5 Things You Will Regret Not Doing When You Are In Jeju Island

Referred to as the ‘Hawaii of South Korea’, Jeju Island is truly one of the over-the-top destinations every traveler must visit at least once when traveling to South Korea.

With so many unique attractions and outdoor activities that you can enjoy in nature, it is an ideal destination for long-term stays as well as weekend breakaways.

For those of you who are searching for fun things to do in Jeju Island, here are the 5 activities you will not regret doing when you are in Jeju Island!

 1. Sea walking experience

Imagine walking under the crystal clear sea and feeding the fish underwater! Your imagination will come to life at Jeju Ocean Park. For details and directions, click here.

Here at Jeju Ocean Park, travelers and tourists can enjoy various leisure activities and nautical sports. A Sea Walking is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for everyone. You can enjoy this awesome activity at 20% discounted price! Booking is available here.

2. Horse riding along the natural wonders

Well known for a spectacular scenery, this horse riding park offers the best opportunity to appreciate Jeju Island’s natural wonders while horseback riding.

This park is also where Kang So Ra rode a horse from the Korean drama, “Mendorong Ttottot.” For directions, click here.

Follow the stone trails and ride along the fascinating beach of Jeju Island. And don’t forget to take great photos along with the horses and Seongsan Ilchulbong (Sunrise Peak) as the background!

3. Off-road drive

Looking for an adrenaline pumping adventure? Then you should try this off-road driving experience in Jeju Island. It is an absolute blast!

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Offering a scenic 12km course that takes you through Jeju’s Oreums (hills), Yongcheon pond and the rest of natural wonders, you will experience surprisingly exciting challenges and adventures during the ride! For details and directions, click here.

4. Kayaking in Yongyeon Pond

Another way to explore Jeju Island’s natural wonders is by kayaking through Yongyeon pond! Renowned for the beautiful nature scenery with emerald colored pond surrounded by full green cliffs, Yongyeon pond is absolutely fabulous!

Once you experience kayaking at this pond, you can proudly say that you have traveled Jeju Island just like a local. 😉

After the sunset, streetlamps along the street, colorful lights on Yongyeon Bridge, a graceful gazebo and a steep cliff offer a fantastic view you will never forget in your lifetime. If any of you want to try this amazing kayaking experience, click here.

5. Underwater world exploration inside the Seogwipo Submarine

There are many beautiful sightseeing and attractions in Jeju Island, but some people claim that better sights await under the ocean waters. This is true when you’re onboard Seogwipo Submarine. Offering an endless view of the underwater scenery, it is one of the best underwater experiences in Jeju Island!

This submarine takes you through Munseom, an island with lush seaweed, fantastic schools of fish and splendid coral reefs and it is guaranteed that everyone onboard will be fascinated! For more details about the course, click here.

사랑이 샘솟는즁👫❤️ #럽스타그램#여행#제주도여행#커플#커플여행

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Now that you know what to do in Jeju Island, start planning a trip! Check out Jeju Island 1 Day Small Group Van Tour or Jeju Island Smart Travel Package (Flight+Car+Hotel).

Discover the beauty of Jeju Island without a hassle via Trazy.com, Korea’s #1 Travel Shop, which will help you make your travel to Jeju Island the best! 😉
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