Feeling anonymous in a crowd, and the freedom that comes with it – is probably the best part about traveling alone. In Bangkok, the bustling capital city of Thailand, you can get all of that and much more. From walking through bustling markets to watching spectacular shows to enjoying quality time on a cruise, Bangkok offers all that solo travelers dream of. If you get butterflies in your stomach just thinking about hopping on a plane by yourself, you’re reading the right blog. Hop onto a plane headed to Bangkok if you want the perfect solo travel experience. And, since solo travels can be daunting especially if it’s your first time, we’re right here to guide you. We’ve gathered up all the attractions you should visit and experiences you should have as a solo traveler in Bangkok. We also have a few tips at the end for you to make sure you’re traveling safely, so check that out too!

Top Attractions to Visit in and around Bangkok

1. Damnoen Saduak Market

As the most popular floating market in Thailand, Damnoen Saduak Floating Market always bustles with people, visitors, and sellers alike. But don’t let that put you off: the bustling environment brings new colors to the scene you want to experience. Walking along by the waterways, exploring the market, looking for the best local food, is something a solo traveler cannot miss. Get here early in the morning to avoid Thailand’s heat, and see the market at its liveliest moment. Walk around or hop on a boat to explore the nooks and crannies of the market. Also, make sure to get a photo here to share with your loved ones back home.

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2. Maeklong Railway Market


If you’re enjoying the Thai markets, you should certainly head to the Maeklong Railway Market. You’ll get to see the most dangerous market in the world, where trains pass right next to sellers, dangerously close. You can also walk along the railroad alone to see this bustling, and frankly hectic market for yourself: sellers packing to avoid the train, the loud noise as the train passes by, and the visitors taking all of this in for themselves. It’s one of the most exciting places in Bangkok to solo travel.

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3. Ancient City

Visit one of the largest outdoor museums in the world, Ancient City. Here, you can get lost in Thailand’s wonderful history and culture as you walk through the scaled-down versions of Thailand’s top attractions and landmarks. Feel as though you are walking through an ancient city, hence the name, at this truly magnificent place. You can even enjoy a peaceful tram ride through Thailand’s monuments to save you some energy for your next destination. All things considered, Ancient City is one of the best places to take a look at if you are traveling solo in Bangkok.

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4. Sea Life Bangkok Ocean World

SEA LIFE Ocean World Bangkok

There is no better feeling than being completely surrounded by the underwater world. Even better if you’re taking all of it in by yourself. Take a visit to Bangkok’s aquatic wonderland, Sea Life Bangkok. Here, you can see 30,000 curious underwater species swimming around in a beautiful environment. What’s more, is that you can take part in intriguing activities, like walking through a sea tunnel with an oxygen helmet, or getting on a glass-bottomed boat. Take a look around and immerse yourself in the underwater world!

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5. Ayutthaya 

If you’re itching to see somewhere else, what about a quick day trip to Ayutthaya? You can visit the Bang Pa-In Palace, otherwise known as the Summer Palace, and the many temple ruins around Ayutthaya. Walking around the ruins of this beautiful city will show you what a magnificent place it was, before being destroyed. By the nightfall, you will get to see the city gleaming in golden and crimson shades. So, if you’re looking for somewhere to wander around by yourself while enjoying a stunning sunset, heat to Ayutthaya. It’s one of the best and nearest areas around Bangkok to travel solo.

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Must-Have Experiences

1. Watch fantastic shows

If you’re in Bangkok, no matter if you’re there solo or with friends, you have to watch the fantastic shows this city has to offer. For the most memorable experience, get a seat at the Siam Niramit show, a spectacular show displaying the culture and history of Thailand. There, you can be all by yourself, surrounded by dazzling costumes and exciting crowds, and watch the spectacular shows right at the center of it at the best seat!

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2. Go on a Luxury cruise

The Chao Phraya River is famed for its many cruise options. On the cruise, you can enjoy Bangkok’s stunning cityscape–the dazzling city lights, along with the marvelous historic monuments and landmarks, like the Grand Palace. So, with this picturesque view, you can enjoy some quality alone time on this tranquil river. Even better, the Chao Phraya Princess Cruise offers a buffet too, so that you can enjoy the view and the river breeze with a tasty meal. Make sure to book the ticket in advance though, since they offer a big discount.

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3. Watch exciting Muay Thai shows

As the national sport of Thailand, with three centuries worth of history, you cannot miss out on watching Muay Thai on your trip to Thailand. If you want to watch an entertaining, and thrilling Muay Thai Show, Muay Thai Live: The Legend Lives is a world-class performance you have to watch. Since traveling alone can be a little slow-paced and easy, why not get your blood pumping with this exciting show? You sure cannot watch a show this unique anywhere else in the world. Or, if you want to try out Muay Thai for yourself, you can join Master Toddy’s Muay Thai Academy. There, you can learn about the basics of Muay Thai – the 8 points of contact. Go and have fun, while strengthening your body and your mind!

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4. Explore Bangkok’s Nighttime 

Bangkok is truly a city that never sleeps, that bustles with people no matter the time of day. So, you’ve got to have a night tour around Bangkok. Its amazing markets that open at night are certainly worth a visit! Try Khao San Road, a street full of bustling night markets and street food stalls that tourists love to flock to. Or try Pak Khlong Talat Flower Market to indulge in the beautiful scents of the flowers, or Saphan Phut Night Market for funky clothes and accessories!

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5. Treat Yourself with a Hotel Buffet

Solo Travel in Bangkok, or anywhere else, should be all about celebrating. You’ve picked a place to travel to by yourself, took a plane there alone, and explored around without company. That’s certainly an achievement in itself. So, as a pat on your back, treat yourself with a nice hotel buffet, perhaps on your last night. Try the Baiyoke Sky Hotel, the tallest hotel in Thailand that is 88-stories tall. At its sky-high restaurant, you can enjoy a delicious meal and a wonderful view all at once. Perhaps this is the most perfect way to put an end to your exciting solo travel to Bangkok.

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Tips on Traveling Solo in Bangkok

1. Know your emergency contact numbers

Traveling alone can be daunting since you have to handle emergencies by yourself. To best prepare yourself for any emergency situations, have these local emergency contact numbers handy.

OrganizationContact Number
Tourist police (English service)1155
Police (General emergencies)191
Fire emergency199
National Disaster1860
General Crimes1195
Medical Emergency1669
Rescue & Ambulance1554
Bangkok tourist assistance center02-281-5051

Also make sure to keep your personal emergency numbers visible, whether that be on your phone (like Apple Health’s Medical ID), in your wallet, or your handbag. This will make sure your families are kept in the loop in case of an emergency.

Lastly, make sure to know where your nearest national embassies and consulates are located, and their contact numbers. They will be of great help in any urgent emergencies, visa issues, lost passports, and more.

2. Stay in touch with your family and friends

Nothing is more worrying to your family and friends than you taking a trip alone and going completely MIA. Give them a text or two every day to let them know you’re having a blast! If you’re not getting a SIM card, which can be a total hassle that slows down your trip, then a portable Wifi might be the best option. You should book one in advance to simply pick them up at your airport!

3. Look out for single supplement fees

Some hotel rooms, travel activities, and cruises require a pair to share the room or the activity. So, they will ask you to pay an extra supplement fee if you’re using it by yourself. Now, know that they cannot ask you to pay more on the spot if you have not been notified before. And when you book rooms and activities, make sure to read the requirements carefully before you book, and even give them a call to make sure if you’re not certain. You can use an intermediary like Trazy.com to book your travel activities, to get all the information you need, and make sure you are not unknowingly charged extra fees.

4. Find activities with multiple positive ratings

Read reviews and ratings on activities before heading over, to make sure you are in safe hands. Avoid activities that are too new, or look too sketchy, and trust your instincts here! Certainly, Googling an activity before heading over isn’t too much of a burden. Again, you can use websites like Trazy.com to view ratings and photos, and read all the reviews you want, before choosing the right activity for you that’s both fun and safe.

5. Relax and enjoy!

Bangkok is a truly wonderful city, full of awesome people to meet, beautiful places to visit, and tasty food to try out. So, don’t be all tensed up and nervous. Enjoy the trip, and relax! After all, being super nervous and on your toes will only make you stand out more–something we want to avoid when traveling alone. Have fun and enjoy the freedom you’ve got from traveling alone!

Did you enjoy our guide to solo travel in Bangkok? Are you ready to enjoy having tons of fun by yourself in these awesome places? Then, you might want to check on Trazy.com, your #1 Travel Shop for Asia. Or, check out more blog posts about Bangkok!

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