A Guide for Your Perfect Summer Holiday in South Korea

This summer, put your phone away for a few days. Make some memories.”

Summer’s finally back. If you want to make the most of your summer in Korea, consider this your guide!

1. Where to Go

A. Boryeong

Every summer, thousands of locals and tourists flock to the Daecheon Beach in the city of Boryeong where the popular mud festival takes place.

From mud slides, mud pits, a mud prison, giant mud bath, a mud swimming pool, there are plenty of mud-based activities visitors can enjoy at the festival.boryeong-mud-2| TIP: Festival-goers should book their tickets and shuttle bus ride early. Here’s a shuttle bus+ticket package for Boryeong Mud Festival (departing from Seoul). A shuttle bus service from Busan is available.

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B. Busan

Yes, we can never miss out the southern coastal city of Busan when it comes to summer destinations in Korea.

The city is famous for beautiful beaches such as Haeundae Beach and Gwangalli Beach where you can bask in the sun, sail on a yacht or a cruise, and enjoy paddle boarding. This fabulous city also offers some of the best night clubs for you to drink and dance all night long.sea-331809_1920| TIP: A day trip won’t be enough to cover it all, so spare at least two days or more. Check out Busan 2D1N Tour Package if you want to spend more than one day in Busan.

C. Jeju Island

From emerald beachesHalla Mountain to oreums (volcanic cones), Korea’s southernmost island, Jeju Island, offers plenty of natural wonders that will leave you in awe.jeju-island-1364031_1920 (1).jpgHorseback riding, off-road drive, Olle trekking and a variety of water sports and activities are some of the best things you should experience in Jeju Island!

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D. Gangwondo Province

Gangwondo Province, the northeastern part of Korea, has many nature-friendly cities like PyeongchangHongcheon, and SokchoSeoraksan National Park and Naksansa Temple are the two most visited getaways in this province.6735733279_7b22357ec0_b.jpg| TIP: If you want to avoid packed beaches in summer, head over to the valleys in Gangwondo Province, which are less crowded. There are spots for camping or small resorts near the valleys for the convenience of visitors.

E. Yangpyeong County

If you want to do something more exciting and thrilling rather than walking around the city, challenge yourself with the thrill of paragliding over Yangpyeong.
allowto_snap_1157Just an hour away from Seoul by subway, Yangpyeong County is one of the most famous paragliding sites in Korea with its fascinating bird’s eye views over where the North and South Han rivers meet.

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2. What To Eat

A. Samgyetang

chicken-soup-1346310_1920.jpg‘Samgyetang’, a chicken soup with ginseng and other nutritional ingredients, is one of the popular Korean specialties during summer.

Here’s a fun fact. For Koreans, eating hot foods during the summer is their way to beat the summer heat!

That’s why Koreans eat highly nutritional Samgyetang, which helps people get back their strength and stamina. And the dish is particularly popular in ‘Sambok’, the three hottest days of the year (usually mid-July).

If you want to try Samgyetang this summer, you may want to visit Tosokchon, one of the oldest and most famous Samgyetang restaurants in Seoul. The price usually ranges from 10,000 won to 30,000 won.

B. Naengmyeon

water-noodle-597366_1920.jpg‘Naengmyeon’ is a Korean cold noodle in a beef or pork based broth.

‘Mul-naengmyeon’ is the Naengmyeon with icy cold broth while ‘Bibim-naengmyeon’ is the one with less broth but with more seasoned red-pepper sauce.

The price of the dish varies from one restaurant to another, but it usually ranges between 5,000 won and 8,000 won.

C. Kongguksu

993626688_50dbf01751_o‘Kongguksu’ is similar to Naengmyeon, but with broth made of soybeans.

Kongguksu has a deep rich flavor of soybeans and is considered a healthy food as soybeans are known to have high protein content. The price of the dish usually ranges from 5,000 won to 10,000 won.

3. What to Do

A. Try water sports on the Han River

allowto_portrait_141.jpgInstead of spending your valuable time driving on a highway during vacation, you can escape from summer heat in Seoul by experiencing a variety of water sports on the Han River.

B. Enjoy thrilling rides at the best water parks

6.jpgIn Korea, there are many outdoor and indoor water parks all the year round. During the summer, those water parks are the hangout places of hipsters.

The most famous one is Caribbean Bay adjacent to Everland theme park. Located in Yongin City, the water park can be reached roughly in 2 hours from Seoul.


Another popular water park in Korea is Ocean World, which is located in Hongcheon in Gangwondo Province. Pre-book Ocean World’s ticket+shuttle package here.

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