When the sky is high in blue and the leaves of trees change their clothes to flashy gold, yellow, orange, red, and crimson colors, autumn will be in the air. Certainly, people turn their steps to nature and savor the autumnal aspect. For this purpose, Jeju Island is a perfect destination with a lot of autumn foliage spots. The natural appearances of Jeju Island have almost all sorts, from mountains, forests, valleys to volcanic cones. Below are the 10 best places to enjoy autumn foliage on Jeju Island. This autumn, why not leave for Jeju Island and fill your autumn with memories in here and there of Jeju?

1. At Forests

1) Cheona Forest Path and Cheona Valley

Located at the mouth of Hallasan Mountain, Cheona Valley and Cheona Forest Path are considered one of the nice autumn foliage sights in Jeju Island. You can spend a quiet time while enjoying the mesmerizing view of autumn foliage with rocks on the valley and a row of trees.

2) Saryeoni Forest Path


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Saryeoni Forest Path is a famous natural attraction regardless of the season. Numerous tall trees stretch and make about a 15 km-long path. Along both sides of the path, a wide range of dense natural forests grow, consisting of oak, raspberry, cypress, cedar, and many more. Take in the fresh, healthy air at this naturally well-preserved path.

3) Seogwipo Natural Recreation Forest


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Seogwipo Natural Recreation Forest has a typical Korean natural landscape as there are many trees in the middle height and rocks. From the observatory in the forest, you can see the Seogwipo city district, the southern sea, and even Hallasan Mountain. The water in places tastes refreshing because it comes from the spring water located at the top of Hallasan Mountain and natural bedrock water.

4) Halla Eco-Forest


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Halla Eco-Forest has been restored from a damaged grassland to an ecological, tranquil destination where visitors can take a rest. Also, you will appreciate a variety of ecosystems in the forest as it is home to warm-temperate floras as well as alpine plants from Hallasan Mountain.

2. At Mountains

1) Cheon-Wangsa Temple


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Cheonwangsa Temple sits in a beautiful landscape of ninety-nine peaks and valleys. Just behind the main sanctuary is a huge rock, and on the mountaintop is a magnificent view, combining the dense forest with the vigorous straight rock. If you follow the valley next to the temple, there is the only waterfall on Hallasan Mountain. In autumn, the area around the temple is decorated with colorful autumn foliage under the rock cliff.

2) Hallasan Mountain Eorimok Course


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Among six courses in Hallasan Mountain which is one of the three main mountains in Korea, Eorimok Course is the most visited one in autumn. The mountain was designated as not only the National Park but also the UNESCO world natural heritage. If you go up further along the Eorimok course, you will reach a hill located 1,604m above sea level, and witness the spectacular view of Jeju City embroidered with autumn foliage.

3. Oreum (Volcanic Cone)

1) Saebyeol Oreum Volcanic Cone


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‘Oreum’ means a parasitic volcano in the Korean language. Since Jeju Island was formed by volcanic activities, you can spot those parasitic volcanos quite often on the island. Especially, the landscape of Saebyeol Oreum in autumn is stunning as it is full of wavering Eulalia and silver grass by the wind.

4. Others

1) 1100 Altitude Wetland


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Despite the fact that wetlands are not a landmark of Jeju Island, 1100 Altitude Wetland is worth a visit in autumn. Selected as a wetland reserve for its value, it is home to endangered and rare species. Further, you can spot gorgeous autumn foliage that mixes with a clear stream and the crystalline sky.

2) Hangpaduri Hangmong Historic Site


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Hangpaduri Hangmong Historic Site is the last bastion where the Korean special defense unit resisted the invasion of Mongolian troops(Yuan Dynasty) in the 13th and 14th centuries. At the site, other than the determination to defend the country, you can enjoy the autumn foliage in full glory.

3) Jeju University


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At Jeju University, there is a famous road filled with the vibrant nature of autumn. Vivid yellow ginkgo trees and glowing reddish maple trees make the place perfect for taking pictures! Come visit and feel the animated atmosphere of the campus in Jeju Island.

4) Udo Garden


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Udo Garden is a seaside botanical garden situated on Udo Island, a charming island just off the east coast of Jeju. Udo Garden features various seasonal flowers and picturesque photo zones, making it a wonderful place to relax and appreciate the colorful flora.

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