Nami Island is one of the most popular destinations near Seoul that offers plenty of things to see and do. Here are our picks of 5 best things to do while you’re in Nami Island. Visit Nami Island in Korea, one of the best tourist destinations near Seoul!

Nami Island, located near Seoul, is one of the most popular destinations for tourists to Korea for its various natural and cultural attractions.

With so many ways to experience the magic of Nami Island, here we have come up with five experiences you absolutely must have on your trip to Nami Island.

As you read, use our map below to find the spots featured in this blog post.

1. Step into Nature

| Tree-lined paths

Among the beautiful tree-lined paths in Nami Island, below are the three most popular paths you should definitely take:

1) The Central Korean Pine Tree Lane 

2) Ginkgo Tree Lane

3) Metasequoia Lane

| Woods & Riverside Paths

Take a stroll along the scenic riverside paths in the southern part of Nami Island.

As soon as you walk out of Lovers’ Wood (refer to the map above), you can find wooden walks for strolls around the water’s edge.

2. Navigate on Fun Transport

For those who want to navigate the island easily and conveniently, there are various modes of transport available on Nami Island.

If you are not a walker, we recommend you get a bicycle or hop on an electric tour car!

3. Follow the Footsteps of Winter Sonata

While Nami Island is one of the popular shooting locations for Korean dramas and variety shows, including My Love from the Star, Secret Garden, and Running Man, it is most famous for being featured in the 2002 hit drama, Winter Sonata, starring Bae Yong-joon and Choi Ji-woo.

On the island, you can find a statue of the main characters and a special photo zone for visitors to take pictures.

There are also replicas of snowmen from the iconic kissing scene in Winter Sonata, or also known as the “Snowmen Kiss”, where the male lead character builds two snowmen, makes them kiss, and then steals a kiss from the female lead character. Try and recreate this scene with your other half while on Nami Island!

Want to Visit More K-Drama Spots?

4. Take Photos with Nami Island’s Superstar Ostrich

Don’t be surprised when you see an ostrich on the loose in Nami Island.

They are one of the animals you can find on the island and sometimes they get out of the pen and roam around. Don’t be afraid and try taking photos with them (but don’t get too close)!

You will find an ostrich pen on your left when walking along the Central Korean Pine Tree Lane.

5. Buy a Souvenir to Cherish Your Memories of Nami Island

Drop by a gift shop near the entrance or around the center of the island before you leave (refer to the map above).

  • Artshop Snowman: Near the Maple Lane of True Love
  • Artshop Imagine Nami: Near Baplex

You can find a variety of accessories including rings, bracelets, bookmarks, key chains, and many more, all of which are designed with the iconic “snowman”.


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