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Today, I want to share my experience at Spa 1899 (Korean Red Ginseng Spa) in Seoul, which is a luxurious spa that offers high quality Korean red ginseng treatments!

Run by the prestigious Korean ginseng brand Cheongkwanjang and owned by Korea Ginseng Corporation, you will be able to enjoy a premium red ginseng therapy and massage which you cannot find elsewhere outside Korea.The best way to get to Cheongkwanjang Spa G is to get off at Samseong Station (Line 2) and take Exit 2! (Remember to arrive 15 minutes in advance to your reservation). Go straight for about 3 minutes and you will see KT&G Tower on your left. The spa is located on the B2 level of the building.This is how the entrance to Cheongkwanjang Spa G looks. 🙂

As you enter, you’ll see a display of red ginseng products from Cheongkwanjang brand. 
For those of you who don’t know much about Korean red ginseng, it is well known to help you revitalize your mind and body as it nourishes your skin. Its fiber works as a gentle exfoliator leaving your skin soft and smooth. 😉

I could smell the fragrance of red ginseng all over the lobby while I was comfortably sitting on one of the sofas here.


Seems like Miss Korea and a member of South Korean boy band, Chosinsung (Super Nova), visited here!

Here and there, I could spot several displays of beauty products from Cheongkwanjang beauty product brand called ‘Dongingbi’.

Before I move on, let me explain you about the treatment programs at Cheongkwanjang Spa G that you can experience on our website, Trazy.com. Click each option for more details:

I chose the Option 2. Body Focus Treatment, which lasts 60 mins! For additional services and use of facilities like spa, you can ask the staff and pay the extra charge.

While waiting, one of the staffs served me with a cup of red ginseng tea and a towel (the towel’s for the foot spa at the beginning of the program). Also, the staff handed me a form with questions related to health status and conditions. In the form, you can choose the strength of the massage. 😉

After filling out the form, the staff guided me to a private room with a built-in shower facility and locker. FYI, there are single and couple rooms, so I guess it can also be a great place for couples to spend a time together.

The friendly staff handed me a single use underwear and left the room telling me to press the button on the bed once I’m done changing. When the staff leaves, make yourself at home and undress your clothes and wear the shower gown and make sure to take off all the accessories on you like ear rings and necklace, etc.

Ta-da! Here’s a photo of myself in a shower gown!

After I was ready, I pressed the button and the staff came. She led me to the foot spa section near the lobby, where I dipped my feet in the red ginseng water for 10 mins. It was very relaxing!

Once you are done, the staff will start spreading the red ginseng oil on your body and give you a delicate massage. I almost fell asleep because it was so cozy and relaxing. 😀 Throughout the program, the staff checked my condition and explained what she was going to do next.

For me, an hour program passed so quickly! I suppose I will add another program and enjoy the massage longer next time. 😉 After the massage, you may take a shower if you want.

From shampoo, hair conditioner to body wash, it has just about everything you will need for a shower. Plus, all the products are made of red ginseng! I tried every one of them and felt my hair become supple and radiant!

And there are various amenities prepared for you as well.

Inside the room, there’s a display of all the beauty products (one like I’ve seen in the lobby). Feel free to use them! Again, I tried every one of them and they are really great! 🙂

Just because the program has ended, it doesn’t mean the service is! Once you are all prepared to leave, the staff will serve you with an herbal tea of your choice and healthy traditional dessert. And if you really liked the service and the program, you can also purchase their beauty products. Well, at least I did.

Look what I bought! They are not extravagantly expensive so I think the price is quite reasonable compared to their capabilities and effects. No regrets at all!

Overall Evaluation of the Treatment

Overall, the Korean red ginseng treatments offered at Cheongkwanjang Spa 1988 is 5.0 out of 5.0! All I can say is that the whole experience at this spa was amazing from start to finish. The Cheongkwanjang Spa 1988 really does cater to your every need and offer exceptionally good value.

Not only the program itself was wonderful, but also the staff. I want to say that they were dedicated to meeting all the personal needs of spa-goers. For those who want to combine their travel with finding peace of body, you should definitely drop by Cheongkwanjang Spa 1988 in Seoul. 🙂

Watch the video below. See how peaceful and relaxing the room is!

Try a visit to Cheongkwanjang Spa 1988 when you travel to Seoul! You can easily book the treatment from Korea’s #1 Travel shop, Trazy.com. Booking is available here. 😉

4 thoughts on “Cheongkwanjang Spa 1988 | Korean Red Ginseng Facial & Body Treatment Review & Tips

  1. hi what are the steps for the facials – do they cleanse, scrub, steam, extract, massage and mask?

    do they have a branch at Myeondong?

    1. Hello Geri! The facial care program includes massage, deep cleansing and mask pack. Cheongkwanjang Spa G has a branch in Myeongdong, but Trazy offers an online reservation for the Daechi Branch, which is located near Samsung Station (Subway Line 2). If you would like to make your reservation, please visit http://www.trazy.com/experience/detail/570.

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