5 Extreme Situations Travelers May Encounter in Korea


When traveling around the world, you might have confronted numbers of people or situations that made you frown, or go ‘WHAAAT?!’ Korea is not an exception.

Here are some of the extreme situations (or people) that might surprise you if it’s your first-time travel to Korea. As mentioned, these are just extreme examples.

1. Drunks Sleeping or Passed Out at Most Unusual Places

The scene might shock you at first, but you gotta get used to it because you’re going to witness these drunk people sleeping on the streets, steps, bus stops and subway stations, A LOT.

Just try to understand the heavy drinking culture in Korea, and not to step over them. 🙂

2. The Cult Spreaders

AUM Shinrikyo cult members

If a stranger walks up to you and tries to have a conversation with you, most of the time, it’s about cult. Nobody will care and nobody will be hurt if you keep walking when approached.  Some of these groups are harmless while others are downright scary.

If they offer to meet you, respectfully decline.

3. Annoying Panhandlers

Blind people and the wheelchair bound will often make their way through the subway cars carrying a bowl and playing sad music or a harmonica. Older people will park themselves at the bottom of stairways. Many would hand around a short note explaining their situation and then collect money. Sometimes, this cause an annoyance. Our previous post ‘Trazy’s 5 Step Guide to Understanding Korean Subway Culture‘ will help you, too, if you’re visiting Korea.

Ignore them. Let them go about their business.

4. Rude or Panicked Elderly


FYI, Korea is one of most homogeneous countries in the world, and so the older generation is still not used to witnessing foreigners in public. Years ago, you might have been offended by the Korean seniors pointing fingers at you, being totally rude. But, the society is changing, as well as the people, so this may be a rare situation for the travelers these days.

5. NOISE Pollution!!


When walking down the street, you’ll be hearing music sound. Inside and outside from shops, cafes, and restaurants, almost everywhere you go.

Respectfully ask to lower the volume, but if it’s just impossible, better find another place instead.

Once again, these are some of the most extreme situations that Trazy has introduced. We hope you had fun reading it! 🙂


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