When winter comes around in Korea, the weather is so bitter and cold that it makes you want to stay indoors during your trip. But you wouldn’t want to waste your time, right? Especially, if you’re not going on a ski trip or going to any of the ice fishing festivals, the best option is to stay inside and do something fun. So, if you are not going anywhere far, here are three fun and unique indoor activities in winter that you can do within the city of Seoul!

1. Craft a Souvenir with Korean Traditional Paper, ‘Hanji’

If you are looking for a special, one-of-a-kind souvenir in South Korea, why don’t you try making it instead of buying it on the street or from a store? Hand-made goods always feel more personal. Try making Korean traditional crafts with your own hands in the very heart of Insa-dong, the traditional neighborhood in Seoul!

Hanji is an incredibly strong, fibrous paper made from the inner bark of the mulberry tree and the root of the hibiscus. You will be enamored with the true beauty of Hanji craft once you try the Hanji craft experience. With the help of the master craftswoman, you will be able to make various kinds of souvenirs such as flower lamps, jewelry boxes, and cubic lamps!

☞ For details and directions on Hanji Craft, click here ☜

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2. Make Your Own Custom Ring

Making a DIY custom ring is a popular new trend among young stylish people in Seoul. It became a smash hit after Korean celebrities, Gain and Jo Kwon, made their own matching rings on a reality TV show called “We Got Married”. You can choose the size and style of the ring, and engrave initials or words. Everything’s up to you! Spare one day with your loved ones and design your own ring!

☞ For details and directions, click here ☜

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3. Try on a Traditional Korean Costume, ‘Hanbok’

Starting out as a Hanbok Shop in 1962, ‘Goguan Studio’ has become one of the most popular places to try Korean traditional clothes, ‘Hanbok’, and experience Korean culture. The studio offers a selection of 300 different Hanboks as well as hair ornaments that you can try on! In winter, the studio is relatively less crowded than in summer. So, it’s highly recommended for you to visit this studio. Go ahead and pick your favorite Hanbok and take your best shot.

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4. Show off Your Talent for Drawing & Painting

In Seoul, a variety of drawing and painting experiences other than just ordinary drawing and painting are waiting for you! From painting lacquerware which is one of the traditional ingredients of handicrafts in Korea, to creating artwork with gold leaf(gilt). By participating in these art activities, your travel memory in Korea will last long.

5. Join a Tufting Class & Create a Special Souvenir

Learn the art of tufting and create your own unique textile masterpiece with this hands-on experience. It’s a perfect activity for those who are looking for a unique and artistic experience in Seoul. You can take home a new skill along with a handcrafted souvenir that will remind you of your travel.

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