7 Things You Absolutely Must Do Now Along the Han River

If you are looking for hip things to do to amp up your summer spirits during your holiday in Seoul, better check this out.

Here are fun, new-age activities and top notch water sports you can experience along the Han River and around the Han River Parks.

Take a look at what’s hot and trending among young people in Korea nowadays.

1. Electric Scooter (I-Bot)

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Around Yeouido Hangang Park,  you can spot many people riding on one of these electric transport called “I-Bot”. You can rent it at a rental shop located nearby Yeouinaru subway station (Line 5). For more info, click here.

2. Waterskiing

Watch this rider showing off some impressive waterskiing skills on her Instagram account! If you want to try it on the Han River, click here.

3. Wakeboarding

Wakeboarding along the Han River is truly an amazing experience, especially when the scenic ride quickly turns into a thrilling adventure.

4. Hoverboarding

Surf the sky on the hoverboard. If you want to try this newest kind of water sports Han River has to offer, click here for details.

5. Flyboarding

Want to fly like “Iron Man”? Flyboarding is easy to learn and enjoy. Head over to Jamwon Hangang Park this weekend and try this exhilarating experience!

6. Kickboard

Rent one of these electric kickboards when you visit Yeouido Han River Park. For details and directions, click here.

7. Tubester

If you want pure relaxation without any thrills and action, Tubester can be a great option. Since it’s really popular, making an advance reservation is strongly advised. Booking online is available here.

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