Greetings from a member of Trazy Crew! Since it’s winter and the weather is perfect for skiing, I headed to Phoenix Park to enjoy a day of skiing with the Phoenix Park Ski Resort 1 day Ski/Snowboard/Snow Sled Tour!

As a first-time skier, I had no clue on what to prepare for my ski trip. But I had nothing to worry as this one-day tour solved everything! If you are just like me, here are 9 great reasons why you must book this tour to Phoenix Park instantly based on my (100% real) actual experience!phoenix-park-ski-resort-12For those of you who are not familiar with Phoenix Park, it is a ski resort chosen as one of the venues for the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympic Games. It has a high-quality snow and slopes for people of all different levels, so if you are searching for a great ski destination in Korea, take Phoenix Park into consideration.

1. Convenient & Comfortable Transport

If it’s your first time skiing, you may find yourself pressed for time as you try to fit skiing, eating and exploring the grounds into a short time frame before you have to head back to Seoul.

However, as this tour starts early, departing at 6:40 am from Hongik University Station and 7:10 am from Myeongdong Station, I was at the ski resort by 10 am (around a 2.5-hour journey), giving me plenty of time to enjoy skiing as well as the various other attractions without rushing.

The bus was spacious and cozy and since there weren’t many people on the bus, I could even take up two seats and pass out comfortably (the bus may be packed on weekends)! The best part is that there is no minimum number of participants required to sign up for the tour so you may sign up for it alone and meet new people while skiing!

2. Easy & Effortless Clothing & Equipment Rental

Equipment and ski attire rental were included in this tour package along with lift and gondola passes. Goggles and helmets aren’t included and must be purchased separately (5,000 KRW for goggles, 10,000 KRW for helmets) but aren’t required.Clothing.jpgI first rented and changed into clothing at a shop outside the resort. Here’s a tip. When you choose a ski jacket and pants, pick the ones with neon colors and fancy patterns, that you normally would think tacky, as they stand out in photos against the white snowy background!

Once I changed into my ski attire, I boarded the bus to the ski resort. In the bus, the staff handed out neck warmers and gloves to keep my hands and neck warm on the slopes!phoenix-park-ski-resort-7 Soon we arrived at the resort and rented ski equipment. rental-receiptI was given a receipt that I would need later to return the ski equipment. Make sure you don’t lose it!Rental.jpgOur instructor helped us with putting on our ski boots. You don’t want them to be too tight, but you do want them to be tighter than regular shoes. Finally, I put all of my belongings in a coin locker to keep them safe.

3. Convenient to Move Around the Complex

phoenix-park-ski-resort-14A huge plus of the ski resort was the fact that everything was located within close proximity. The parking lot where we got off the bus and ski house were very close to each other as well as the gondola.subsidary-facilitiesThe ski house was within a 5-minute walking distance from the Center Plaza which housed all the subsidiary facilities like the arcade, bowling alley and convenience store.

4. Friendly Staff & Energetic Instructor

The staff were also all very kind and helpful, able to speak both English and Chinese and they regularly updated us throughout about rest stops and how much longer till we reached the resort so we weren’t constantly wondering what was going on.Lesson 2.jpgOur ski instructor was also the most enthusiastic and energetic person ever. Don’t worry about communication since he speaks English! It felt like we were skiing with a close friend since he was so easy to get along with.

5. Well-organized Ski Lessons

You might think that ski lessons that are part of package tours are very briskly taught, but that was not the case at all with this tour.

Our instructor patiently led and taught us everything from warming up to how to fall safely to how to control the gears on the skis. The instructions were detailed and precise and there were plenty of demonstrations to make it easy for us to understand.

I’d highly recommend choosing the “Lesson” option in the package if you’re a complete beginner since it makes a world of a difference. I learned so much during the lesson that really helped me ski without any fear.

6. Variety of Slopes for Everyone

The itinerary gave us plenty of time to enjoy skiing as well as everything the resort had to offer. I would highly recommend taking the gondola up to the highest peak, Mont Blanc, which has an elevation of 1050 meters and offers outstanding views.mont blanc.jpgAs for slope courses, the Penguin and the Sparrow are perfect for beginners and the Hawk Course is suitable for those who have a bit more experience. If you want a challenge, take the gondola up to Mont Blanc and ski all the way down!
phoenix-park-ski-resort-4From Mont Blanc, take the beginner’s Panorama Course (though the course is labeled as being for beginners, it changes slightly to an intermediate course throughout with steep slopes so be careful). In the middle of the downhill, there is a rest area to take a break in.
phoenix-park-ski-resort-6*Make sure you distribute your time well as you should arrive at the base at around 3:45 pm, return all of your gear and equipment to the Ski House at around 4:00 pm and depart on the bus to Seoul at 4:30 pm!

7. Lift Pass & Gondola Tickets for Scenic Rides

Another great thing I liked about this tour package is that it also included both lift and gondola passes. With a lift ticket (in the photo below), you get access to both the lift and gondola. So for those of you who don’t want to ski, use this lift ticket and enjoy the gondola ride!Lift and Gondola Pass.jpgThe gondola ride to Mont Blanc takes around 10 minutes and can carry up to 4 people at a time in one car, offering stunning snowy views that look like something out of a photograph. You can ride it freely anytime from 10:30 am to 4:30 pm. phoenix-park-ski-resort-18phoenix-park-ski-resort-23Since it was a weekday, the waiting time for the lift and gondola was only around 5 to 10 minutes. I would imagine it to be a lot longer on weekends, so keep that in mind and manage your time wisely.

8. More Than Just Skiing

At Mont Blanc Peak, there a rest area with a coffee shop which is a perfect spot to enjoy a cup of hot coffee or hot chocolate while admiring the view of the entire ski resort. There is also an area where there is a bridge over a pond and fountain (they are not under operation during winter). Instead of water, there were piles of snow on this particular day so we had lots of fun making snow angels and mini snowmen!phoenix-park-ski-resort-26If you want to try something else than skiing, snowboarding for instance, Phoenix Park also caters towards snowboarders, featuring a snow park called Extreme Park that’s specially designed for snowboarders with a half pipe, table top and round quarter. If you want to experience snowboarding, just select our Snowboard option!

And if you don’t want to ski or snowboard, the tour package also has Snow Sled option, which is recommended for family-unit skiers with children.

9. Great Eateries

There is a multitude of eating and drinking venues to fuel yourself with energy after being out on the slopes! Lunch is provided in the Ski Lesson option so we ate a delicious and hearty meal at an upscale Korean restaurant. Vegetarian options are also available for Muslim tourists. foodIf you choose an option that does not include lunch meal, don’t worry as there is a food court, convenience store and fast food options in the Ski House (I highly recommend you try the waffles in the convenience store)! Restaurant.jpg*Note that Wi-Fi is very limited in the ski resort (but then again, it’s not like you’re going to be on your phone while skiing!)phoenix-park-ski-resort-2Overall, I had an amazing time at the resort and think I’ve developed a new hobby now! The Ski Lesson option was perfect as I didn’t need to worry about distributing my time evenly and got personalized care and guidance.

The instructor also made it possible for me to master the basics of skiing with just one lesson. I also liked how since it was a weekday, there were hardly any queues which certainly helped save a lot of waiting time.

Now that you know the reasons to book the tour package, it’s time to enjoy our video of our crazy fun day at Phoenix Park!

Book a 1 Day Ski/Snowboard/Snow Sledding Trip to Phoenix Park here if you want to have snow much fun like I did! And don’t forget to check out, Korea’s #1 Travel Shop, for more fun and informative posts about South Korea like this one!


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