What’s Happening in Seoul? 38 Days of 2016 Hangang Summer Festival!

If you are visiting Seoul any date between July 15 and Aug 21, try to squeeze in the Han River parks in your itinerary because this year, the city’s got a whole lot of summer fun for both locals and foreign visitors.At 11 Han River parks around Seoul2016hangang_rolling_02The 11 Han River parks around Seoul, 2016 Hangang Summer Festival, or “Hangang Mongddang” will be held in  under the theme of “Hangang, filled with excitement and art”.

During this 38-days event, there will be 80 different programs for you and your friends and your family to enjoy, which include camping, water leisure sports, water gun fight, cycling, concerts, fire dancing festival, a runway, paper boat racing, night market, street music and many more. For the details of the programs, click hereibotIf you are planning a visit to Han River parks, take a look at our travel guide, 7 Things You Absolutely Must Do Now Along the Han River, before you go.

Looking for more summer fun? Check out Korea’s 2016 Summer “Splash & Swaaag” where you can find exciting summertime festivals and top-notch water sports and activities in South Korea.
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