Autumn has come to Korea, and the season you can view the autumn foliage is just around the corner! In other words, it’s time for all over Korea to change its clothes to colorful ones. Streets and mountains in Korea will get dyed red, yellow, and crimson in autumn since the Korean Peninsula belongs to the temperate climate region.

This is the introduction of some autumn foliage day trips which you can easily depart from Seoul, to spot the best scenery. If you would like to be absorbed in the feast of beautiful autumn foliage, keep reading this post!

Major Places in the Vicinity of Seoul

1. Nami Island

Located within two hours by car from Seoul, Nami Island is a perfect destination for a one-day trip from Seoul leaving the bustle of the city behind. Because there are many things to enjoy, it is one of the most beloved places for Korean people and travelers. The tree-lined paths are popular and distinctive, which are pine tree lane, ginkgo tree lane, and Metasequoia (dawn redwood) Lane. Especially at the last two lanes, you will surely notice that autumn has already approached!

2. Petite France & Italian Village

Travelers who have come to Nami Island usually visit Petite France, too. Situated slightly south of Nami Island, it is an exotic cultural village that claims to be a French-themed place. Therefore, you’ll see French-styled houses and cute little buildings inside the village. In addition, you can view Cheongpyeong Lake, which harmonizes with reddish autumn foliage. Hence, it is no wonder that Petite France is well known for numerous photo zones!

Also, check out the Italian Village, the only theme park in Korea that has officially partnered with the Collodi Foundation. It’s a relatively new attraction in Gapyeong which is worth visiting!

3. The Garden of Morning Calm

Other than those two destinations, there is one more place! It is the Garden of Morning Calm. The name has quite an implication, right? It is a tranquil arboretum perfect for those who go for nature. You can have relaxing and peaceful moments while welcoming the autumn foliage with five senses. Appreciate various kinds of plants including the typical trees of autumn in Korea — maple trees and ginkgo trees.

4. Gangchon Rail Bike

Gangchon Rail Bike is one of the best places to enjoy the distinct four seasons in Korea. If you want to have a special experience of appreciating the autumn foliage while riding on the rail bike, do not hesitate to visit Gangchon Rail Bike. You can either buy a ticket or easily get there by joining a Nami Island special tour.

Since it is almost impossible to visit those places by public transportation in one day, using a tour is highly recommended. Take advantage of the autumn foliage day trips to get around conveniently:

5. Hwadam Botanic Garden

Hwadam Botanic Garden is an eco-friendly garden that features over 4,000 species of plants and flowers. It’s one of the most popular autumn/fall foliage spots near Seoul. Explore Hwadam Botanic Garden and Namhansanseong Fortress in a day this fall and admire the natural scenery colored in orange, red, and yellow!

6. Gamaksan Mountain

Gamaksan Mountain boasts breathtaking natural landscapes of fall foliage! This special tour takes you to beautiful fall foliage spots in and around Seoul, including Gamaksan Mountain, Eunpyeong Hanok Village, Haneul Park, and more. You’ll get to witness a charming blend of nature and tradition by visiting a mountain, park, temple, and a hanok village.

7. Alpaca World

Alpaca World is an alpaca ranch where you can see, feed, and touch alpacas and many more farm animals. Not only you can interact with cute animals but also you can enjoy the stunning autumn scenery of Korea. Moreover, you can stop by various nearby attractions, such as Nami Island, Museum SAN, Seoraksan National Park, and more!

8. Incheon Grand Park

Incheon Grand Park is a perfect place to experience the beauty of autumn, where you can easily visit the place from Seoul in a day! This easy autumn tour takes you to locations that aren’t far from Seoul, such as Seoul Forest, Haneul Park, Incheon Grand Park, and Jangsu-dong Ginkgo Tree. Embark on a picture-perfect autumn adventure in and around Seoul!

9. Gyeongju

Gyeongju, located in the far southern part of Gyeongbuk, is famous for its exquisitely preserved historical sites and vivid autumn foliage. Maximize your day with a round-trip KTX train ride from/to Seoul, allowing for more time to explore Gyeongju’s wonders! Enjoy an 8-hour private taxi tour, giving you the freedom to see the sites that interest you the most.

To top it off, plenty of places are suitable for appreciating the season and nature if you duly meet the period. With the tours below, you will arrive in two to three places chosen from Seoul, Incheon, and Gyeonggi Province. They are the typical neighboring regions of Seoul.

At Mountains

1.Seoraksan National Park

Seoraksan Mountain in Seoraksan National Park which forms the backbone of Korea’s central mountain range is the third-highest mountain in South Korea. As the National Park is full of things worth seeing, like rock cliffs, valleys, waterfalls, and even temples, it is one of the popular destinations for a day trip from Seoul.


2. Naejangsan National Park

Located in the Jeolla Province of Korea, Naejangsan National Park has gorgeous views everywhere! It has always been selected as an autumn must-visit destination. It is said to have a longer period of autumn foliage compared to other destinations. Moreover, its Korean name means endless scenic wonders!  So, why not visit there and find your number-one view of autumn foliage?

3. Odaesan National Park

Located in the Gangwon Province, Odaesan National Park is a historic site and a site of high ecological value. The archives that housed the Joseon Dynasty Annals were in Odaesan Mountain. Also, it is a dense forest with diverse plants and animals. Above all, in autumn, you will receive healing energy from the sound of stream water and brilliant autumn foliage.


4. Songnisan National Park

As the Songnisan National Park has amazing views along with numerous ridges and peaks of rocks, people called it ‘small Diamond Mountain’ after the original one in North Korea. Based on granite, sedimentary rocks are mixed all over the mountains. Come visit the vivid and craggy mountains in Korea!


5. Daedunsan Provincial Park

In the Daedunsan Provincial Park, rocks and tall trees blend together in all directions creating a grandeur. Further, cable cars and Geumgang Cloud Bridge were installed, accommodating travelers’ needs. The best merit is that it is well equipped with hiking trails that help people to climb.


6. Jangtaesan Mountain

In autumn, Jangtaesan Mountain comes alive with colorful foliage, making it perfect to enjoy scenic autumn views from the skywalk and suspension bridge. You can also stop by Jeonju Hanok Village and experience the charming traditional architecture, culture, and cuisine of Jeonju!

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