Are you planning to travel to Busan? If you are currently residing in Busan, are you looking for something more exciting? Then why don’t you take day trips to places near Busan? Even though many places are not known as much as Busan, you will be surprised by tourist spots around Busan!


One-Day Trip to Gyeongju

Be absorbed in the colorful chapter of Korean history

1. About Gyeongju

Gyeongju is a time-honored historic city in Korea and is one of the must-visit cities in Korea. It was the ancient capital of the Silla Dynasty for almost 1,000 years and an epitome of Korean history, culture, and tradition. Besides, the whole big city is on the UNESCO cultural heritage list, named Gyeongju Historic Areas. Therefore, you can feel the breath of ancient Silla in the city itself.

In Gyeongju, you can appreciate not only the cultural heritage representing Buddhist culture but also the culture of Korean old dynasties. There are Anapji Pond, Daereungwon Royal Tomb, and Cheomseongdae as well as Seokguram Grotto, Bulguksa Temple and Yangdong Village which are also cultural heritage separately designated from Gyeongju Historic Areas. Also, numerous relics have been excavated from Gyeongju and a lot of relics are still preserved at these historic sites.

2. Places to Explore in Gyeongju

You can travel around Yangdong Village, Seokguram Grotto, Bulgulksa Temple, and Anapji Pond which are the most remarkable historic relics in Gyeongju. (If you are interested, check what exists.)

  • Bulguksa Temple

Bulguksa Temple was built in 528, had been under the reconstruction in 751-774, and finally rebuilt in 774. It is well known for the beauty of the wooden temple itself and the artistic touch of the stone relics. Also, a large number of National treasure such as Dabotap Pagoda, Seokgatap Pagoda, Baegun-gyo Bridges, the Golden Seated Amita Figure are left in the precincts of the temple.

  • Seokguram Grotto

Seokguram Grotto is a stone cave that holds a statue of Buddha. There is a majestic stone statue and is one of the most valued stone statues in Korea. It is located close to Bulguksa Temple, both in Tohamsan Mountain. It is recognized for its outstanding architectural techniques and artistic merits.

  • Anapji Pond

Anapji Pond is an artificial pond with small mountains inside the palace walls and beautiful plants. It was built around 661-681 AD and is well known for its charming views both in the daytime and at night.

  • Cheomseongdae

Cheomseongdae is the oldest existing astronomical observatory in Asia and was used for observing the stars to forecast the weather. This cylindrical stone structure is a harmony of straight lines and curves.

  • Daereungwon Royal Tomb

Daereungwon Royal Tomb is a tomb complex of royal families of the Silla Dynasty. It includes Cheonmachong tomb where a painting that contains a flying horse was discovered. Numerous burial accessories that show the essence of Silla culture and lifestyles of the time were discovered at these ancient tombs.

If you would like to look around the city, click here to check the tour where you can visit Yangdong Village, Bomun Tourist Complex, Seokguram Grotto, Bulgulksa Temple, and Anapji Pond. If you are interested, consider this one day tour departing from Busan.

Book Gyeongju 1 Day Tour from Busan

3. Places Where You Can Take a Rest in Gyeongju

  • Yangdong Village

Yangdong Village is the largest traditional village in Korea, which demonstrates the typical culture of the Joseon Dynasty. There are about 160 old houses and 500-year-old thatched-roof houses in this beautiful village. You can also enjoy elegant surrounding views that blend with old houses.

  • Bomun Tourist Complex

Bomun Tourist Complex is an international tourist complex located in the vicinity of Gyeongju downtown. It owns luxury hotels, condos, hot springs, golf courses, outdoor concert halls, and amusement facilities. Also, this area includes Bomun Lake, a big artificial lake, featuring well laid out walkways and bike lanes along the lake.

  • Gyochon Hanok Village

Gyochon Hanok Village consists of a lot of hanok, which is a Korean traditional house. Since it was home to the Choi Clan of Gyeongju, you can look inside the life of the Choi Clan and admire the beauty of traditional houses.

If you want to visit the top 5 destinations of Gyeongju in a more convenient and informative way, click here to travel with a private driver and a tour guide. To explore the city, it offers tour options departing from Gyeongju and from Busan.

Book Gyeongju City 1 Day Private Tour – from Gyeongju/Busan

If you would like to travel around Gyeongju focusing on the culture and the heritage, this tour covers Bulguksa Temple, Anapji Pond, Daereungwon Royal Tomb(Daereungwon Tomb Complex), Cheomseongdae Observatory, and Gyochon Hanok Village.

Book Gyeongju Culture & Heritage Sites 1 Day Tour from Busan


One-Day Trip to Tongyeong

Meet the beautiful sea and islands at “The Naples of Korea”

1. About Tongyeong

Tongyeong, titled “The Naples of Korea”, is one of the must-visit cities in the southeast region of Korea. It faces the southern coast of Korea and is composed of around 570 islands including uninhabited islands. Due to its scenic ocean views, this port city deserves its nickname. Tongyeong is reachable (by car or public transportation) from Busan and you can travel around this city in one day.

2. Places to Explore in Tongyeong

  • Hallyeosudo

Hallyeosudo means ‘the southern coast with 360 islands like gems in the indigo-blue sea’ in Korean. It was designated as the National Park of Korea, and a significant number of islands in Tongyeong are included in the park. To view the breathtaking scenery of the shoreline, islands, and Mireuksan Mountain all at once, you can ride the Hallyeosudo Viewing Ropeway cable car which is the longest cable car in Korea. After you reach the peak of Mireuksan Mountain, you can follow the walking routes and stop at the observatories to take photos and spend some time.

  • Dongpirang Village

Dongpirang Village is made up of winding alleys and famous for colorful wall paintings. When you mount to the village, you can look down at the harbor of Tongyeong. Though it was once in the danger of demolition, it is now well preserved through the efforts of people who drew amiable mural paintings on the walls of almost every house and alley.

  • Tongyeong Jungang Market

Tongyeong Jungang Market is located in the front of Dongpirang Village, and right next to the port. It is a popular local market famed for fresh seafood and sweet honey bread filled with red bean paste. Do not miss a chance to try appetizing Korean street food!

  • Skyline Luge Tongyeong

Skyline Luge Tongyeong is one of the places where you can ride skyline luges! Luge is an amusement facility that runs the track in a cart using the slope and gravity of the ground. It is safe and easy to ride since all you need to do is to wear a helmet and ride it like a sled. Look forward to it as a wonderful scene will unfold before your eyes!

Book Tongyeong 1 Day Small-Group Tour (from Busan)

  • Yi Sun Sin Park

Yi Sun Sin Park is a representative shrine of Tongyeong and was built to honor ideals of Admiral Yi Sun Sin of the Joseon Dynasty and to commemorate the victory during the Imjin War(Japanese Invasion of Korea in 1592). At the park, you can feel the patriotic spirits of a lot of people at the time. Check this tour to stop by at Yi Sun Sin Park along with other schedules.

Book Tongyeong 1 Day Private Tour (from Busan)


One-Day Trip to Geoje

Spend your holiday at the so-called “city of magical islands”

1. Places to Explore in Geoje

Geoje is a city of islands, placed next to Tongyeong, facing the South Sea of Korea. In Geoje, you can enjoy the time to be surrounded by splendid islands.

  • Oedo Islasnd

Among numerous islands, Oedo Island is the most famous one known for its European-inspired botanical garden and stunning views of the ocean. In Oedo Island, there is Oedo Botania, a marine botanical garden where the feast of flowers and trees is held. If you would like to appreciate wonderful views of the botanical garden islands and the crystal blue sea, consider a tour where you can see all of these.

  • Haegeumgang Island

Besides, you can look at the scenery of Haeguemgang Island, which is a huge rocky island that embraces caves and rocks in various shapes. Windy Hill is also one of the must-visit places in Geoje. It is a picturesque place with a steep cliffside, a lush green lawn, and a wooden crafted windmill where you can overlook the sea. After a short hike to it, you will meet eye-opening views. Due to its beauty, it became popular by several Korean dramas such as Carousel (2003, MBC) and Eve’s Garden (2003, SBS).

Check a tour where you can travel these places with an English & Chinese speaking tour guide who will help you understand these places better.

Book Oedo Island Botanical Garden 1 Day Tour from Busan


One-Day Trip to Appealing Places nearby Busan

Reach both exciting and graceful aspects of Korea

  • Eden Valley Luge

Eden Valley Luge, the longest luge facility in the world is located in Yangsan city in Korea! Eden Valley Luge is a terrific place to enjoy it and is located inside the Eden Valley Ski Resort. Thanks to its proximity to Busan, many residents of Busan and adjacent areas visit here every year. If you plan to go to Busan or are staying in Busan, why don’t you revel in the exciting luge rides?

  • Miryang Alps Cable Car

Miryang Alps Cable Car is a cable car in which you can take a ride to look around Miryang Alps. The cable car has the longest track and its altitude is the highest among existing cable cars in Korea. Why not try board the cable car and view Miryang Alps blessed by heaven?

  • Tongdosa Temple

Tongdosa Temple is one of the three outstanding temples in Korea. The name ‘Tongdosa’ means the belief that Buddhism can save mankind. The temple is renowned for keeping the cremated remains of Buddha which were brought from the Tang Dynasty by Monk Ja-Jang. Though it underwent wars and invasions, there are 35 buildings and pagodas, 19 local treasures and the main building was designated as the National Treasure. The temple was designated as the cultural heritage by the UNESCO, titled as ‘Sansa, Buddhist Mountain Monasteries in Korea’.

  • Hobakso Pond

Hobakso Pond is a pond located in Miryang city of southeastern Korea. Its name means a pond resembling a mortar. Among the granitic pot-holes in Korea, it is one of the most complete forms along with its large scale.

  • Aphosan Forest

Ahopsan Forest is located in Busan and is incubating undestroyed natural environment and ecosystem. It is composed of natural forests, including bamboo forests, cypress forests, cedar trees and ginkgo trees, and Geumgangsongs which are between 100 and 300 years old. Since only a limited number of people who reserved in advance are allowed to enter for its conservation, why not go there through a one-day tour?

  • Jukseong Dream Church

Jukseong Dream Church is well-known for the shooting spot for Korean drama, “Dream”. Since it is located right beside the East Sea, you can view the church and the sea at once.

  • Haedong Yonggungsa Temple

Haedong Yonggungsa Temple was built by the great Buddhist teacher during the Goryeo Dynasty and is located in the northeast of Busan. It is unique in that it is settled by the rocky seashore. Many people visit this temple on New Year’s Day to pray for various wishes. Experience to see the uncommon landscape of temples!

If you desire to enjoy thrilling luge & cable car rides, historic temples, and natural landscapes all in one day, check this tour below.

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If you desire to enjoy the super fun luge ride and the essence of Busan all in one day, check this tour below.

Book Eden Valley Luge + Ahopsan Forest + Jukseong Dream Church + Haedong Yonggungsa Temple 1 Day Tour – from Busan

If you need more information about Korea and Korean tourist attractions, do not hesitate to search for!

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