Travelers may wonder where exactly to check out when visiting Gyeongju since there are lots of things to do and too many places to visit. Check out our recommendations for things to do and places to go to build your trip to Gyeongju!

  1. Find the Best Spot to Take Photos of the Pond
  2. Go Back in Time Through a Tour of Cultural Heritages
  3. Witness How Arts and Crafts are Made & Try It Yourself!
  4. Watch Autumn Unfold in These Beautiful Places
  5. Visit Seongdong Traditional Market
  6. Explore Gyeongju World

1. Find the Best Spot to Take Photos of the Pond

Known for its dazzling view at night, you can catch the reflection of the moon and palace shining on the surface of the pond, which is how the pond got its name. This night scenery is something you don’t want to miss.

  • Donggung Palace and Wolji Pond (Anapji Pond) (Kakao Map)– Donggung Palace was the palace of the Crown Prince, and the pond was used as a banquet site for important events and visitors. After the fall of the Silla kingdom, this site was abandoned and forgotten. Years passed, and in the 1980s, pottery fragments with the word ‘Wolji’ written on them were found, revealing the true name of the pond.

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2. Go Back in Time Through a Tour of Cultural Heritages

Gyeongju is home to a number of cultural heritage sites, some of which have been designated as UNESCO World Heritage sites. if you visit these places, you’ll see why it’s so.

  • Seokguram Grotto (Kakao Map)– Korea’s National Treasure no.24. Inside the main hall is the famous Bon Jon Statue sitting on top of a stage in the shape of a lotus flower. Although you can’t enter the hall and see all the details of the stone carving, this place is still worth a visit as one of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites, you won’t be disappointed!
  • Cheomseongdae Observatory (Kakao Map) – The oldest existing astronomical observatory in Asia. This extravagant structure still remains well preserved as Korea’s 31st National Treasure. You’ll never see anything like this one.
  • Bulguksa Temple (Kakao Map) – The representative relic of Gyeongju. The exquisite architecture of one of Korea’s famous temples exhibits intricate works, and the beauty of the temple is known throughout the world, bringing people from all over the world to visit.
  • Yangdong Folk Village (Kakao Map) – The largest traditional folk village in Korea, showcasing the traditional culture of the Joseon dynasty. The entire village was designated as a UNESCO Cultural Heritage Site due to its richness of cultural heritages, national treasures, and folklore material. Approximately 160 houses and 500-year-old houses are nestled within the valley. Many of the houses are well preserved in their original state, offering a rare opportunity to view a variety of unique Korean traditional houses in person.  

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3. Witness How Arts and Crafts are Made & Try It Yourself!

Gyeongju Folk Craft Village (Kakao Map)– This place consists of 40 thatched and tile-roofed houses, home to many Korean artisans of traditional arts and crafts. You can purchase the products made by them. Also, you will be able to experience hands-on programs!

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4. Watch Autumn Unfold in These Beautiful Places

Walk along the paths of the Tomb Complex. Take photographs in front of the pink muhly as the trees shed their leaves and paint the landscape in red and warm colors.

  • Daereungwon Tomb Complex (Kakao Map) – These tombs were tombs of people from the upper class during the Silla period. The tombs reach nearly 13 m in height with a diameter of 50 m each. The site itself is famous for having excavated 11,526 artifacts and is the perfect place for a stroll.
  • Pink Muhly Field Autumn doesn’t always have to be about the warming tree leaves. There is a place in Gyeongju where it is beautiful all year round. People love to take profile pic-worthy snapshots with the Pink Muhly in the background. 

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5. Visit Seongdong Traditional Market


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  • Seongdong Market (Kakao Map) –  Seongdong Market is located on the opposite side of Gyeongju station. This largest market in Gyeongju consists of more than 300 stores and 30 vendors. Come and enjoy all kinds of local food at a reasonable price! 

6. Explore Gyeongju World

Featuring the popular water park California Beach in the summer and a large snow park in the winter, Gyeongju World is a must-visit in Gyeongju. The Bazaar District also looks like it came straight out of a fairy tale and serves as a popular photo spot with various rides, convenience facilities, and restaurants.

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