“Cos ah ah I’m in the stars to night, so watch me bring the fire and set the night alight […] So I’mma light it up like dynamite, woah”

Just like the lyrics in BTS’ recently released song ‘Dynamite’, it seems like BTS will be shining all the time! BTS finally achieved their very first No.1 Billboard Hot 100, being the first South Korean artist to have this accomplishment.

‘Dynamite’ is the first BTS song with only English lyrics. Its music video broke the YouTube record for most views in 24 hours with more than 178 million views! The previous record was held by another K-pop star, BLACKPINK, with their song ‘How You Like That’, which shows the skyrocketing popularity of K-pop.


BTS also won four awards at VMAs, 2020 MTV Video Music Awards, including Best Pop Video, and they took the live performance of ‘Dynamite’ on the virtual stage.

According to BTS, their next goal is to do a single performance with only BTS on the  Grammy Awards stage. RM, the leader of BTS, said it would be great to be nominated and receive an award as well.

They also mentioned that having an outdoor performance with their fans, ARMYs, became their dream because of Coronavirus. They said they really want to have a big performance and bring everyone together.

Last but not least, they attributed their glory to their fans as they always do. Let’s keep an eye on what BTS will achieve next!

Must-Get BTS ‘Dynamite’ Merchandise

If you are interested in getting newly released ‘Dynamite’ official merchandise, check out the items below! International shipping is available but they are all able to be shipped after October 13th, 2020, since it’s a pre-order.

1. Dynamite Canvas Bag

  • Price: KRW 37,700
  • Item Size (mm): Width (370) Height (410) Strap Length (600)
  • Package Size (mm): 350 X 450
  • Material: Cotton

This canvas bag that has ‘Dynamite’ typography printed on the front side with radiant pink straps is perfect for any daily uses!

2. Dynamite Ball Cap

  • Price: KRW 45,900
  • Item Size (mm): Circumference (580) Brim Length (70)
  • Package Size (mm): 350 X 450
  • Material: Cotton

This is a 6-panel ball cap with ‘Dynamite’ typography embedded on the front side. This vintage style ball cap is comfortable to wear with 58-cm long circumference of inner size. It also has an adjustable buckle.

3. Dynamite T-Shirt

  • Price: KRW 45,900
  • Item Size (mm): Total Length (730) Shoulder Width (480) Chest Width (535) Sleeve Length (230)
  • Package Size (mm) 350 X 450
  • Material: Cotton

This t-shirt is a crew-neck short sleeve also printed with ‘Dynamite’ typography. With its relaxed loose fit and soft 100% cotton material, it gives you a natural silhouette and a stylish look. Since its sleeves are long enough, it gives you comfort during any activity in your daily life.

There are two kinds of colors you can choose from, Black & White! Both colors perfectly go well with any daily outfits.

Bonus: Learn Korean with BTS Book Package

If you want to learn Korean and also a fan of BTS, you must check out this brand new merch! This ultimate Korean learning book includes 4 books, 1 speaking pen, 1 micro USB cable, 2 hangeul keyboard stickers sheets, and 1 study notebook. You can hear BTS members’ voices through the speaking pen!

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