Chao Phraya River Cruise Selection Guide

With so many Chao Phraya River Cruise options competing for your choice, how do you determine which is the right one for you? Read our detailed selection guide that will help you choose a perfect Chao Phraya River Cruise that best fits your need!

1. Overview of the top 9 Chao Phraya River Cruises

Meetup Location Cruise Time
River City Pier White Orchid River Cruise 8PM
Apsara Dinner Cruise 8PM
Chao Phraya Princess Cruise 7:30PM
Grand Pearl Cruise 7:30PM
Wan Fah Dinner Cruise 6PM
Si Phraya Express Boat Pier Loy Nava Dinner Cruise 6PM / 8:10PM
Shangri La Hotel Shangri La Horizon Dinner Cruise 7:30PM
ASIATIQUE The Riverfront Yodsiam Boat 6:30PM / 8PM
Anantara Riverside Pier Manohra Dinner Cruise 6:30PM

Many of the Chao Phraya River cruises depart from the River City Pier but not all of them. Consider which pier and schedule would be the most convenient for you.

2. Course Meals or Buffet Meals? And cruise type?

Dinner Type Cruise Ship Type
Buffet White Orchid River Cruise Modern Cruise
Chao Phraya Princess Cruise
Grand Pearl Cruise
Shangri La Horizon Dinner Cruise
Yodsiam Boat (Snack & Drinks)
Course Meal Apsara Dinner Cruise Rice Barge
Wan Fah Dinner Cruise
Loy Nava Dinner Cruise
Manohra Dinner Cruise

Dinner Type is another important factor to decide the dinner cruise. Some people prefer a buffet meal over a course meal because you can eat quality food as much as you like. But some people like a course meal better because you can have more relaxing and cozy time during dinner.

Buffet cruises are the modern type of cruise while the course meal cruises are traditional rice barge. They are smaller than the modern cruises but definitely have a more classical vibe to it.

3. Is a hotel pick-up/drop-off service available?

Transfer Service Cruise
Available White Orchid River Cruise
Chao Phraya Princess Cruise
Grand Pearl Cruise
Wan Fah Dinner Cruise
Loy Nava Dinner Cruise
Not available Apsara Dinner Cruise
Shangri La Horizon Dinner Cruise
Yodsiam Boat
Manohra Dinner Cruise

The public transit to the piers is a bit complicated except for the Shangri La Hotel. The hotel is actually very close to Saphan Taksin BTS station. But the other piers such as River City Pier, Si Phraya Express Boat Pier, ASIATIQUE Pier, and Anantara Riverside Pier are quite far from BTS or MRT stations so you have to get on a Chao Phraya Express Boat to get to the piers.

Thus, it is a great idea to go for a dinner cruise which offers a transfer service. It will pick you up & drop you off at the hotel you are staying so you don’t have to worry about traveling part and just relax.

Now was this helpful enough to find your best choice?

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  1. Any recommendation which cruise and buffet is really nice? Cannot decide to choose white, shangrila or chao phraya.

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