As Korea’s second-largest city, Busan is renowned to be tourist-friendly. often called the ‘Summer capital of South Korea’, it’s only a two hour and a half train ride from Seoul. Alive with all sorts of things to do, from city touring to all the famous landmarks in Busan to relaxing on a cruise ship, you’ll find out that Busan is full of a variety of activities, that you’ll never run out of things to do! We have put up a list of 6 awesome things to do in Busan on vacation! So continue reading to find out!

1. Enjoy Busan’s unique scenery

1) Explore the city with Busan City Tour Bus

If you are on a low budget to travel to a lot of places, then consider taking this City Tour Bus around Busan! This is an ideal way to travel around Busan since you will be able to visit all the famous places at your own pace!

Lucky for you, we offer a touring course for both during the day and night!

For the Day tour course, you have the freedom to hop on and off the tour bus at any of the designated stops from 9:30 ~ 4:30. There are four different bus routes you can use to make to most out of your tour during the day! Hop onto the bus and check out renowned spots in Busan like Dongbaekseom Islands, Haeundae Beach, and don’t forget to stop by at famous marketplaces such as Gijang Market and fill your stomach with delicious seafood and other delicacies!

Don’t worry if you don’t have time for a day tour, because the Night Tour course is as exciting as the day! Departing from Busan Station, this course will take you destinations best known for its beautiful night scenes including Gwangan Bridge, Haeundae Beach and many more!

Here’s a detailed layout of the bus route itself.

* The Night Tour is available ONCE a day and will take a total of 2 hours!

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2) Take a stroll to Oedo Island Botanical Garden

Explore and fall in love with this botanical garden decorated with a variety of flora! Oedo is not located in Busan but, in fact, a small island located in the South Sea near Geoje Island. Many people flock over to this island not just to see the fresh beautiful flowers exhibited here, but also the breathtaking view of the ocean horizon. (Several scenes from the all-time favorite K-drama Winter Sonata were filmed here.)

Before getting on a ferry to Oedo Island, you’ll make a stop at Windy Hill in Geoje Island. It’s a picturesque location with a windmill overlooking the sea on a steep cliff. Windy Hill became a popular location for featuring in Korean dramas such as Carousel (2003, MBC) and Eve’s Garden (2003, SBS). Once you reach the windmill atop of the hill, you’ll be welcomed with a refreshing sea breeze to cool you down from the mini-hike!

Take some time to take in the stunning scenery and lots of photos to capture this moment, and then head for Oed Island to capture more stunning scenery!

Book a 1 Day Tour to Oedo Island Botanical Garden

3) Get on the Busan Marine City Yacht

Ever dreamed of chillaxing on top of the deck of a luxurious yacht? Well, this is your chance to live that long-awaited dream! Join us on this yacht tour from Marine City and casually cruise by famous landmarks around Busan such as Gwangan Bridge, Dongbaekseom Island, and Haeundae!

Not only is this tour one of the coolest ways to tour around Busan’s most famous touring points, but it is also offered at an extremely affordable price! This tour also offers you three different options to choose from: the Day, Sunset, or Night Yacht Tour. Each option has its merits, so make the optimal choice depending on your circumstances!

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2. Try Adrenaline Rushing Activities

1) Go to Tongyeong in a One Day Tour from Busan as a small group

Tongyeong, a.k.a “The Naples of Korea” is a must-visit place in the southern region. So lots of people from all around Korea visit Tongyeong at least once. From Busan, it is relatively close, as it takes less than 2 hours on a car depending on traffic. IIt’s surrounded by 150 islands and provides a breathtaking view from both in the city itself and up in the mountains!

This tour is a mix of adrenaline rushing activities as well as relaxing sightseeing activities so you will have plenty of time to rest during the tour!

Included in this tour is a ride on the longest cable car ride in Korea at 1975m long, so you’ll have plenty of time to take photographs of Korea’s beautiful scenery. You also get to visit Dongpirang Village, famous for its vibrant murals, which make them favorite photo spots for any visitor!

As for the adrenaline rushing activity, we’ll take you to the very first gravity-fueled ride in Korea; The Luge! slalom down a thrill-filled 1.5km track and feel the adrenaline surge!

Book a One Day Tour to Tongyeong now!

2) Fly like a bird paragliding in Busan

Rushing through the winds over the beautiful ocean and mountains is the best way to enjoy Busan like no other! Become a bird as you paraglide over Busan and marvel and the stunning overview of Korea’s second-largest city in our Tandem Paragliding in Busan experience!

There are four different launch sites, Yeongdo, Songdo, Eonyang and Gimhae, depending on the direction of the wind that day. If you’re assigned to Yeongdo or Songdo, you’ll be gliding over the ocean, and the suburban areas if assigned to Eonyang or Gimhae. All options will surely provide you with a memorable view to remember!

* Please be advised that the weight limit is up to 110kg (242lb)

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3. Master Busan’s Hottest Spots In One Day

1) Go on a Busan City Private Van Tour

We’ve already mentioned above that Busan is filled with things to do and places to visit, but you may be a first-timer and may be unsure where to begin your journey. If that is the case, why not book a private tour with us and learn all about the major destinations we have in store for you. Wherever you decide to go, we’ll take you there. Our English speaking tour guide will take you to your hand-picked destinations and will give you a detailed explanation about the spot, and possibly some useful tips to enjoy your trip to the fullest!

The best part about this tour is that you will be picked up from wherever you are and will drop you off after the tour is over, so you don’t need to worry about getting lost in Korea’s notoriously confusing subway and transportation system!

Book a Private Van Tour and learn all about Busan’s famous tourist attractions here!

4. Spend Quality Time With Loved Ones And Family

1) Take your kids to Sea Life Busan Aquarium

Visit one of the biggest aquariums in Asia, Sea Life Busan Aquarium! boasting an impressive number of 35000 aquatic species, Sea Life Aquarium is the perfect family getaway destination in Busan! Come and uncover the underwater mysteries and learn about everything from deep-sea creatures to species you can never see in Korea like piranhas of the Amazon!

Sea Life Busan Aquarium is perfect for visiting families, as it can be an educational trip for your growing children! There is an interactive zone where you can touch several sea creatures, and all the kids love it! This will be a once in a lifetime experience.

One of the many highlights of Sea Life Busan Aquarium is the Ocean floor glass tunnel. You’ll be mesmerized by the variety of fish, shark and another marine life swim above you as you walk through the tunnel.

Also, don’t miss the Feeding Time shows of sharks, penguins, and otters, where you will be able to see a diver feeding the animals. All the shows are on at different times so make sure you check the exact starting times of each show and go there early to find the best spots to view the show! This is surely going to be one of the best memories with your family in Busan!

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2) Charter your own crewed yacht across famous spots in Busan 

Coming to Busan has already made your trip a special day, but why not make it uber-special by booking a chartered yacht tour? Whether it be a fun party on the deck with your group of friends, a romantic anniversary celebration, or a family vacation, our yacht tour will be ready to present you with the most memorable tour of your life.

Hop on board a luxurious yacht and go on a tour to some of Busan’s famous touring spots such as Haeundae, Dongbaekseom Island and more! The crew will give you a friendly welcome and provide you with the best yacht touring experience ever!

Charter your very own crewed yacht now!

3) Spend some quality time with your loved ones aboard this 2D1N Ferry Cruise

A single day isn’t enough to discover what Busan has to offer. Also, it would be such a killjoy to end a night of fun and excitement by having to head back home. So, what do you say to a 2D1N Ferry Cruise adventure with your loved ones? Take in the magnificent views of the Busan sealine as you pass some of the best seaside destinations in Busan. What’s more, an endless lineup of entertainment, from onboard performances to dazzling fireworks at night, is prepared just for you! The best part is, after a night of festivities, just head over to your room onboard the cruise to spend a cozy night out at sea.

Have a marvelous time aboard the 2D1N Ferry Cruise!

4) Have fun at the all-time beloved attraction, Trick-eye museum

Trick Eye Museum is a famous theme museum in Korea, where you become a part of the exhibition. Roaming around prepared backgrounds, you can choose what you like and mug for the camera as if you are inside the artwork!

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5) Get through challenges and mazes together at the fun theme park

Running Man Theme Park and Poopoo Land are the perfect places to unite efforts together and laugh out loud. You will get to solve interesting challenges and quests. In the end, you will get a bundle of fun and ridiculous pictures taken with your loved ones and families!

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6) Jumping and Hoping with Your Kids at VAUNCE Trampoline Park

VAUNCE Trampoline Park is definitely one of the best places to spend time with your family, especially with kids. It has all kinds of activities,  including football, climbing, trampolines and more, waiting for you to fill up your day with an energetic vibe!

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7) Train your mind and body with Korean martial art, Taekwondo

Train your mind and body by participating in a traditional Korean martial art, Taekwondo class. It would be an experience of a lifetime, as what you will learn from the masters is unique to Korea. Note that this martial art is one of the national sports and is popular especially among children and young students due to its training effects!

Book Taekwondo (Traditional Korean Martial Arts) Experience

5. Cook Delicious Korean Food

Go on an exciting market tour and learn to cook several Korean dishes!

Add a special touch to your trip to Busan with this cooking class and market tour. Take a tour into Jagalchi and Kkangtong Market, two of Busan’s most well-known markets to experience and explore the daily bustle that goes on in the markets of Busan. Pick your own fresh ingredients and take them back to a cooking studio where you will learn how to cook several different Korean dishes.

In this cooking class, you will be able to learn the process in detail since its a small scale class. Learn how to make all sorts of dishes from Samgyetang, Japchae, Beef bulgogi, Haemul pajeon and much more! the list just goes on! What you are taught to make will depend on what day you decide to go on this once in a lifetime tour. Of course, vegetarian menus are available so don’t worry about making something you can’t eat!

After this wonderful tour, you’ll be a master chef with Korean cuisine!

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6. Be Mesmerized By Busan’s Night View

1) Check out Busan at night

Did you know that the beaches in Busan aren’t the only things worth looking at? Busan is also impressive to tour at night when the sun sets and darkness settles. All sorts of lights illuminate and keep the city alive. One of the places you’ll see is Gwangan Bridge and Haeundae, listed by CNN as one of the “50 Beautiful Places To Visit In Korea”

In the Night Tour, we offer you a choice to include a yacht tour so you can admire the night scenery of some famous places in Busan.

The aim of this tour is to take you to the best spots where you can get a good view of Busan’s sparkling lights so you won’t be disappointed. You don’t want to miss this opportunity.

Book your tour to Busan at Night: Special City Tour right now!

2) Hop onboard one of a kind cruise

Busan Diamond Bay Cruise offers you one of the best cruise trips you’ll ever go on. Don’t miss out on Busan Diamond Bay’s ‘Moonlight Cruise’ option. As the name suggests, you’ll board on a yacht cruise and marvel at the scene lit under not just moonlight, but the vibrant lights Busan at night. You’ll be able to get a brilliant view of Busan’s skyscrapers of Marine City and Haeundae

This evening getaway tour is the best choice to chillax and be mesmerized at the same time! Don’t miss this chance to spend a romantic evening opportunity to fully enjoy your Busan trip!

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Of course, you can also check out for more awesome things to do in Busan!

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