I’ll never forget it) 🙂 And the short ride on a mini train was also great, which gave me enough time to take in the beautiful natural scenery of Gangchon area! 😀

2. Nami Island

Here’s my next travel destination and yes, it’s the Nami Island! Well known for its amazing scenery in every season, and as a backdrop for films and dramas, including “Winter Sonata”, it’s a very popular place for both Koreans and foreign visitors.nami-island_gangchon-rail_garden-of-morning-calm-20First, I was quite surprised that an entry visa is needed to enter the island. In the pic are the tickets!  The visa fee costs 8,000 KRW, FYI. 😉
nami-island_gangchon-rail_garden-of-morning-calm-21After passing through the immigration gate (present the ticket to the staff when entering), I got on this boat in the pic below and the ride only took me about 5 or 10 minutes to get to the island! nami-island_gangchon-rail_garden-of-morning-calm-22Now, enjoy my photos of this beautiful Nami Island.nami-island_gangchon-rail_garden-of-morning-calm-24nami-island_gangchon-rail_garden-of-morning-calm-25nami-island_gangchon-rail_garden-of-morning-calm-26nami-island_gangchon-rail_garden-of-morning-calm-27nami-island_gangchon-rail_garden-of-morning-calm-29The leaves were gone, but it was still nice to take a walk along this beautiful tree-lined path in Nami Island.nami-island_gangchon-rail_garden-of-morning-calm-28Don’t forget to try this roasted corn (nom, nom, nom), too!

 3. The Garden of Morning Calm

nami-island_gangchon-rail_garden-of-morning-calm-34Finally, the last destination of the itinerary, which was the Garden of Morning Calm, and this place was absolutely amazing. Look at all these dazzles and sparkles everywhere! And if you think this is a little charming garden, you’re wrong. It’s actually humongous.nami-island_gangchon-rail_garden-of-morning-calm-32nami-island_gangchon-rail_garden-of-morning-calm-30nami-island_gangchon-rail_garden-of-morning-calm-31A vast field shining in blue lights and the colorful display of bushes and trees…I could only say WOW while I was walking around. You should definitely added to your must-visit destination list if you visit Korea!

I give 4.5 out of 5 (0.5 off because of the crowd, but it’s still worth visiting) for the Garden of Morning Calm!

Overall Evaluation of the Tour

What I really liked about this tour package was that all of the 3 travel destinations on the itinerary were always on my travel bucket list (if they’re not on yours yet, you better add them) and that I could travel all in one day (you can save time and travel more)!

The only downside I would say is the snow. 😦 I know that many people anticipate seeing the snow, but as you know, the weather worldwide has been strange this particular winter.

Plus, another great thing was that I didn’t have to drive or worry about the transportation because a round-trip shuttle bus was provided, as well as all of the entrance tickets (making my travel way easier). Plus, the staff was friendly (and the staff can speak English).

So, do sign up for this tour package and visit all of these fascinating places during your stay in Seoul. Booking is available here.

For the first-time users of our website,, here’s a brief explanation on how you can book this tour package.

Click on the option and select the meet location (Hongik University Station, Myeongdong Station or Dongdaemun History & Culture Park Station) and then select the desired tour date (keep in mind that the tour runs on Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays). And make sure you book 3 days in advance to save your seat.

The tour package includes the following:

  • Round-trip shuttle bus
  • Rail Bike Ticket
  • Nami Island admission & ferry ride ticket
  • The Garden of Morning Calm entrance ticket

Just arrive 10~15 minutes before the departing time. On any tour packages you have booked, always be at the meet location at least 10 minutes in advance.

The bus is very punctual (almost) at all times (unless there’s a disaster, disastrous weather, or disastrous traffic jam)! So, try to be patient even if you are 10 minutes earlier than the actual departing time and wait at the spot. Once again, it is very, very important to BE ON TIME! The bus does not wait for those who are late!button3


  1. Hello! How do you know that the bus is what trazy provides? Does it look any different from other buses? And do you just have to show your mobile ticket to the bus driver? Thanks in advance

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