Because of Covid-19, traveling abroad has become very difficult and many face-to-face classes had to be transformed into online classes. For those who were planning to travel to Korea and try various activities in Korea, here we have selected the best online classes and virtual tours from Korea! Check them out and find out the online experience that attracts you the most!

Online Classes & Sessions

1. Authentic Korean Dishes Group Cooking Class

If you love Korean food, this online class is highly recommended. You’ll get to learn how to make 2~4 popular Korean dishes using Kimchi, such as Kimchi pancake, Kimchi fried rice, Kimchi stew, stir-fried Kimchi served with tofu, and more. In addition, you’ll receive a recipe sheet after the lesson so that you can cook again by yourself next time. Jobin, an experience cooking teacher, will kindly teach you how to cook authentic Korean dishes and tell you the history and health benefits of eating Kimchi.

2. Korean Home Party Food Online Cooking Class

In this online experience, a Korean chef will introduce you to the world of Korean home party food. The menu changes every month, such as BTS’ favorite Korean food in July, Bulgogie Ssam (beef with vegetable wrap) in August, Tteokpokki (spicy rice cake) in September, Japchae (stirred noodle with vegetables) in October, and Dakgalbi (marinated chicken bbq) in November. Ingredients that need to be prepared will be sent to you via email after you make your booking.

3. Script Writing Class with a Korean Filmmaker

Take this one and only opportunity to learn about filmmaking and write your own story with guidance from a professional Korean filmmaker! It’s perfect for people who are interested in the short film industry and filmmaking. First, you’ll learn about the short film industry and the screening platforms in the world. Then, you’ll get to watch a short Korean film and learn about the film format. Finally, you’ll use your creativity and come up with your own short film pitch. It’s a great chance to receive practical tips on scriptwriting and film project proposals!

4. Basic Korean Language Class

If you are planning your next trip to Korea, this online class is the perfect way to make your long-awaited Korea trip even more memorable! In this 50-min online basic Korean language class, an experienced Korean instructor will teach you the basics of the Korean language as well as essential phrases and expressions, based on your interests and level. It’s suitable for beginners with little or no knowledge of Korean since it’s a private online class that is only focusing on you. Are you ready to quickly improve your Korean language skill?

5. K-beauty Make-Up Class with a Korean TV Host

Cyoung Park is a make-up artist and former TV/radio host for Arirang TV, TBS eFM, and MBC. Enjoy an online session with Cyoung Park and get to know about what K-makeup style is and learn how to apply K-beauty style make-up to your own make-up! Not only the teacher will help you find your personal style, but also give tips based on your current make-up and tools. It’s a wonderful opportunity to learn about K-beauty make-up techniques without having to visit Korea.

Korea Virtual Tours with Live Commentary

1. Jeollanam-do (Yeosu, Suncheon, Gurye) Virtual Tour

Let’s explore the 3 most renowned areas in Jeollanam-do, the southeast province in Korea, virtually! You’ll get to go on a virtual tour to Yeosu, Suncheon, and Gurye with the fun live commentary from a local tour guide. Yeosu is a beautiful port city that offers a calm ocean view and a romantic night view. Suncheon is an agricultural and industrial city highly recognized for its Suncheon Bay and national garden. Lastly, Gurye is a picturesque county known for its bright yellow Sansuyu (cornelian cherry) flowers during spring and traditional houses.

2. Busan Night & Food Virtual Tour

With this virtual tour, you’ll get to explore Busan’s most famous night & food destinations from home. The most iconic night view spots in Busan include Gwangan Bridge, the Bay 101, Busan Port Bridge, and Songdo Cable Car. Also, you’ll get to discover the Bupyeong night market and learn how to order food in Busan’s Pojangmacha, a Korean night food stall. Finally, you’ll get some tips on how to make Somaek, a mix of Soju & beer, which is a popular Korean style of drinking.

3. Korean Hanok Village Docent Virtual Tour

In this virtual tour, you’ll delve into the world of hanok villages in Korea and learn about the major Korean hanok villages with commentary from experienced guides. The 3 main hanok villages include Bukchon Hanok Village, Jeonju Hanok Village, and Andong Hahoe Folk Village. It’ll be a perfect time to explore the Korean traditional houses and find out each village’s own charm and characteristics.

4. K-pop Entertainment Company Virtual Tour

Call out to all K-pop fans around the world! Here is the ultimate virtual tour to discover K-pop’s most representative entertainment companies, SM, YG, JYP, and HYBE. The guide will usher you into the recently taken shots of each entertainment company’s headquarter and its surroundings. Highly recommend this tour to K-pop fans who are unable to visit Korea due to the pandemic.

5. Seoul Vicinity by Subway Virtual Tour

Visit the nearby travel destination from Seoul by subway, Paju, Incheon, and Chuncheon, from home! In Paju, you’ll explore Heyri Art Village, a unique village with fun and artsy atmosphere, and Paju Premium Outlet, Korea’s second luxury premium outlet. In Incheon, you’ll visit the Open Port Area, China Town, and Songwol-dong Fairy Tale Village to learn about the modern history of Incheon. Lastly in Chuncheon, you’ll enjoy the breathtaking natural landscapes while rail biking and walking along the Soyanggang Skywalk.

6. All About Korean Fried Chicken Virtual Tour

Korean fried chicken is now worldwide famous and it’s one of the must-try Korean food when you visit Korea. In this tour, you’ll indulge in the world of Korean fried chicken by exploring the famous chicken streets in Suwon, Daegu, and Busan. Not only you’ll learn about the history, types, and secrets of the chicken, but also get tips on how to fully enjoy fried chicken, such as Chimaek (chicken & beer) culture.

7. Busan Seafood Market Virtual Tour

Discover the biggest seafood market in Korea, Busan Jagalchi Market, with the CEO of Busan Cooking Class! In this tour virtual tour, you’ll roam around the market and explore Korean seafood from dried seafood to live fish. The guide will share insider tips on how to enjoy the local seafood market to the fullest. Learn how to buy fish at the market and dine at the restaurant just like a local!

8. Busan History & Gourmet Virtual Tour

Learn the exciting history and local food of Busan with an expert in Korean traditional food and cuisine. First, you’ll get to explore the provisional capital memorial hall to find out the hidden history of Busan. Then you’ll go on a gourmet virtual tour to meet Busan’s representative food that became known after the Korean war, Deoji Gukbap (pork soup with rice) and Milmyeon (cold marinated noodle).

9. Busan Traditional Market Virtual Tour

Dive into the Korean traditional market with a history of 130 years! A Korean food expert will guide you to the day & night of Busan’s Kkangtong Traditional Market and tell you the must-try foods and what was the delicious-looking food that appeared on K-dramas. You can ask any questions about the culture and food during the tour!

10. Fun & Informative Korea Virtual Tours with Live Commentary

Join this fun and informative virtual tour of the main cities in Korea, including Busan, Daegu, Gangeung, and Mokpo with live commentary from local tour guides. Busan is the second-largest city in Korea, which is also a very hot holiday destination with Haeundae Beach, Songjeong Beach, Haedongyonggungsa Temple, and Gamcheon Culture Village.

Daegu is the third-largest city in Korea with lots of interesting attractions, such as Daegu E-World & 83 Tower, Gyesan Catholic Church, and Kim Gwangseok Mural Street. It’s also widely known as the hometown of BTS SUGA and V!

Gangneung is a seaside city that is located in the far east of the peninsula. It’s famous for many beautiful beaches that have a spectacular backdrop of the East Sea. Explore Jumunjin Beach, the filming location of ‘Goblin’, Hyangho Beach, where ‘BTS Bus Stop’ is situated, and Jongdongjin Rail Bike from home.

Last but not least, Mokpo is a coastal city in Jeollanam-do province that is famous for its ocean view and authentic Korean foods. You will get to visit Gatbawi Rock, Mokpo Marine Cable Car, Mokpo Dancing Sea Fountain, and more from home.

You’ll get to find out the hidden spots, must-try foods, Korean phrases, and tips for traveling these cities. There are also Q & A sessions for you to ask any questions about the destinations. It’s highly recommended for those who are planning to visit these cities in the near future.

11. K Tour Top 10 – Virtual Tours Through the Eyes of Local Guides

Collaborated with the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism, you can enjoy Korea virtual tours with the local experts! There are 10 themed Korean live tours, including Busan & Gyeongju, Yeosu & Mungeyong, Damyang & Buyeo, Incheon & Jeonju, Gangneung & Danyang, and more. Highly recommended to those who can’t wait to travel to Korea anytime soon after the pandemic is over!

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