Spring is one of the best seasons to visit Korea as the weather is so clear and warm. What’s more, there are various spring flowers in bloom to admire and so many grand flower festivals to join. We’re going to introduce all the spring flowers in Korea to you! Ready to take a trip to Korea, and take a picture with the blue sky and flowers in full bloom?

1. Maehwa (Plum Blossom)

Blooming Season: Early March – Mid March
Color: White🌼 / Pink🌺

Maehwa, literally plum blossom in Korean, is one of the spring flowers in Korea in white color with 5 petals. Maehwa has a symbol of dignity in traditional Korean culture. Besides, it also symbolizes the beginning of spring as it blooms in early March. The biggest maehwa festival in Korea is Gwangyang Maehwa Festival, which takes place in Gwangyang City’s Seomjingang Village. Visitors can walk on the small hills that are covered with maehwa blossoms and try some local organic plum products.

  • Gwanghwa Maehwa Festival Period: Mar 10~19, 2023

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2. Sansuyu (Cornelian Cherry Dogwood)

Blooming Season: Mid March
Color: Yellow🌻

The sansuyu tree is a kind of dogwood tree, and you can see it in Western Asia, including Japan, China, and Korea. You can see its beautiful bright yellow blossoms bloom between maehwa blossom and cherry blossom seasons. The cherry-like sansuyu fruit has been used in traditional Korean medicine and food. You can admire them by joining the Gurye Sansuyu Festival which is held in Jirisan Mountain hot springs area. It offers a lot of experience events for visitors to have fun.

  • Gurye Sansuyu Festival Period: Mar 11~19, 2023

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3. Cherry Blossom

1) Standard Cherry Blossom

Blooming Season: Mid March – Mid April
Color: White🌼/ Light Pink🌸

Among all the spring flowers in Korea, the cherry blossom is the most popular one. Korea’s cherry blossoms make their first appearance on the warmest Jeju Island. The blooming season of cherry blossoms in Korea lasts from mid-March to mid-April. Korea offers all kinds of cherry blossom festivals to celebrate the spring season, What’s more, snack companies, drink companies, cafes, and cosmetics brands, all launch spring special collections to make spring evident everywhere.

  • Jinhae Cherry Blossom Festival Period: Mar 25~Apr 3, 2023

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2) King Cherry Blossom

Blooming Season: Mid April – Late April
Color: Bright Pink🌺

If you are looking for something exclusive in Korea, the king cherry blossoms will impress you! Being different from standard cherry blossoms, the king cherry blossoms, originating from Jeju Island, are in hot pink color and have larger leaf clusters. The scenery is so romantic that many Korean couples have their pre-wedding photos shot with king cherry blossoms in the background. Take a picture with these vivid blossoms and capture the best spring moments!

Let’s compare the standard cherry blossom to the king cherry blossom. Can you tell the difference now? Both of them offer breathtaking scenery when they are in bloom. Go on a cherry blossom trip in Korea by joining a hassle-free tour below!

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4. Canola Flower

Blooming Season: March – May
Color: Yellow🌻

Despite cherry blossoms, the canola flower is one of the most famous spring flowers in Korea as well. The canola flowers in full bloom create a boundless field view that makes you feel comforted. Take a stroll in this amazing bright yellow blanket made of flowers, and don’t forget to take an Instagram picture. Jeju Island is especially famous for having breathtaking yellow canola flower fields.

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5. Azalea Flower

Blomming Season: March – May
Color: Pink🌺/ Purple💜/ White🌼

If you are a flower lover, don’t miss out on the azalea festivals in Korea! You will feel its floriography and the joy of love when you see the mountainside filled with romantic azalea flowers on warm spring days. The royal azaleas, Korea’s native species, distribute in many Korean hillside forests and are commonly 1- 2m tall. If you are lucky to visit in the right season, you can admire both azalea flowers and cherry blossoms at Goryeosan Mountain!

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6. Magnolia

Blooming Season: Mid April – Late April
Color: Pink🌺

Cheollipo Arboretum, one of Asia’s top botanical institutions, hosts the best magnolia festival in Korea every spring. The Arboretum is located in Taean Coast National Marine Park and offers 14000 different plant species. You can admire over 400 species of magnolia that received international recognition in the garden. Besides, you can stroll around the nearby Mallipo beach and enjoy the bright sun shining on the glittering ocean.

7. Tulip

Blooming Season: April – May
Color: Yellow🌻/ Red🌹/ Blue💙/ Pink🌷/ Multicolor🌈/ and more

When spring arrives in Korea, tulips in all kinds of colors start to bloom. The most famous tulip festival is the Taean Tulip Festival, which is one of the top 5 tulip festivals in the world as well. Visitors can witness over 1.5 million tulips in every size and color. Also, Everland in Seoul’s vicinity hosts a tulip festival annually. after having fun at all those exciting facilities and safari parks, visitors can take their time and indulge in the tulip garden.

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