5 Painfully Hot, Spicy Korean Foods You Should Challenge

How much do you know about Koreans’ love for spicy foods? Well, it’s easy to notice if you travel around South Korea, because tons of Korean foods either have chili pepper powder or paste in them. You will feel even more astounded because you’ll witness some Koreans enjoy these tongue-aching spicy foods

Chi-Chi-Chi-Chimaek!: Everything you need to know about Fried Chicken.

Remember when Chia pets were all the rage in the 90’s? You know, those human and animal shaped pottery that grew plants as hair? Well, there’s another “Chi” that hit the stage: Chimaek! Doesn’t Abe Lincoln look so good with his new hair do? Chimaek is the wondrous combination of fried chicken (치킨) and beer which is called