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Book Travel Crazy Things to do in Korea!


About Trazy.com

Trazy (Travel + Crazy) is an online travel platform where you can book the latest things to do in Korea.

Trazy offers a variety of things to do including tours, activities, attractions & concert/festival tickets that you can do in the best cities and regions of Korea.

What’s in it for you when you use Trazy?

  1. You can easily discover the latest things to do throughout Korea at a discount.
  2. You can earn Trazy credits for every purchase and reviews you leave so that you can use them anytime on Trazy.


About Trazy Blog

Trazy Blog is your ultimate travel guide on the insider’s tips and information.

Visit Trazy & start exploring now!

6 thoughts on “About Trazy.com

  1. I booked an trip with Trazy for my Korea trip in 2016 and it was awesome! I would like to book through Trazy for my upcoming Korea December 2018 winter ski resort package. But all the packages seems fully booked. I would like to check are there any more such packages for Dec 2018? And when is the earliest date I can book?

    1. Hello Desmond,
      We are glad to hear that you enjoyed the tours booked via Trazy! The booking page for winter specials is expected to reopen in this coming September so please stay tuned 😀

  2. Hi,
    i am planning to visit Jeju Island in August and would like to rent a car during the period i am there.
    However, i don’t seem to be able to book a car rental in August.
    Can i ask if there is a reason why i am not able to make a car rental and how i will be able to rent a car for my holiday in August?


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