Top 3 Mega-Fun Water Slides You Must Try At Caribbean Bay Water Park

mega_bgSummer is just around the corner, which means it’s time to hit the water with your friends and family! If you’re searching for the best water park in South Korea, look no further! Without any hesitation, you must head over to Caribbean Bay Water Park, the largest water park in the world that offers nonstop excitement and thrills.

To help you save time and energy, here we’ve handpicked the top 3 water slides with outrageous speeds and thrills that you must try at this water park!

1. Mega Storm

캐리비안_베이_메가스톰_(1)From 36m above the ground, your adventure begins on Mega Storm in a 6-person tube. With 3 times of steep drops and surges, all in just 1 minute, you can experience a zero gravity!

Last but not least, the highlight of Mega Storm is a funnel-shaped large Tornado which offers an ultimate thrill as if you’re swirling in a real tornado! There are no words to describe, so just watch this video below. 😉

2. Tower Boomerang Go


Another water slide you must try at Caribbean Bay is Tower Boomerang Go. A fast-paced ride that fall from a Pirate Watchtower and then rises up toward a 19 meter hill at a 90 degree angle, it sure will offer you the utmost adrenaline rush!

3. Tower Raft

Imagine yourself falling from the height of a 5-story building. Yes, the Tower Raft will make your imagination true. Enjoy the rapid curves throughout this fun ride! 😉

IMG_7496Besides these ultra-fun water slides, you can enjoy a variety of attractions like wave pool and indoor pools as well.
캐리비안_베이_메가스톰_(2)Now, are you ready to challenge the utmost thrill at Caribbean Bay Water Park? Enjoy it at a discounted price here.


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