Don’t you want to head off to Busan for fun outdoor activities to cool off the summer heat?

Busan, a popular summer destination for both visitors and locals, is often thought of as the Miami of Korea. It’s the perfect destination to enjoy both the exciting oceans and nature and the hustle-bustle and culture of the second-largest city in Korea.

Now, let’s dive right in (Yes, that was a summer pun) to the top 6 summer outdoor activities for you to enjoy in Busan. If you’re an adventurous risk-taker, keep on reading!

1. Busan Gwangalli Paddle Boarding

Haeundae beach is usually jam-packed with people since it’s one of the most famous beaches in Busan. That’s why the locals love to head to Gwangalli Beach. Not only can you take a breezy break under the parasol, but you can also go Paddle Boarding at Gwangalli Beach! Equipment and basic training are all set up for you. So, hop on a board and paddle away to enjoy the summer breeze under the warm summer sun!

2. Busan Songjeong Surf Lesson & Rental

If you’ve been itching to try out surfing, join the new wave of Korean surfers and Surf at Songjeong Beach! Its steady waves are perfect for beginners to catch on. You can learn how to surf by a professional in two hours, and easily borrow all the equipment you need there. What’s more, is that this beach comes with a magnificent view of the blue ocean and Busan’s skyline! If you’re up for the thrill and views, head over to Songjeong Beach and surf away!

3. Busan Marine City Yacht Tour


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Make your dream of hopping on a luxurious yacht to sail around beautiful beaches and iconic destinations come true with a Marine City Yacht Tour. If your legs are tired from all the activities and walking around, take a restful yacht ride around the city. You can catch a glimpse of Busan’s iconic landmarks, like Gwangalli Beach, Gwangan Bridge, Haeundae Beach, and Dongbaek Island. See what this magnificent port city has to offer on a luxury yacht!

4. Busan Diamond Bay Cruise

If you’re quite the social butterfly and the yacht is too small for your entire crew to fit in, skip the yacht, and go for the cruise! Hop on the Diamond Bay Cruise to sail around the beautiful port city, to take in the views of the Gwangan Bridge, Haeundae, Gwangalli, and Igidae, in a relaxing and luxurious atmosphere. So, make sure to take photos up there, since you’ll already miss the magnificent view once you get off.

5. Busan Luxury Yacht Tour

If you want to enjoy the gorgeous view of Busan on a luxurious cruise boat, book this Busan Luxury Yacht Tour! Enjoy a relaxing and romantic cruise tour off the shores of Busan and take exceptional photos on the deck with the city or ocean as your background.

6. Tandem Paragliding from Busan


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If you are not a big fan of water activities, you can enjoy paragliding in Gyeongju, departing from Busan to blow away the summer heat! From Yeongdo and Songdo, you will be gliding over the beautiful ocean. Also, from Eyonyang and Gimhae, the suburban areas of Busan, you will enjoy the stunning view surrounded by mountains.

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