4 Things All K-Poppers Must Experience in South Korea

Are you a big fan of K-pop and looking to make some special memories in Korea? If you are from outside of Korea, there aren’t many chances to meet K-pop stars even if you are a really big K-pop fan. But if you’re in Korea, the hometown of K-pop, there are more chances to dive into the real world of it.

Here’s our ultimate guide to how you can experience the genuine K-pop music in different ways. Make unforgettable memories during your stay in Korea!

1. Hologram Concert

[K-live] GD Awake_02.jpgEveryone wants to meet their favorite idol stars face to face by going to their concert or fan meetings but it is difficult to meet them as a short term traveler. It’s tiring and time-consuming to follow them around all the time, that is if you even get lucky enough to spot them after hours of waiting around.

For travelers who don’t have much time to spend to catch up on the idols’ schedules, a hologram concert is a great option.

A. K-Live K-Pop Hologram Concert

[K-live]JYP NATION OPENING POSTER (1)K-Live is the world’s first dedicated K-pop hologram performance hall with concerts featuring the hottest idols and stars like Psy and Big Bang. JYP Nation, which includes Wonder Girls, 2PM and GOT7, has joined the line-up recently, so check it out! For more information, click  here.klive-kpop-hologram-concert-yg-bigbang-jyp

 B. SM Town Hologram Concert & Musical

P1300934Never been to any concert of EXO, Super Junior and f(x) before? Head over to the SM Town Theater at SM Town Coex Artium! Here you can enjoy concerts and musicals by the stars under SM Entertainment label in holograms like School OZ and Girl Story.smtown-hologram-concert-muscial-school-oz-the-original

If you’ve missed your favorite SM star’s concerts or want to feel the vibes from them again, watch them at Surround Viewing! Artists include EXO, TVXQ, Girl’s Generation, SHINee, Super Junior and f(x)!smtown-surround-viewing-concert-exo-shinee-superjunior-fxAlong with the theater on the fifth floor, you can also shop at the merchandise shop and take a rest at the cafe on the rest of the floors.

2. Free Korean Music Shows

뮤뱅음중인가M Countdown

There are 4 major music shows in Korea: SBS Inkigayo, MBC Show! Music Core, KBS Music Bank and M net M Countdown. You can have free admission to view these popular music shows at the broadcasting centers.

For more details as well as directions and tips, click here.

3. Idol Family-Owned Restaurants & Cafes 

exoIt’s almost a trend now among Korean celebrities, especially the K-pop idols and their families, to run a restaurant or a cafe. If you’re very very lucky, you might even be able to run into your favorite idol.

Here is a list of the cafes and restaurants that are run by Korean celebrities or idol’s family. See more by checking out our post on Top Korean Celebrity-Owned Restaurants & Cafes.

4. Get Up Close to K-Celebs Wax Figures at Grevin Wax Museum

grevin-museum-seoul3Looking for an opportunity to see your favorite stars in the flesh ? Well, we’ve got the next best thing which is the Grevin Wax Museum, where you’ll get to “meet” and take photos with  life-sized wax figures of various celebrities.

Not only that, but there’s also a selection of mini-games and activities to enjoy such as playing casino roulette with Brad Pitt and George Clooney or making a wax creation of your face. Check out this link for a great deal on tickets you don’t want to miss out on!klive-hologram-concert-grevin-wax-combo-ticketWant to enjoy both the K-Live Hologram Concert and Grevin Wax Museum at a discounted price? We’ve got the perfect deal for you here!

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  1. Hello, I am just wondering is there translation of sorts for the School of Oz, as I wanted to bring my family to watch it, with my children being 10 and 12 years old. Thank you

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