If you’re a YG stan (Hello fellow Bigbang, 2NE1, and Winner fans!), there’s one thing you must add to your list of things to do when visiting Seoul – watching a hologram concert at K-live!

A hologram concert is a virtual concert where life-like versions of the artists appear in front of you in the form of high-quality three-dimensional. You may be skeptical, thinking the images will be grainy and bad quality , making everything seem very fake.klive-hologram-concert-1Well, think again. Complete with lasers, fog, brilliant lighting, and thumping music, you really will feel like you’re at a K-Pop concert.

It’s also far more accessible than a live concert and cheaper. There are even live dancers who will appear at various times throughout the performance.klive-hologram-concert-4Just look at Psy singing his song that went viral, Gangnam Style! Bring back 2013!

The concerts for YG fans are the YG Family Concert (featuring Psy, Big Bang and G-dragon) and the Big Bang Special Concert which includes a behind the scenes segment as well.

If you’re a JYP fan, there is also the JYP Nation Concert with performances by GOT7, Wonder Girls, and 2PM. klive-hologram-concert-2There are even moments in between songs where if you take photos right before the concert at the photo booth, they will appear on the screen as the artists ‘speak’ to you, making it seem more personalized and live.

Oh, GD could you sing a song for me as well? 🙂klive-hologram-concert-5klive-hologram-concert-3There are several other things to do and enjoy outside the theater at the K-live hall. You can see a glass mock-up of GD’s Lamborghini car and hand prints made by the artists, take snapshots in the photo booth with your favorite artists, or just sip a drink at the cozy cafe.
klive-kpop-hologram-concert-yg-bigbang-jypClick here if you want to experience a hologram concert at K-live! It’ll be the perfect opportunity to see your favorite artists perform right in front of your eyes.

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