Pumpkin spice latte is the popular coffee flavor in the fall, but it’s time to try some more adventurous coffee creations.

These are some unique flavors (and sizes) currently popular in Korea that you must sample.

 1. Cotton Candy Coffee


Who doesn’t like cotton candy? Eaten alone it provides a wonderful sugar high; however set atop a coffee drink you have instant fun that can be shared with companions. Choose regular latte or look for banana, strawberry or chocolate latte’s to compliment your sweet fluff ball. If you want to try a cotton candy coffee, try a visit to Banana Tree in Seoul. For directions, click here.

 2. Orange Blanco


Not your typical pairing of coffee with a sugary syrup, but this combination adds a unique flavor that you just must try. Refreshing orange with a kick of caffeine will get your engine going in the morning or provide a needed boost after lunch. Try this orange flavor coffee, ‘Orange Bianco’ at “Super Coffee” in Seoul!

3. Power/Energy Coffee


The “misugaru (미숫가루)” latte is high in protein which boosts energy and is easy to digest. It’s a healthy drink that includes recipes like black sesame seed, black bean, black ride, brown rice, barley.

 4. Cube Latte


Many restaurants are now offering this refreshing coffee drink during the summer months. Start with frozen cubes of espresso, add milk or cream and enjoy! Also easy to make at home and a great way to impress guests.

5. Super-Size Me


There seems to be no end to the amount of coffee we drink. Many coffee joints are capitalizing on this trend by offering mega versions of their hot and cold coffee drinks. Enjoy the buzz!

6. Monkey Banana

The banana flavored coffees called ‘Monkey Banana’ from “Paik’s Coffee” are also very popular among young people in Korea these days. They have a strong sweet flavor, and the size is huge!  Best when served over ice or mixed with cream but it can be enjoyed warm, too.

Try these delicious beverages and if you find an interesting or new cafe in South Korea, share your experience on Trazy.com!button_main

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