Nami Island Guide & Tips for First-Time Visitors

About Nami Island

When it comes to Korea’s top travel destinations, Nami Island, or Namiseom, is always on top of the list for good reason: breathtaking natural scenery with picture-postcard tree lanes, awe-inspiring woodlands, scenic riverside walks, laid-back atmosphere and many more.

Within 2 hours by car from Seoul, you can reach this beautiful, small half-moon shaped island in Chuncheon, in Gangwondo Province, .

Given its relatively close proximity to the capital city of Seoul, Nami Island can be the perfect travel destination for day-trippers and urbanites craving for nature.

So while you’re in Seoul, be sure to visit Nami Island. It’s absolutely worth a visit at least once in your lifetime.

How to go to Nami Island from Seoul

1. By Shuttle Bus

  • Travel Time: Within 2 hours
  • Route: Insadong/Namdaemun ↔ Nami Island
  • Why take a shuttle bus?
    • Simple & Easy
    • Admission ticket included
  • Book Nami Island Shuttle Bus+Ticket


2. By Public Transportation

  • Travel Time: 2.5-3 hours or more
  • Route: Bus/Subway/ITX train ▶ Gapyeong Station ▶ Local Bus/Taxi ▶ Gapyeong Wharf
  • Why take public transportation? 
    • Cost less
    • Not limited to scheduled time of departure

3. By Tour

  • Travel Time: Within 2 hours
  • Route: Vary by tour
  • Why book a tour?
    • Easy & Convenient
    • Round-trip transportation, admission fees for all attractions, English speaking driver (staff) – everything’s covered!
    • Varied choice of tours: One-day / Private / Customized – choose a tour that suits your needs!
    • Visit Nami Island & other nearby destinations in one day: Petite France, Garden of Morning Calm, Seoraksan National Park, Chuncheon Mulle-gil, Strawberry Farm
  • See Trazy’s Nami Island Tours


Best time to visit Nami Islandnami-island-featured-image

Actually, there is no “best time” to visit Nami Island as it offers something special for everyone in every season.

Scroll down to check out what Nami Island has to offer each season.

1. Spring

In spring, Nami Island is filled with blooming trees and the gardens of bright-colored spring flowers, but the ultimate highlight is the cherry tree-lined path which explodes with pink and white cherry blossoms around early April. nami-island-guide-(6)★ Best spots: Cherry Tree Lane, Cornel Tree, Tulip Tree Lane
Tip: In spring, the weather is pleasant and mild, but the air can be crisp and cool. Lightweight jackets or light, layered clothing work the best.

2. Summer

While summer brings lush greenery and flora to the island, a thick stand of fragrant pine trees and a majestic metasequoia, or a redwood-lined path, are some of the best things not to be missed.nami-island-guide-(41).jpg★ Best spots: The Central Korean Pine Tree Lane, Metasequoia Lane, Bungalow Row Korean Pine Tree Lane
Tip: Summer weather is hot and humid. There may be some rainy days. Casual clothes and comfortable walking shoes are recommended. Bring an umbrella, hat, sunscreen, water bottle and a fan to cool off the heat.

3. Autumn

Adorned with red, orange and yellow leaves, the fine stretches of ginkgo trees and maple trees in Nami Island offer canopies of spectacular fall foliage.

The scenic reed beds on the riverside are another nature’s gift you will be able to enjoy in Nami Island in autumn.nami-island-guide-(28)★ Best spots: Ginko Tree Lane, The Maple Lane of True Love, Reed Woods Lane, Bungalow Row Riverside Path
Tip: From mid-September to November, the sky is clear and the weather is cool and dry. While the weather is perfect for outdoor activities, wearing a long sleeve t-shirt, long pants or a lightweight jacket is highly recommended.

4. Winter

In winter, Nami Island offers a gorgeous winter wonderland scene full of snow-covered paths and trees, especially the tall, white birch trees, will absolutely give you that magical feel. Have fun making a snow angel or a snowman!nami-island-guide-(37)

★ Best spots: White Birch Lane, White Birch Grove
Tip: December through February are considered winter months, and January is the coldest month. The weather is dry and cold, and the snowfall in Gangwondo Province usually starts in early winter. Make sure you bring a thick winter coat, thermals, sweater, thick socks, hat, gloves or mittens and a scarf.

※Check the weather forecast for indication of rain or snow before you visit.

Got any special needs?

For those with special needs, we have listed some of the important on-site facilities and amenities in Nami Island you may know before you go.nami-island-guide-table (4)

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