You might imagine traveling in Bangkok consists of endless Tuk-Tuk and sky train rides, getting through traffic jams. That’s not always true! Although exploring Bangkok on a bike might not be the first thing that comes to your mind, it will offer a new perspective of Bangkok! On a bike, you can get to the nooks and crannies of Bangkok, getting an opportunity to experience the parts of Bangkok very few tourists have experienced before. You can either join a guided bike tour around this bustling city or create your own route based on our recommendations. If you want to learn more about traveling around Bangkok on a bike, keep on reading!

Join a Guided Bike Tour

Unsure of where to go in Bangkok on a bike? Then, simply join a guided bike tour. Especially if you are new to biking around a city, a knowledgeable guide that can ensure fun and safety might just be all that you need. Colors of Bangkok takes you on an excursion around the parts of Bangkok that you won’t be able to see on your own.

1. Hidden local communities & Slum kindergarten

First, the bike tour heads to hidden local communities in Bangkok. This area, one of the poorest slum areas in Bangkok, is occupied by friendly and welcoming residents. You will also get to visit a kindergarten in this area, sponsored by Colors of Bangkok. These visits are certainly something you cannot experience elsewhere!

2. Chao Phraya River Long-tail Boat

Then, you can bike to the Chao Phraya River. Here, you can take the signature longtail boat to cross the Chao Phraya River, for more adventures.

If you want to explore the river more after the bike tour, try the Chao Phraya River White Orchid Cruise!

3. Bang Kachao

On the other side of the river lies the green lung of Bangkok, Bang Kachao. You can bike through the narrow pathways through the green jungle, among tropical coconut and banana trees. Explore this patch of greenery in the urban center of the bustling Bangkok!

4. Local Restaurant

After all that cycling, it’s about time you fuel yourself with some delectable Thai dishes before you head to your next cycling destination. As lunchtime approaches, you will bike to a local restaurant where you will be served with some Thai fried noodles or fried rice, better known as Pad Thai or Khao Pad.

5. Buddhist Temple

If you want to engage in more cultural tours and learn about Thai history and culture, this bike tour is still a good fit for you. You will get to stop by at a very old, but tourist-free Buddhist Temple. With the guide there with you to give you a tour around, you will get to learn about the temple Thailand’s history of Buddhism.

After the tour, revisit beautiful temples of Bangkok with local guides.

6. Muay Thai School

Then, you will explore more of Thailand’s culture by biking to a Muay Thai school. Paying a visit to a Muay Thai school is probably the best way to get you to learn about this historic Thai sport and its roots in Thai history!

If this brief visit on a bike to the Muay Thai School piqued your interest, learn more about Muay Thai during your trip!

With Colors of Bangkok’s bike tour, guided by a local, you can enjoy the outdoors while exploring all the small corners in Bangkok you won’t be able to find yourself. From culture to history to nature, this tour certainly covers them all, all on a bike!

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Top Biking Spots in Bangkok

Although the safest way to explore Bangkok on a bike is with a guided tour, you can visit these locations if you’re not a fan of following a tour. Be mindful though, Bangkok is a busy city with lots of traffic, and the main roads can be clogged with large trucks and cars. If you just follow Bangkok’s main roads, you might not have the most pleasant and safe experience. So, we’ve compiled a list of safe, bike-friendly areas you can explore in Bangkok city.

1. Lumphini Park

Lumphini Park, arguably the most popular park in Bangkok, is a leisurely and peaceful park for all cyclers. It’s such a contrast to the city just outside of it, bustling with people and traffic. This park covers 500,000 square meters of green space, so you can cycle around and explore all its greenery. As the sun goes down, people also gather in to dance among funky beats, and you’re welcome to join in! You can rent a bike at the Pun Pun bike rental stall just outside the entrance of the park!

2. Benjakiti Park

Now, with the “Green Mile” between Lumphini Park and Benjaikiti Park, you can enjoyably cycle to the Benjakiti Park. It’s a go-to destination for cyclists and runners who want to spend some leisurely time on the lakeside. Although this park isn’t as big or bustling like Lumphini park, you can still cycle around its sizable lake, among colorful flowers, and see sculptures and trees donated from all over the world. If you don’t own a bike, you can rent it for around 50 baht per hour.

3. Rattanakosin island

If you want to get out of parks and explore the Bangkok city safely, a ride on the Rattanakosin island is a must. This island is a historic area bordered by the Chao Phraya River and its canals, a site of the Grand Palace and the City Pillar. There is a new cycle route built through the island from Ratchadamnoen Klang Avenue, Na Phra Lan Road to Rachini Alley. You can see all of Bangkok’s historic landmarks on your two wheels. If you want to slow things down and walk around the historic area, join a walking tour of the old Bangkok city.

4. Old Customs House & Chinatown

Old Customs House is a must-visit location where merchants used to come in to pay taxes centuries ago. Cycling around the back-streets of this busy area can be a bit of a challenge, but there aren’t as many trucks and cars racing in a traffic jam. You can follow along the Charoen Krung Road to Chinatown where you can stop by to look around the neighborhood. You might have to get off the bike and walk a little in Chinatown if it gets too crowded with people, for your safety! If you’re too worried about biking in a bustling area, join a walking tour of Chinatown instead!

5. Talat Noi

You can cycle through the backstreets of Chinatown, following the Chao Phraya River to the South. As the oldest Chinese community in Bangkok, that settled here more than 200 years ago, there are tons of places in Talat Noi you can peek at to absorb the neighborhood’s vibrant culture and traditions. This area is a dense tangle of alleyways, but there aren’t many cars, so it is relatively safe to bike around. Visit the Chow Sue Kong Chinese Shrine if you are in the area.

Bike Rental in Bangkok

1. Bangkok Smiles Bike rental 

You can use the government’s Smile Bike rental scheme to rent bikes to go around the city center. Located mostly in the historic sites of Bangkok, these bikes are free of charge, open from 10AM to 6PM on weekdays and 9AM to 8PM on weekends. Make sure to bring a copy of your passport to rent one. Beware though, these bikes are very basic. They have one gear and their seats are not very adjustable. Still, they are well maintained, so give them a shot!

2. Pun Pun Bike Rental

If you want to branch out from the historic areas of Bangkok covered by the Smiles Bike Rental scheme, then look into Pun Pun Bike Rental. You can register on their website and collect your Pun Pun card from some of the bike stations. With the card, you can go to any of the Pun Pun booths to rent a bike.

There are so many things to do in Bangkok you can’t miss. Make sure to check out these nearby attractions!

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If you want to bike around Bangkok, we hope our guide to biking in Bangkok was of help! If you want more Thailand travel ideas, visit, your #1 travel shop for Asia!

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