Starting on March 30th, Sunday, The Avengers: Age of Ultron team began shooting their scenes in Seoul, which reportedly will appear about 20 minutes in the movie.

There was a strict warning that any leak of the scenes will lead to a strict editing out of the scenes recorded in Korea.

Well, that being said, for those of you who are so curious about what’s going around with the Avengers, let’s just say that I’ll tell you their shooting locations, you just keep your mouth sealed and promise me not to do anything ‘inappropriate.’

Their first scenes took place on March 30th, Sunday at Sebit Doongdoong Sum, a floating island in Hangang river and Mapo Bridge. Mapo Bridge was also where Psy shot is MV Gentlemen.

mapo bridgeMapo Bridge in Psy’s Gentlemen MV (Photo in courtesy of Psy’s original MV)

The second shooting scene will take place at Digital Media City, Sangamdong, Seoul. (April 2~4th, 6am~6pm) It’s an area where Samgam World Cup Stadium and World Cup Park are located.

The third scene is scheduled on April 5th, Saturday at Cheongdam Bridge from 4:30am~5:30pm.

The fourth scene, scheduled for April 6th, Sunday will take place at Gangnam station area, from Gangnam station (Subway Line2) to Sinnonhyeon station (Subway Line 9).

Gangnam station area.

Gangnam station area, the quintessential of Gangnam, Seoul.

 Last but not least, from April 6th~9th (6:00am~6:00pm), the Avengers team will be shooting at a road nearby the Kaywon University of Art and Design, located in Uiwang, Gyeonggi province.


Okay, one more time do I need to say this that it will be inconvenient for some Seoulites, because when filming, it will be strictly prohibited to visit the locations. But, it will be exciting to see some of the Seoul scenery on a such world wide hit movie!

That’s all for today. XOXO, Trazy.


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