Festival fans and music lovers, please pay attention! Besides the Songkran Festival which is Thailand‘s most well-known festival, there are dozens of music festivals that are worth attending. If you would like to have a wonderful vacation in Thailand, joining the best music festivals is a great choice. Here is the guide for you to know about Thailand’s music festivals better to take part in and enjoy them to the fullest!

1. Music Festivals in Bangkok

1) 808 Festival

808 festival is well known as one of the coolest music festivals you can enjoy in Bangkok. Former 808 festivals hosted superb musicians and DJs including Skrillex, Vini Vici, Armin Van Buuren, and many more. This festival is ranked 23rd among the top 100 electronic festivals in Asia. Numerous festival-goers from the nearest countries— Vietnam, Cambodia, and Myanmar — to people from worldwide visit Bangkok to enjoy the 808 festival.

*Since: 2013 / in its 7th year (2019)

2) Waterzonic Festival

Imagine the moments when music meets water! Already having its 6th year, the Waterzonic Festival is a must-attend music festival if you visit Bangkok during the season. Tickets have always been sold out, which proves how hot the festival is! It blows away the heat while being held for two days. People get soaked at the festival and have fun with friends at the same time! Heighten the gaiety at this EDM & water festival.

*Since: 2014 / in its 6th year (2019)

3) Maya Music Festival

Challenging to a variety of music styles each year, Maya Music Festival basically covers EDM, electro house, trance, and progressive house music. If you love these genres, join the festival and get rid of your stress! Of course, the door is open to all the music lovers and festival fans. It is considered to improve its quality every year, and the past line-ups included the top musicians such as Zedd and Tiesto. So, keep an eye on it!

*Since: 2014 / in its 6th year (2019)

4) Maho Rasop Festival

Maho Rasop‘ means ‘festive celebration’ in a traditional Thai word, which depicts the ambiance of the festival. Although it is relatively new compared to other best music festivals, at the center of the city, it will surely raise the atmosphere of Bangkok full of glee and excitement. You can enjoy not only international music but also a wide range of sub-genres by new singers and bands. Interact with regional and local artists and meet new friends!

*Since: 2018 / in its 2nd year (2019)

+After enjoying the festival

▼Watch Siam Niramit Show in Bangkok▼

▼Go on Chao Phraya Princess Dinner Cruises▼

2. Music Festivals in Pattaya

1) Wonderfruit Festival

Pattaya, a jolly city holds a feast to global citizens with the Wonderfruit Festival! The festival is highly acclaimed in Thailand to celebrate music and arts, to serve great food, and to give an enthusiastic welcome to attendees. Meet various people at workshops and talks, and draw inspiration from them.

*Since: 2014 / in its 6th year (2019)

2) Warp Music Festival

During the Warp Music festival, you can experience the most animated mood in Pattaya, a city full of festivities and entertainments. The festival mainly handles the genre of electro house, trap, dubstep, future house, and hard dance! You can appreciate not only quite a range of music but also the scenery of the beach in Pattaya by the venue. The previous line-up is impressive as it included Marshmello, Morgan Page, and Lookas!

*Since: 2015 / in its 5th year (2019)

+After enjoying the festival

▼Go snorkeling and scuba diving at Pattaya’s Coral Islands▼

▼Try extreme activities at Pattaya Sanook Park ▼

3. Music Festivals in Phuket

1) It’s The Ship

It’s The Ship is Asia’s largest festival which is held while the ship sails on the sea! It took place in Phuket and Singapore and is four days and three nights festival. The songs are mostly EDM and electro house. If you have ever dreamed of spending your vacations on the sea, do not hesitate to partake in the ship partying! The hottest musicians such as Cash Cash and Vini Vici were hosted previously.

*Since: 2014 / in its 6th year (2019)

+After enjoying the festival

▼Visit FantaSea, the Thai cultural theme park▼

▼Explore Phi Phi islands & James Bond island

4. Music Festivals in Koh Phangan

1) Full Moon Party

The full moon party is a monthly party in Koh Phangan which is most famous for partying under the full moon. People celebrate music and full moon until the sunrise, on the island in Thailand. The best merit is that it is free to enter! You can wander within the party venue according to your preference for the music genre. Travelers, head to the unique local party filled with neon paints, alcohol buckets, and fantastic fire dancers.

*Since: improvised in 1983

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5. Music Festivals in All Over Thailand

1) S2O Songkran Music Festival

The most iconic music festival in Thailand would be S2O Songkran Music Festival in that you can continue enjoying the festivities before and after the Songkran festival. The S2O Songkran music festival has become one of the magnificent music festivals in Southeast Asia, not to mention in Thailand. Just like the Songkran festival where you sprinkle water on each other for celebrating the Thai lunar new year, the S2O Songkran music festival also comes with fresh and cool water! It also takes place in the entire country, as well as outside Thailand, such as Japan and Taiwan. If you leave for Thailand in April, it is too much of a loss to let this festival and Songkran festival pass by.

*Since: 2015 / in its 5th year (2019)

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As you read, those music festivals are filled with vigor and cool visitors. Are you eager to visit Thailand to join the best music festivals? Then visit Trazy.com, Asia’s #1 Travel Shop and get more information to help your trip to Thailand!

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