Becoming Blackpink – Secrets to Blackpink’s hip fashion styles and how you can style yourself as one.

“Blackpink in your area?” “Blackpink in your style!”

You all are aware that Blackpink is considered one of the most fashionable K-pop stars as each of the members has her unique style and all the members are official ambassadors of big luxury brands. 

But hey, not everything they wear is super expensive and high end, and you can even buy it from Korea to mix and match Blackpink’s style with yours! Want to know more about which items you can actually get from Korea? Read on to get our secrets. 

1. Becoming Jennie

  • Bold Rectangular Crystal Stone Earrings

Many of you are probably aware of this outfit that Jennie wore as it’s one of the most famous Jennie styles. Covered in black and white, it often reminds you of ‘Human Chanel’, but there’s a secret! The earrings are actually made by LOVE ME MONSTER, a unique emerging jewelry brand in Korea. 


Instagram에서 이 게시물 보기


lovememonster(@lovememonster_official)님의 공유 게시물님,

P.S. Jisoo also wore these earrings!


Instagram에서 이 게시물 보기


lovememonster(@lovememonster_official)님의 공유 게시물님,

Follow up with Jenny’s bold crystal stone earrings via Trazy Proxy Shopping

  • Glamorous Multi-color Choker

This is one of the more feminine Jennie styles, but Jennie never makes it typical. Matching an off-shoulder flower dress with this multi-color stone choker from Blackmuse, another Korean jewelry brand, is a perfect combination.

I’m a shiny solo.

P.S. Once again, Jisoo wore it too with a dazzling, glittering dress!

Purchase Jennie’s multi-color stone choker via Trazy Proxy Shopping

  • Feminine Flowery Blouse

A see-through flowery blouse from SEZ’WICK, a Korean clothing brand known for its feminine style, that Jennie matched with black short pants. It’s a blouse that you can match with jeans, slacks for a career woman style, or a tight skirt or shorts just like Jennie for a more cutesy casual look.

Upgrade your feminine style with SEZ’WICK blouse via Trazy Proxy Shopping

  • Cutey Bear Hairpin

Jennie was recently spotted with cute bear hairpins on her Instagram and Ice Cream music video that Blackpink collaborated with Selena Gomez.

A total of 6 adorable bear pins in purple, dark & light pink, sky blue, mint, yellow come in a set!

Style up like Jennie by ordering Cutey Bear Hairpins via Trazy Proxy Shopping!

  • Hug Bear Long Sleeve Shirt

Jennie’s casual daily style is always very hip and stylish. She recently wore a cute bear print shirt, which is from a Korean emerging brand ‘A Piece of Cake’. She wore this on Blackpink YouTube Channel ’24/365 with Blackpink Ep. 6′ and also posted on her Instagram.

Get Jennie’s Adorable Long Sleeve Shirt from Korea via Trazy Proxy Shopping!

  • Tie Dye Cardigan

With her unique hairstyle during the ‘How You Like That’ era, Jennie wore a short cardigan of the gray and light blue mixture from the brand ‘Icimi‘. Match it with a high waist skirt, sweat pants, or jeans to complete Jennie’s look.

Complete Jennie’s chic style with Tie Dye Cardigan from ‘Icimi’!

  • Cat Bandana

Do you remember this bandana Jennie wore in the Ice Cream music video? This unique bandana is from a Korean brand ‘1 2 cut studio’ featuring the graphic designer Krap’s design!

You can use it as a hairband like Jennie or just put it around your neck or wrist.

Order this unique yet trendy bandana from Korea via Trazy Proxy Shopping!

2. Becoming Rosé

  • Trendy Mix-Match Necklace

Follow Rose’s latest style of a necklace from Engbrox. This necklace with a coin pendant is one of the latest #trending styles in Korea and this necklace is more unique as it’s combined with white pearls and gold chains on the other. 

Make this coin necklace yours with Trazy Proxy Shopping

3. Becoming Jisoo

  • Charming Metal & Crystal Earrings 

This is one of the sexier stylings of Jisoo from ‘How you like that’. Jisoo wore the silver color earrings from Blackmuse to match it with her glittering outfit but there’s also a gold color as well. 


Instagram에서 이 게시물 보기


블랙뮤즈 (blackmuse)(@blackmuse_seoul)님의 공유 게시물님,

Order Jisoo’s unique metal earrings via Trazy Proxy Shopping

  • Sexy Love Choker

Another provocative styling of Jisoo from a magazine shoot. This simple LOVE choker from LOVE ME MONSTER makes it all the more special. You can also wear it as a bracelet. 

Get Jisoo’s love choker via Trazy Proxy Shopping

  • Girl Next Door Skirt

Jisoo is one of those sweetheart girls that you often find in a romantic cartoon or movie, and this skirt styling from EJnolee makes her even sweeter. ♥ Matching it with a white blouse and a ribbon on your hair is the perfect example of a girl next door!

Get EJnolee unbalanced skirt via Trazy Proxy Shopping

4. Becoming Lisa

  • Iconic Bold Hoop Earrings

I remember the awesomeness Lisa showed from ‘How you Like That’ main teaser poster. One of the iconic shots was the shhhht with the big bold hoop earrings from Blackmuse. The earrings are made of opal stones, making them more stylish and unique. Yes, hoops are back in fashion. 

Grab Lisa’s hoop earrings via Trazy Proxy Shopping

  • Cubic Two Way Ring Earrings 

Indeed ring earrings are one of Lisa’s picks for sure. These special two lines of cubics from LOVE ME MONSTER add more style compared to a simple single line. Styling with a cubic choker just like Lisa on the picture below for a special day when you want to look adorable.

Get Lisa’s two-line cubic ring earrings via Trazy Proxy Shopping

Now, are you ready to rock your style like Blackpink? Make sure you check out Trazy Shop, Korea’s #1 Proxy Shopper, for all the latest Korean items that make you the trendiest. 

*All photo credits belong to Blackpink, Blackmuse Co, Love Me Monster Co, Sezwick Co, EJnolee Co, Engbrox Co.

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