The Most Thorough Guide to Watersports & Activities in Jeju Island

jeju-island-338343_1920.jpgKnown for vivid emerald waters and white sandy beaches, your stay in Jeju Island wouldn’t be complete without exciting water sports and activities.

Here, we’ve rounded up a big fat list of water sports and activities that Jeju Island has to offer to make sure you get the most of this destination. Those who want get out of your comfort zones and round off a near-perfect summer holiday, then you’ll definitely want to be on the lookout for some of these experiences in Jeju Island. 😉

1. Scuba Diving

Try joining in one of the scuba diving programs that will take you to the best diving spots with a spectacular underwater seascape and experience the best scuba diving in Jeju Island. The east and south coast of Jeju Island, particularly, are well known as incredible diving sites that offer the best scuba diving opportunities.Scuba Diving Jeju.jpgSigning up a diving program guided by experienced staff is the best option for the first-timers. There is a great diving program that is offered in English for foreigners that will take you around two scenic islands in the southern part of Jeju Island. Certification is unnecessary for this program. For more information, click here.Scuba Diving Southern (2)Divers with plenty of experience and with a certification or a license should consider joining in ‘Fun Diving in Jeju Island‘ program. It offers 3 different courses that you can choose from depending on your level of experience and license. For details, click here.Aquarium Scuba Diving

Don’t let weather get you down and have fun scuba diving all year-round!

There is absolutely nothing to worry about the bad weather if you sign up ‘Aquarium Scuba Diving‘ program, which offers participants a unique chance to dive into the huge tank filled with various species of fish at Aqua Planet Jeju. Sign up for this special diving program here.

2. Underwater Sea Walkb4d352c713e3ae209bde04325b0bc2a6bd41051a_slice_0

Imagine walking through the ocean ground and feeding the fish underwater. For this awesome sea walk experience, there’s nothing more complex than walking around the seabed in a bathing suit with a cute helmet on! Enjoy this unique sea walking experience in the underwater world of Jeju Island by getting 20% discount here.

Here’s a 100% real travel review by a real traveler, Breathe in the water: Sea Walking Experience in Jeju Island. Read this before you put your oxygen helmets on and start exploring the underwater marine life of Jeju Island!

3. Snorkeling

SnorkelingWith crystal-clear, warm water in summer, Jeju Ocean Park is a popular destination for swimming and snorkeling in the island. Don’t worry if you can’t swim, you will be educated with the safety precautions and professional safety guards will be present at all times. The snorkeling program runs everyday from 9:00 am until 18:00 pm KST. For more information, click here.

4. Paddleboarding

1966950_729720143717947_1019019397236002239_n.jpgStand up and paddle into sunset while enjoying the beautiful view of Udo Island and Seongsan Ilchungbong Peak on a paddleboard!IMG_6858Paddleboarding is one of the coolest water activities in Jeju Island that is extremely popular among young people these days. If you’re interested, booking is available here.

5. Kiteboarding (Kitesurfing)

1234435_611764212180208_1076983799_nGo up higher with kiteboarding, or kitesurfing, in Jeju Island! This thrilling water-surface sport is absolutely a blast! Lessons are available here.

6. Water Bike Ride

제주오션파크_SAM_0097Take your time to look at the beautiful natural scenery of Jeju Island on a 2-seater water bike. It’s a perfect activity for friends and couples (but don’t let your other half pedal all the time). Book your water bike ride in advance here. 😉

7. Kayaking

S__6037507.jpgkayak_fishing2Some of the best spots to go kayaking in Jeju Island are Yongyeon Pond and Hado Beach.
At Hado Beach, not only you can cruise the open ocean in your own kayak, but also you can also catch fish! Find out more on kayak fishing in Jeju Island here.

8. Sailing on a Glass Yacht

Chagwido Glass YachtHere’s how to enjoy Jeju Island like a rich-kid, but in an affordable way. Up to 40% off, you can enjoy a luxurious ride with Chagwido Glass Yacht, which will take you on a tour around Chagwido, a cluster of small islands on the west coast of Jeju Island.

Sit in stylish comfort while watching sunset or enjoy various activities such as swimming, fishing and snorkeling on the modern and classy glass yacht during the tour! Tour is available here.

Check out our 5 Awesome Things You Should Do in Jeju Island That You Won’t Regret as well.button_main 2

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