Best Sunrise and Sunset Photography Locations Every Traveler Should Know in South Korea

We’ve put together the ultimate list of the best places in South Korea to catch amazing sunrises and sunsets that every traveler should know.

Here’s our pick of 15 best spots to seize sunrise and sunset across South Korea!

1. Jeongdongjin

Wonder where Koreans celebrate the Year End and see their first sunrise of the year? We would say it’s Jeongdongjin, where you can spot one of the earliest sunrises in Korea! Located in the east coast of Korea, it is also well known for its beautiful coastal scenery and a cafe and a hotel that resemble a ship.

2. Chuam Beach

Chuam Beach, located in Gangwon-do Province, is another beautiful attraction for travelers and tourists. This place is highly recognized for ‘Chotdaebawi Rock (Candlestick Rock)’, which resembles a candlestick. Take a photo when the sun slowly rises above the Candlestick Rock! It’ll be one of the best photos in your lifetime. 😉

3. Suncheonman Bay

Here, at Suncheonman Bay, you can witness a jaw-dropping scenic panorama of wetlands thickly covered by reeds. And the sunset over these open fields of golden reeds along the bay is absolutely stunning! If you’re interested, refer to K-Shuttle Bus Tour, which provides travelers a convenient way to travel and experience the best attractions around South Korea. For more details, click here.

4. Jamsil

When the sun falls down, this building in Jamsil is strikingly beautiful. Tall and well polished, Lotte World Mall, is a department store with duty-free shop, aquarium and cinema all in one building. Other attractions nearby are Seokchon Lake and Lotte World, a popular amusement park in Seoul that offers great entertainment and thrills to all. FYI, you can get 25% discount on One Day Pass at Lotte World here. 😉

5. Daebudo Island

Daebudo Island, located near Ansan, is a beautiful charming island that offers a fantastic view of sunrise and sunset in South Korea. A drive around Daebudo Island and other islands nearby is strongly recommended! 😉

6. Okjeongho Lake

This picturesque scene of Okjeongho Lake, in Imsil, Jeollabuk-do Province, is totally worth waking up in the early morning. So, get your camera out, and do some hiking! Then, you’ll be rewarded with this awesome photo. 🙂

 7. Guksabong

Along with Okjeongho Lake, Guksabong is another favorite photography location for professional photographers in Korea. And no words can describe how marvelous the natural landscape is from Guksabong!

8. Soraepogu Ecological Park

Once the biggest production region of natural sea salt, the place has turned into an ecological park today, and the reflection of a sunset over this wide salt pan is just unforgettable.

9. Yangpyeong

Paragliding adds a thrill to a trip as well as a magnificent view of the natural landscape from above. Okmasan, in Boryeong, is a perfect place to enjoy this extreme sport and wonderful surrounding!

10. Yeonggwang

Hit the road to Baeksu Coastal Road, in Jeollanamdo Province! It’s a 16.5 km long highway where you can enjoy a great drive and a beautiful scene of Chilsan Sea. All year round, people visit this west coast of South Korea to see the captivating sunset!

11. Ulsan

Daewangam is another spot that boasts fantastic sunrise and sunset in South Korea. It is a rock island connected to the mainland with an iron bridge. Try a visit to Daewangam and capture the moment when the sun rises or when it falls!

12. Gyeongju

Wait for the right moment to click the shutter! The sunrise and sunset over Gameunsaji (Gameunsa Temple Site), in Gyeongju, is just incredible. The photo of a sunrise, silhouettes of the temples, and a natural surrounding…seems like a perfect shot!

FYI, Gyeongju is referred to as “the museum without walls”, boasting a vast number of archaeological sites! For travelers who want to visit Gyeongju and other cities throughout Korea other than Seoul without too much hassle, see more here 👉 K-Shuttle Bus Tour- All around Korea (4N5D)

13. Han River

Lazy to get out of the city? Don’t worry. In Seoul, there are 12 Han River Parks where you can catch awesome sunrise and sunset over the Han River.

Another great way to enjoy this dynamic change of scenery is by getting on board the Han River Ferry Cruise. Running day and night, the cruise offers a convenient ride all the way through the river and a great view of the 63 Building, Namsan Tower, Jamsil’s Multi Sports Complex, and other famous tourist spots from the deck. For details and schedule of the cruise, click here.

14. Pohang

Followed by Jeongdongjin, Homigot, located in Pohang, is also a popular spot to spend the Year End and catch the first sunrise of the year. Other famous attractions of Pohang are the hand-shaped bronze sculptures, and you can find them at the beachfront.

Now that you know where to catch the best sunrises and sunsets in Korea, just choose your favorite one from this ultimate selection. Join the countdown and welcome the first sunrise of 2020 in South Korea! 🙂

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