As South Korea’s third largest city, Daegu is a city that nests in the North Gyeongsang Province, also known for its thriving population, years of rich history, as well as gorgeous mountains and temples. Likewise, there are a lot of things to do in Daegu.

If you have never considered visiting Daegu, here are four reasons why this city belongs in your travel itinerary to South Korea!

1. Visit Daegu’s Unique Attractions

Daegu Alive Aquarium

Come to Daegu Alive Aquarium and you’ll be able to meet all of the peculiar sea creatures such as manatees, penguins, sea lions, otters, stingray and more! Highlights of this aquarium include the sea musical, magic shows, otter feeding times! but that’s not all! find out more about Daegu Alive Aquarium below!

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2. Look for the adrenaline surge in and around Daegu!

Daegu E-World

Make your way to Daegu’s best amusement park E-World! Daegu E-World is a theme park built in the southeastern part of South Korea. There are four amusement parks; Fantasy World, Magic World, Adventure World, and Dynamic World. E-World offers a variety of performances and festivals, not to mention the thrilling rides it has ready for you! So join us in this flawless tour to have all the fun you can have in a day!

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 Also, don’t miss out in visiting the 83 Tower Observatory when visiting E-World, which is an 83-floor observatory where you can look down on Daegu’s cityscape!

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Daegu Spa Valley

Looking for all sorts of water activities, from thrilling water rides to relaxing spa and souna? Daegu Spa Valley offers all of that! Whether you’re looking for a place to go on exciting rides and wave pools, or a place to wind down and rest up before your next destination, Daegu Spa Valley has it all ready for you. What’s more, is that Daegu Spa Valley is the only one of its kind in Daegu that offers 100% thermal spring water all-year-round, so head on over any time if you’re in the area!

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Eden Valley Ski Resort

How about heading to Eden Valley Ski Resort and enjoying an entire night of skiing and snowboarding? Eden Valley is the closest ski resort from Daegu, which is a plus point, as well as having 7 slopes for skiers and snowboarders. these slopes are divided into different difficulty levels: 2 Beginner level slopes, 3 Intermediate level slopes and 2 Advanced level slopes. Of course, if there are any non-skiers or snowboarders, you can always ride on a tube sled and enjoy sledding!

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3. Check out Daegu’s famous landmarks

Seomun Market

This tour is your best chance at checking out Daegu’s most famous places like Seomun market, Kimgwangseok street, Dongseongro, Donghwasa Temple, and more! continue reading to find out exactly where our toiur will take you!

When you think of shopping, usually, the bustling streets of Myeongdong or Dongdaemun come to mind. In Daegu, there is such a place, that is Seomun Market. But this place is different to places like Myeongdong and Dongdaemun, in that it retains its traditional market culture.

Boasting high-quality clothing and delicious traditional dishes, Seomun Market is the largest traditional market and is sectioned into 6 major districts that house approximately 4000 vendors. These stores basically sell everything that you could possibly need. From high-quality fabric-related items such as silk and linen to traditional Hanbok as well as men and women’s clothing.

Not only that, what’s a market without delicacies? Of course, Seomun Market is packed with numerous stalls selling steaming hot snacks and local dishes such as the famous Seomun fish cake, Bibimbap (Korean mixed rice with meat and vegetables) and Sujebi (soup with buckwheat dough flakes), and many more you can look forward to a satisfying feast! 

Kim Gwang Seok Gil Street

In Daegu, there is a mural street called Kim Gwang Seok Gil Street, dedicated to the late Korean folk rock singer, Kim Gwangseok. His songs were very sentimental and portrayed sorrow and frustration of the people when Korea was first starting to become a democratic country. Unfortunately, Kim died in 1996 of suicide.

Situated near Bangcheon Market where he used to live, this 350m long mural street has statues and murals depicting the life of Kim. The street is filled with cute coffee shops and restaurants. Every autumn, the Bangcheon Market and Dongseongro area hosts a ‘Kim Gwang Seok’s Singing Contest’, which attracts millions of visitors. If you’re visiting Daegu during that period, this is something you don’t want to miss! This is a great place to go if you are looking for things to do in Daegu at night.

Daegu Yangnyeongsi Museum of Oriental Medicine

Daegu is one of the few cities still offering an oriental medicine trade. In fact, it’s home to one of Korea’s largest and oldest oriental medicine markets. Simply walk through the market and interact with some friendly shop-owners to gain a better insight into oriental medicine. We guarantee that you’ll soon find yourself fascinated by the various types of medicinal products and forms of treatment, which differ greatly from that of Western medicine. Check out Daegu Yangnyeongsi Museum of Oriental Medicine whilst you’re here.

Part history museum, part experience center, the venue gives visitors a unique look into the origins, concepts, and culture of traditional Korean medicine. In addition to the indoor experiences and exhibitions, there’s plenty to do in the outdoor plaza, have a go at anything and everything related to oriental medicine and remedies, such as getting acupuncture treatment which promises to relieve stress through the pressure points in the feet, as well as the footbath pool, a foot soak enhanced with medicinal herbs.


Dongseongro Street gets its name from the path that once traced Daegu’s eastern fortress wall (Dong=East, Seong=Fort). As the road was constructed, many shops began popping up along the road. Today, the area still illustrates the clear transformation of Daegu. Often compared to Myeongdong in Seoul, Dongseongno Street is the most popular shopping district in downtown Daegu, offering everything from luxury items, to fast fashion to Korean beauty products.

Donghwasa Temple

Located in the south side of Palgongsan Mountain, Donghwasa Temple was built during the Silla Dynasty boasting a stunning history of over 1500 years. Besides being a place to find your inner peace, many visitors awe at the temple’s intricate architecture. It’s segmented into three different sections, and you will find various halls and temple buildings, all intricately decorated with marble stones as well as dragon or phoenix carvings. In the temple, there are multiple statues of Buddha, but the most noticeable one is a 33m tall Buddha statue, also intricately carved out of stone.

But it’s not just the temple people awe at. The view of Palgongsan itself from Donghwasa Temple amazes all the visitors that hike up to the temple, expecting to only look at the temple and Buddha statues.

Palgongsan Mountain Cable Car

Take the Palgongsan Mountain Cable car up to Palgongsan Mountain peak, approximately 820 meters (2690 ft) above sea level, and enjoy the spectacular mountain view along the way. It’s a perfect chance for you to snap beautiful shots of Palgonsan’s landscape. Upon arriving at the peak, gaze out at the city of Daegu sprawled out below you.

Guam Farm Stay

Get away from stressful city life for once at Guam Farm Stay Village which is located near the city, you can get a taste of traditional farming that is hard to find elsewhere!

Visitors can take part in activities such as planting various vegetable seeds, thinning out apple trees, rice reaping or plucking of beans whilst admiring the gorgeous cherry blossoms which line the roads.  Amongst the various programs, apple and chestnut picking tend to be popular and, to facilitate the farm stay program. Besides these activities, do try the fresh and juicy fruits planted in the village, which are bound to quench your thirst!

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4. Relax in Daegu

Wind down with a foot bath and make your very own soap and shampoo!

Daegu Skylake is a famous cosmetic brand known for natural oriental products. One of its healing lounges is located in Dongseongro, Daegu, and it offers a unique experience of making your very own soap, facial masks and shampoo. Also in this experience, you have the choice to try a foot bath fully relieve a whole day’s worth of fatigue.

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Moreover, Daegu City Tour Bus is highly recommended to get around Daegu without hassle.

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How did you like our list of things to do in Daegu? We guarantee these activities are some of the best things you can do when you visit Daegu! But if you’d like to find other places to go and things to do, look for them right here on!

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