After a long, sweaty day of walking around the scorching cities of Thailand, you might wonder how you are going to continue with your trip the next day. The answer is simple – a Thai massage. It will magically rejuvenate your exhausted body and revitalize your drained soul. Learn more about the massage’s origins, properties, and benefits. In the end, we will be introducing some spas where you can get high-quality massages, so don’t miss out!

Origins of Thai Massage

The origins of Thai massage date back to over 2,500 years ago, when Shivago Komarpaj, Buddha’s physician, implemented the massage into medicinal practices. As Buddhism became prominent in Thailand, so did the massage. Many also see the massage technique as a blend of various Asian medicinal traditions as it shares common values with other Asian ways of healing. 

Techniques of Thai Massage 

Thai massage differs from other massage techniques in that it is usually done dry without any massage oils or lubricants and that the person receiving the massage is fully clothed and placed on a mattress on the ground. While many Western massage practices put emphasis on the utmost serenity, Thai massage is much more active. It is often referred to as a “lazy person’s yoga” as the massage practitioner will move your body in ways that resemble yoga-like stretches. Don’t be surprised when the practitioner starts using his or her hands, knees, legs, and feet to manipulate your body.  

The purpose of this massage technique is more than to reduce stiffness; it is to align your sen lines. According to traditional Thai medicine, a sen line is a path in the body in which your energy flows through. These sen lines are responsible for maintaining harmony within your body. If the energy is unable to flow as a result of improper alignment of the sen lines, it is believed that the body will suffer from physical disorder and pain. Therefore, the job of Thai massage practitioners is to put pressure on these sen lines to correct their position, thus alleviating any discomfort you might feel. 

Benefits of Thai Massage

While the primary benefit of a Thai massage is that it corrects your sen lines into its proper place, there are many other advantages of this massage technique that arise as a result of the aligned sen lines and the massage process itself. Some physical and psychological benefits are:

  • Relaxing of the muscle 
  • Increase in muscle flexibility
  • Improvement of joint motions 
  • Improvement of blood circulation
  • Promotion of mental relaxation 

Where to Get Thai Massage

There are plenty of great places in Thailand where you can get a Thai massage for a cheap price. However, if you are really looking to treat yourself and indulge in pure relaxation, pay a little extra for a premium massage! Here are some of our favorite lux massage spas in Thailand! 

An unwinding massage session at one of these spas will fully set you to take on your next adventures in Thailand, no matter how wild they are.

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