Spring is here and it’s the perfect time for you to go outdoors and enjoy picnics with your friends and family beneath the cherry trees while thousands of pink petals dance in the air. There are many places where you can enjoy cherry blossoms in the wonderful city of Seoul, South Korea. So go ahead and see for yourself the spectacular scenery at the cherry blossom festivals in Seoul that will take place in early April!

1. Yeouido Cherry Blossom Festival

Yeouido Cherry Blossom Festival is one of the most famous cherry blossom festivals in Seoul. It has nice scenery and many cherry blossom trees with lots of people on the street. Since the street lies along the Han River, you can walk under the arch of pinkish-white cherry blossoms with the spring breezes from the river. How romantic is this!

By taking Trazy’s walking tour, you can visit the best spots of the Yeouido Cherry Blossom Festival. Plus, you can look around popular attractions in Yeouido such as 63 Sky Art, Aqua Planet 63, and Han River Cruise.

🌸 Things to do around Yeouido Han River Park 🌸

| Spring Special: Cherry Blossom 1 Day Tour (Seoul ↔ Vicinities, Apr 5~16)
| 63 Building Observatory Ticket: 63 Sky Art & Aqua Planet 63
| Han River E-land Ferry Cruise (Day & Night) – from Yeouido

2. Seokchon Lake Cherry Blossom Festival


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This cherry blossom festival in Seokchon Lake has become more and more popular. There are even a variety of performances, exhibitions, and activities. The lake is located right next to Lotte World. So you can easily look around the lake if you visit Lotte World during the cherry blossom festival season. If you have been to Lotte World before and are looking for some new places, the Lotte World Aquarium and Lotte World Tower nearby are worth visiting!

🌸 Things to do around Seokchon Lake Park 🌸

| Korean School Uniform Rental near Lotte World
| Lotte World Discount  Ticket (+ Magic Pass Premium)
| Lotte World + Lotte World Aquarium Combo Discount Ticket
| Lotte World Tower Seoul Sky Discount Ticket

3. Namsan Cherry Blossom Festival

How about admiring the beautiful cherry blossom scenery at Namsan Park in spring? While walking up to Mount Namsan, you and your other half will definitely fall in love with the spectacular array of pink colors on the way.

cherry blossom festivals in Seoul

Make sure to drop by N Seoul Tower (also called Namsan Tower), located on the top of Mount Namsan. At the observatory, you will be able to enjoy a spectacular 360-degree view of the entire city of Seoul. You can also find thousands of love padlocks that add more romantic vibes to the place. Admission tickets to N Seoul Tower Observatory are available here.

4. Children’s Grand Park


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This park is where visitors can admire the stunning scenery of colorful flowers in spring. What’s even more fascinating? The admission fee is free! So feel free to visit with your family for a picnic or with your lover for a date.

5. Suyang Cherry Blossom Festival


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At the Seoul National Cemetery, there are special cherry blossom trees called ‘Suyang cherry blossom tree’, which resemble a weeping willow. Along with splendid cherry blossoms, you will be able to watch a parade of soldiers if you visit during the festival.

6. Yangjaecheon Stream Cherry Blossom Festival


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Admiring cherry blossoms is always better next to a stream of water where you can watch them flutter about with the wind and gently land in the water. Yangjaecheon Stream lined with dozens of cherry blossom trees is just that kind of place. Enjoy the Spring breeze as you walk along next to the stream.

7. Bulgwangcheon Stream Cherry Blossom Festival


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  • Where? Bulgwangcheon Stream
  • When? April 2nd~8th, 2023

To the Northwest of Seoul lies Bulgwangcheon Stream. You might not have heard about this particular place as often as the places listed above, but trust us when we say that this place offers one of the most picturesque views with cherry blossoms all around you.

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