Planning your summer vacation is one of the most exciting things ever year. However, it is challenging to travel with your pet, especially if you are in Korea. If you are struggling to find a place to go on a summer holiday with your pet, you don’t have to worry about it anymore! Vivaldi Park has newly opened pet rooms specialized just for pets and their handlers!

Let’s check out the details of the special summer packages for pet rooms at Vivaldi Park!

About Vivaldi Park Pet Rooms

Vivaldi Park Resort is in Hongcheon, Gangwon-do Province and it’s one of the most popular vacation destinations among Koreans. In summer it’s famous for Ocean World Water Park and in winter it’s bustling with people who want to ski at Vivaldi Park Ski Resort.

Vivaldi Park has opened the brand new pet specialized rooms so that guests with dogs can enjoy their vacation without having to worry about their dogs. All of the special pet rooms have non-slip flooring, pet bath gowns, pet pad tray/pads, and air freshener. The free welcome pack that consists of all the necessities for your pets is provided. It includes a tote bag, wet tissues, doggy bags, pet snacks, pet soap, and pet leash.

Moreover, there is a Pet Playground, an outdoor park that is exclusive for pet handlers only (2 people and 1 dog). Your pets can freely run around the park without having to worry about people who are sensitive to animals.

Best Packages for Pet Rooms

Trazy offers 2 best packages for pet rooms that have the private transfer option, departing from Seoul. Let’s find out which one is better for your perfect summer getaway with your lovely dog!

1. Vivaldi Park Pet Room Reservation

Vivaldi Park Pet Room Reservation includes 1 night in a pet room at Vivaldi Park with a welcome kit (tote bag, wet tissues, doggy bags, pet snacks, pet snacks, pet soap, pet leash). You can also get 2 free drinks (hot or iced americano coffee) at the Thinking Dog Cafe and 1 sliding water bottle.

With a sliding water bottle, you can conveniently carry water for the dog and feed it straight from the bottle by sliding the cap into a mini bowl.

Moreover, you get a free entrance to Pet Playground and able to additionally book a private transfer from Seoul.

2. Vivaldi Park (Ocean World) Pet Room All-Inclusive Package

If you want to spend a night with your dog at Vivaldi Park Resort and enjoy Ocean World water park as well, book this pet room all-inclusive package! This package includes 1 night in a pet room at Vivaldi Park, breakfast, 2 entrance tickets to Ocean World, big 3 activities (bumper car/UFO ride/carousel), gondola, rail sled, and a welcome kit (tote bag, wet tissues, doggy bags, pet snacks, pet snacks, pet soap, pet leash).

If you book an all-inclusive package, you will get 1 free paw washer as a gift! Simply fill the washer with water and then place your dog’s paw inside the washer. When you press the ‘start’ button, the silicone bristles will start to spin, cleaning the lower leg and paws of your dog.

This package also includes free entrance to Pet Playground and private transfer option.

More Summer Packages

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