Thailand is a fascinating destination that is brimming with breathtaking scenery. However, the best way to enjoy that picturesque view is by seizing the moment when they are aglow with the sunrise and sunset. Discover the best sunrise and sunset spots in Thailand and witness an unforgettable scene in your life!

1. Ayutthaya

Before Bangkok was even on the map, the capital of Siam was Ayutthaya. It was once enormously prosperous and thriving as one of the largest trading centers in Asia. Even though it exists in ruins today, the magnificence of its past remains. As one of the most impressive ruined cities, it was designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Ayutthaya is absolutely the best historic site, which boasts several Buddhist temples, monasteries, and ancient statues. Particularly, when the sunset covers the whole place, it turns into a true work of art. Those who want to savor the essence of Ayutthaya with a stunning sunset, check out the tour below!

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2. James Bond Island

If you are a big fan of the James Bond series, you might be familiar with James Bond Island, which played an important role as the splendid background in the movie, The Man with the Golden Gun. The island features Phang Nga Bay’s clear turquoise waters, fine white sand, and fantastic limestone cliffs. Above all, its signature rocky pinnacle, which has a big upper part and relatively slim bottom, attracts tons of visitors every year. To fully enjoy James Bond Island, after spending plenty of time snorkeling and canoeing, appreciate the marvelous seascape of Phang Nga Bay blanketed in the sun. Beyond all doubt, it will be one of the best experiences ever!

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3. Phi Phi Islands

Here is another movie star, who played alongside Leonardo Di Caprio in the movie, The Beach. Phi Phi Islands consist of six islands, and Phi Phi Don and Phi Phi Leh are the two main islands among them. Phi Phi Don hosts a variety of charming hotels and resorts, while Phi Phi Leh boasts the heavenly beautiful Maya Bay, which was featured in the movie. Displaying fantastic rock formations, vivid emerald-green waters, and soft sandy beaches, the islands look like a paradise rather than a getaway. One thing you should know about these lovely islands is that they are always bustling with tourists. If you want to explore Phi Phi Islands, away from the crowds, start your trip earlier with a stunning sunrise.

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4. Krabi

Krabi is the perfect destination for those looking for a laid-back getaway in Thailand. This area is located between Phang Nga and Trang. It mesmerizes visitors with over 150 islands along its 150 km coastline, crystal clear waters, white-sandy beaches, fantastic limestone cliffs, and even a jungle. To top it off, Krabi offers a wide array of leisure activities, such as snorkeling, island-hopping, rock climbing, scuba diving, and jungle trekking. The astonishing view of Krabi’s coastline reaches its climax when it embraces the golden sunset. Hop aboard a kayak or cruise and end the day with a striking sunset scenery in Krabi!

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5. Khao Lak

Nature lovers! Here is the best recommendation for your holiday destination. Though the tsunami devastated Khao Lak back in 2004, it has gradually returned to its old self. This peaceful area is especially famous for its thick jungle due to the high level of rainfall in Thailand. Compared to other getaway destinations in Thailand, Khao Lak may not be the scene for party lovers. However, it’s undoubtedly the perfect place for those who want to spend their holidays in a laid-back atmosphere. Of course, Khao Lak also offers a vast array of activities, including snorkeling, diving, climbing, and fishing. Don’t miss the moment the colors of the sky turn to gold, and the whole place is covered with serenity and tranquillity.

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6. Chiang Mai

For first-time visitors, it can seem a bit overwhelming since there is so much to see and do in Chiang Mai. As Thailand’s rose of the North, it attracts visitors with distinctive and diverse traits. Chiang Mai features over 300 temples that are scattered throughout the city and a night bazaar, which is the central district for shopping and nightlife, even for accommodations. Besides, it offers a variety of activities such as ziplining through the jungle, climbing up to stunning waterfalls, and riding a hot air balloon with a sunrise or sunset. Especially, flying over the countryside of Chiang Mai presents the most unique and exciting experience!

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When the sky is colored with the sunrise and sunset, the whole landscape changes into something completely different. Choose Thailand’s best sunrise and sunset spot from the list above and enjoy a trip glowing with golden light.

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